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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What A Difference A Week Makes!

I'm happy to report, that Ryder is feeling like himself again, for the most part. His antibiotic seems to have kicked in and he hasn't been tugging on his little ears like he was, which tells me the infection is getting better-thank goodness! I can't imagine what a mom with multiples must go through when they all get sick, because just one was enough to unsettle me. With him feeling better, we decided to go ahead with the appointment I had made at Sears for his 6-month portraits (families- you will be getting your copies in the mail soon! :) I thought they came out really good, yet again, which we were happy about, since we think we will wait until he's a year old to use a professional photographer. Scot even brought his surfboard from home to use as a prop, and I must say, Ryder is a natural! He got up right away and started posing like he was really surfing-ha! He will make his daddy proud one day. I will have to say a few prayers though, before thinking of letting my baby go surfing in the deep, sharky waters, but I have a few years until then! Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pictures with you all and to give an update on how little man was doing. He was feeling so much better, that we decided that we wanted to go visit his Nana and PawPaw and to check on the puppies that their yorkie, Carly, just had. Scot actually asked if Ryder could give the puppies his cold-ha! Once he realized it was safe to go over, my parents actually offered to babysit while we went grocery shopping and then to get a bite to eat. It was a nice little break in our day (thankyou!) and we got some things done around the house too, which was great.
I must say, God works in mysterious, yet wonderful ways! We had a financial burden and were trying to think of how we would get by this coming week, and after praying, were lead to find a way. I can really tell that we are both growing stronger with our faith, and are making an effort together, to raise our son in a christian environment. I want him to one day ask me all about God and Jesus and feel the same Joy that we do about them. I am excited to attend church tomorrow, and hopefully Ryder's name won't appear on the screen this time, to pick him up from the nursery because of his ears. Well, I hope that you all are having a great weekend, an I will say it again, What A Difference A Week Makes!! 1-No sick baby 2-No More Rain!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sick Baby on Board

After a very exhausting day of taking care of a sick baby, we spent most of the day on the couch, snuggled together, just like this! He just wanted me to hold him and be comforted by me, which made me feel good and made up for all the late afternoons coming home late from work and only getting a fraction of my day to spend with him. I said a prayer before going to bed, that we would wake up and he would feel better.

Our prayers were answered, his temperature was way down when he woke up this morning, but I still wanted to bring him to the Dr to get checked out. I was able to get an appt by 10am, and just as I suspected, he had his first ear infection. I was heartbroken for him, but was relieved all the same, to find out what had been giving our little guy so much agony. I filled his prescription and prayed that he wouldn't be allergic to the amoxycillin. We didn't need anymore drama to add to our days! The pictures can tell a thousand words how he felt afterwards :)One of Scot's favorite things to do with Ryder is to "walk" and he gets the biggest grins out of him. I'm so glad the prayers worked and he's feeling himself again! So far so good, and no reactions to his medicine.
I couldn't leave without including this one of Scot and Ryder dancing! It melts my heart watching him with his son, like a papa bear and his helpless little cub. It's been another long day, but I am so blessed that I had this long weekend to snuggle with my baby, even if he was sick. I really missed him while we were away and it felt good to be with him again before having to get back to work. I hope that he sleeps well tonight, now that he seems to be able to finally breathe! Have a great night everyone!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Madness

After surviving our first week back to work after being on vacation, Memorial Weekend was fastly approaching right around the corner. As I thought about my DVR'd season finale's that I finally had a chance to catch up on, some odds and ends to do around the house, and all the floor time fun I would get with Ryder, I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend back at home. As I got home from work Friday night, I noticed that Ryder was more fussy than usual and had a little cough. Not too worried, as he had just been to the Dr for his 6mo shots a few days earlier, I just figured that he was tired or just moody. After putting him to bed for the night, Scot mentioned that a few of the babies at daycare were out when he picked Ryder up, due to colds. That was when I realized that our little man was probably coming down with something.

Saturday morning, we loaded up the Jeep and cruised to Target for some new toys for Ryder. Now that he is 6 months, he is getting bored with his toys he's had since birth, so we decided it was time for a change. We picked up a few other things and were ready to head back home to enjoy our day that Scot had planned. He had blown up the baby pool, laid out our lounge chairs in the backyard, and had marinated Hawaiian chicken and steak kabobs for lunch. On the ride home, the fussy monster came back out and he fussed until he knocked himself out. We let him sleep as long as we could, which wasn't very long, and then he was up with a fuss in no time.
It was finally lunch time, so Scot started grilling the kabobs, and setting up outside, when all of a sudden the rainclouds came. He hurried to get everything cooked, because the skies got dark and he knew the bottom was about to drop. He came inside just in time, as we watched the baby pool fill up with raindrops. Sadly, the day outside we had planned, was coming to an end. We figured maybe it was best, since Ryder didn't feel good. Instead, we spent a good part of the day arguing and being bored, sad that the weekend plans had changed due to the weather. Good ole North Carolina weather forcast, they never seem to get it right! The day finally came to an end and we put Ryder to sleep, noticing that he felt more warm than usual. I still just thought that maybe he was beginning teething, and went downstairs to bed, keeping the baby monitor in close reach, just in case.
As Sunday morning came, we were determined to go to church, especially since we had missed the past 2 sundays, and the series was on Marriage. A perfect lesson, as we had been fighting just the day before. It's funny how you look back and realize that the devil has his way of attacking. I am convinced he was determined not to have us go to church, between the weather, Ryder's cold, and us arguing, but the joke was on him, because in the end we still went, and had a wonderful time, and got a lot out of the message on Vows. I told Scot that I will make the effort to come home from work with a better attitude, and to pray that I have more energy before I walk through the front door at the end of a long day, and make more time for us. We have a strong relationship, built on trust and communication, and I was glad that we ended up going. Unfortunately, we had to watch half of the sermon in the lobby because Ryder started fussing and the nursery called us in to console him. At least he got to show off his new crocs and plaid shorts before we left though ha! We headed to Blockbuster and didn't leave until we had 2 movies a piece. Nothing sounded better at the moment, than a rainy day with movies!
However, once we got home, I just knew something wasn't right with Ryder. He was so warm, I took his temperature and it was 103! I panicked and called my mom who suggested a cool bath to bring it down, and some baby tylenol. She insisted that we call the nurse hotline at his Dr office just in case. The medicine and bath worked, and after talking to the nurse, she assured me to make sure that he got enough fluids and to keep giving him the medicine every 6 hrs. I have never been so worried, I almost started crying! His temp finally dropped to 100 and he was able to take a nap, so we put a movie in to calm my nerves. Wouldn't you know that my baby would get this sick over a holiday weekend when no office would be open?? After a long day and night of administering his medicine, keeping him cool, and trying to soothe a sick baby, I was exhausted, and we all went to bed with a prayer that our little "bear" would feel better soon.
He seems to feel a little better today but is still running a temp and I am debating going to the Urgent Care today. Please pray that he gets better soon because I am really worried about him, as he has had this fever for 48 hrs now! I will definitely be making an appt for tomorrow, just in case he has an ear infection. I hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend though, and keep us in your prayers. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Cruise in a "Cocoa-Nutshell"

We originally booked our cruise because it left out of Cape Canaveral, FL, which isn't far from where Scot's parents live. We thought that it would be a great idea for Ryder to spend some time with his Grammy and Papa, since he hadn't met them yet. However, plans changed, and he ended up staying here in NC. It was too late to change the port, so we decided to make the best of our time before departing the next day. We arrived in Cocoa Beach, minutes away from the cruise port. Scot spent many days surfing there, so he wanted to show me around some of the local shops and his favorite surf spots. We attempted once before last year, but it was a monsoon that day and we ended up having to stay in our hotel room for the remainder of the trip, so it was a nice surprise to arrive this time, to sunshine and blue skies!
Once we arrived at the port, it was a quick check-in, and we wisely packed our bathing suits in our carry-on so that as soon as we stepped foot on the ship, we could head to the pool to cool off. Check Scot out in his "Groom" t-shirt circa 2007 after we got married and went on our Honeymoon both sporting these shirts haha. He just HAD to reminisce.
After a few hrs at the pool, we toured the rest of the ship and then headed to bed after our long day of lines and people. We wanted to get rested up for the next few days in store. The next day pretty much consisted of waking up, eating breakfast (the first day we ate healthy but after that it was "Hello, Doughnuts"-haha) and we actually worked out 4 days since we had some time to kill. Needless to say, I haven't had the energy to step foot in the gym all week after coming back home, so I just might have to invest in the Shred that some of you fellow bloggers have been talking about. Ok.. so back to the cruise details... we spent the rest of the day at the pool and then got dressed for our first Formal night, complete with 2 sunburns. Needless to say, we stayed in the shade a large remainder of the rest of the cruise.
First we arrived in Labadee, Haiti, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We had to be tendered in, which was not very appealing when you are on a small ferry-boat with a bunch of hot, sweaty, anxious people. It was a hot sunny day and since we had gotten too much sun from the day before, we staked out some chairs in the shade. I felt very privelleged to own all that we do after seeing some of the natives there. They were trying to sell hand woven beads and anklets to help support their families. Before we left, we had to check out the infamous Dragon's Breath as seen on Travel Channel with Samantha Brown haha. It was really neat but before long, it got crowded and we had been in the heat long enough, so off we headed back to be tendered in to aboard our beautiful Freedom of the Seas.
The rest of the day was another whirlwind of eating and eating, and then we went to bed to get ready for the next destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Since I had never been before, Scot had already warned me of how dangerous the island and people could be due to the fact that it was such a large but poor island. With this in mind, we booked an all-inclusive stay at Sandals that day and I was very surprised to find that it was my favorite of the whole trip. The below picture is of Scot looking for a nice shady spot under the palm trees.. ahhh I can feel the breeze just thinking about it. I actually read most of the day and was the most relaxed I'd been in awhile.What's a cruise without a little adventure right? Scot convinced me to go rock climbing with him since I'd never been before. Lets just say, I only made it 4 rings up before my palms got sweaty and I panicked.. memories of our "group bonding" experience one year ago, that my work went to at the Whitewater Rafting National Park came to mind, where we had to do all kinds of ropes courses many feet above the ground came to mind and it was too much for me to bear. After a failed attempt at the beloved sport, I maneuvered my way down and decided to go take some action shots of Scot. Not only did we rock climb, but we played Putt-Putt and Scot even tried the infamous Flow-rider, which he claims he is an avid surfer, but when put up to the test of the mighty beast, it couldn't compare and he wiped out after a few seconds.
All the action of the days began to take a toll and we were ready to sleep, something we rarely get to do anymore now that we have a little bundle to take care of. Seven Mile beach on Grand Cayman was our next stop in paradise. The beach front property of the Ritz Carlton, to be exact. I will say for the record, it was one of THE prettiest places I have ever seen, however getting there was the hard part. You see, I will admit that when it comes to walking in a bikini, clad with not much else on but flip flops and a cover up, I am a genuine princess and the words "Taxi" or "Bus" has my name written all over it. Add smells, traffic, honking, wild roosters, cemetary's, narrow roads, heat, insects, and perspiring that lead to my SPF evaporating quickly to the mix and I can become a REAL princess. My husband thought in an effort to save money and to get away from the crowds from the port quickly, that we could walk to the destination much faster ourselves. HA- tell this to a woman who just wants to relax on a chair with a book. 10 minutes in, he gave in and we flagged down a Taxi..not a minute too soon! Thank heavens this is what I saw once we finally arrived, or Scot would REALLY have gotten an earful haha.

All in all, we had a fabulous time and I am so blessed that we had the opportunity to get away from it all and spend some quality time together. I am refreshed and ready to get back to normalcy but at least I have these memories to last until next time. I have a feeling that we won't have many more of these vacations together, as they will be replaced with trips to Disney World and theme parks across the country, but all the same I can't wait either, as I have dreamed of one day taking my children to the places I once so adored as a child. Well, I hope you all are having a great week so far. I am happy to report that after a long day of appts yesterday that I no longer wear braces (woo hoo!) and that after taking Ryder for his 6-mo shots afterwards, he now weighs a hefty 17lbs 9 oz and is 27 inches long! I will post the "no braces" pics later, as it is already 9:30 and my nice warm bed has my name written all over it.

Back from Vacation..Just in Time for 6 Months!

After a very very relaxing vacation, it was nice to come back home to the real world and see our little family. Scot and I enjoyed lots of date nights together while we were on our cruise, but we realized that a week was way too long to be away! It hit us halfway through the trip how much we missed our babies, and I would breakdown and cry. We did have a wonderful time though, and if I'm not careful, I will continue to think that it's ok to eat 3 desserts a day with every meal haha! I still have sea legs from being out to sea so long. I don't know how fisherman do it! We got home just in time to celebrate Ryder's 6-month birthday! He told me he had a wonderful time with his Nana and Pawpaw, and that he misses them already. We thought for sure that he would sleep through the night but I think he was out of sorts from being back home. When he woke up this morning, I dressed him in his Cayman Islands onesie that we got him, and thats when we realized that while away, our baby grew into a whole new category haha! Apparantly he needs 9 mo clothes now! I figured he could get at least one wear out of it though.
He also shocked us with the fact that he is almost crawling now! When we left, he was just Mr-Rolls-Alot and now, he's up on his hands and elbows, almost crawling. That just shows you how fast they grow up. We did bring him this ball back though, and it seems to be one of his new favorite toys! I don't think I put him down hardly last night, from all the kisses I had to give out, but I slept like a baby myself, and theres nothing like being back home in your own bed with your own pillow! Well, happy 6 months my baby boy! I will update with pictures from the trip soon.. so stay tuned.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

From the moment I found out that we were going to have a baby, so many emotions flowed through my mind. I was ecstatic at the thought of being a Mommy! Immediately, a bond blossomed into something wonderful. I will never forget the feeling of being pregnant and feeling every kick and bump. I never stopped thanking God for blessing us with such a precious, healthy gift.
Little did I know that as the months went by, the love I felt for my unborn son would grow to something so intense. Never before had I felt such love for someone I hadn't even met, and I couldn't imagine what it would be like once he was born. It was then that I started writing in a pregnancy journal, and to one day tell my sweet boy how much I loved him, even before he was born.

At 9 months pregnant, I could hardly wait any longer to finally meet my Angel Boy. I imagined what he would look like, smell like, feel like. Would he have my big blue eyes and his daddy's smile? For all these months, I already was a Mommy to him. I loved him and helped him grow inside, as I anxiously awaited holding him in my arms and cuddle him to sleep.

I had a sense of calmness the day we went to the hospital to await his delivery. I knew in that moment that I would nurture my baby in a way that only a mother knew how to, it was instinct. I prayed for a safe labor and delivery, and God blessed me once again. Thank goodness for epidurals!! Even though I had to experience the labor pains before I got it, I would go through it a million times more in exchange for my sweet boy.

As Ryder took his first breath of air, and I heard the sound of his voice, crying so loudly and strong, tears streamed down my face as I uttered those first words to him. "It's me, Mommy and I love you" I will never forget holding him tightly to my chest, his warm little body curled so tightly against me, the only way I could get him soothed his first night of life in the hospital. As Scot sat sleeping beside me, it was just Ryder and I, and I looked at him in awe, amazed at the journey into this world he had just made. I knew that he was mine, and that I would keep him safe and love him in only a way a Mommy could.

Even though I am in the Caribbean right now, probably floating in the crystal blue waters, I still wanted to post a sweet thought for Mothers Day. I've probably cried a few times thinking about my baby boy today, but I'm sure that I'm having a great time relaxing all the same. All in all, I just want to dedicate today to my sweet baby Ryder David Gelinas, and thankyou for letting me be the best mommy to you that I can be. Mom, I can't thank you enough for all that you do for me and for showing me how to be a great Mommy. I love you. Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Sailing

I am happy to report that all of the packing for our trip is complete (except for a few essentials that I can't do without before we leave tomorrow morning). After coming home late last after a long day and an even longer wait at our local KFC, in an attempt to get my free 2 piece grilled chicken combo, I was in no mood to finish packing, but knew that it was vital. Scot had already scattered all of his things amongst the 4 suitcases that we would be bringing, and told me to fill in the gaps with my items.. haha-aren't I supposed to be the woman- I thought. Fill in I did, and even had room to spare, as I took my co-worker Stacy's advice and packed more bathing suits and coverups, as we would probably be in the water most of the time.
Since we would be gone for Mother's Day (I know I know, how could I possibly be away for my first Mother's Day!) we decided to celebrate tonight with my mom and stepdad, as we would also be dropping the baby boy and the fur baby off with them afterwards. We went to Sports Page for dinner and I savored my last hours with Ryder before we said goodnight. I gave mom her mother's day gifts, and opened mine too. I was so excited when I opened up my digital photo albumn! Now I can look at my little family all day while I'm at work. I was so touched to get a card in the mail today from my brother and sister-in-law too! It was really sweet and special that they remembered me. It was a bittersweet night for Scot and I as we said our goodbyes. Once everyone left, the house was so quiet and felt strange. In 6 short months, our world has turned upside down by bringing a baby into it, but I wouldn't trade lives with anyone because I love my family and I love being a mom. I just hope to be half the mom that mine was to me!
As we head for Florida in the morning, I will be thinking about my sweet baby boy and how proud of him I am. He has reached so many milestones already and is learning quickly how he can get away with things by stealing his daddy and my heart. I never would have believed it if someone told me just how exhausting but wonderful motherhood was, but I am experiencing it as a new mommy and I love every minute of it and am so blessed to have the husband to share in the moments with me. I hope that all you other mommys out there have a GREAT Mother's Day and I will be looking forward to getting back and catching up on everyone's lives while we were gone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project "Shorts-That-Fit" Underway

After work, I pulled out all of my shorts, skirts, dresses and tank tops in an effort to see what fit 5 1/2 months post-partum for our upcoming cruise. I had carefully selected different outfits in my mind, but now the task at hand would be to see if they actually fit!
Kiddingly, back in January, shortly after having our son Ryder, my loving husband warned me that I needed to try to fit into my "shorts drawer" by May, in an attempt to save money from having to buy a larger size. This comment was made BEFORE he realized the moody woman he was dealing with and all of the moodswings that came along with a post-partum momma. I asked him to see if he would fit into his size 30" jeans after having a watermelon! In an effort to appease him and to try to lose my "baby weight", I decided back in February, after I had pumped my last bottle of breast milk, that I would like to tackle the gym like a mad woman, and just see if I could get into my dresses by May. So it was then that I gradually built my stamina back up on the treadmill for 30 minutes, with a 8.0 incline nonetheless ha! Groggy mornings filled with ab crunches, chest presses, and sweaty cardio sounded anything but exciting, especially after getting up once already during the middle of the night with our little monkey. All my efforts paid off in the end however, because I am happy to report that I was able to fit into a few of my dresses and shorts- yay!!

This was me this past Monday early morning before my gym workout holding my sweetpea. To spare our fur baby, Tucker from getting anxiety at seeing the suitcases, and working himself into a tizzy over it all, we decided that we would hold off on any heavy duty packing until we absolutely had to. I must once again state just how spoiled my little fur ball is! Pulling all the possible outfits together and laying them out and then imagining whether they would fit or not was tiring enough, not to mention, a few of our DVR'd shows were patiently waiting for us. A date with my husband, baby and the couch was just the remedy I needed to end a long day.This is the little guy that I chose to have a date with tonight after rummaging through all my drawers trying to find a few outfits to wear on our trip. His new name is Mr. Rolls-A-Lot! I will have to capture him in motion and post for you all to see. Well, I hope that you all are having a good week. With all the rain and thunderstorms we seem to be having lately, I am really looking forward to some sunshine!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Such A Good Sunday!!

To update the Kentucky Derby outcome last night, neither of my horses placed, but Chocolate Candy was close, coming in 4th place. It was still really fun watching it and we had a great time rooting against each other. Of course Tucker, the yappy terrier, had fun barking at all the horses the whole time too. The handy water gun that we keep on hand to spray him when his barking gets to be too much, didn't even seem to phase him, so we just let him bark to his heart content, as we were rooting for our horses. During all of these festivities, Ryder discovered that he could roll all the way across the living room floor and was so proud of himself once he finished. He had the biggest wet grin you'd ever seen! We had moved all of the furniture out of the way so that he had more room to roam around in. I don't think it will be long before the little monkey will be crawling. I have been taking pictures with our new camera, but after a few attempts at trying to upload them, I have failed, so I will post them later if I figure out how. (sorry grandparents!)

After Ryder slept through the night (Halelujah!), Scot and I were both excited about attending our new church this morning. We were finishing up the last week of the series we had been in and it felt good that we had dedicated time to finding a church that we could call our own. Sadly, they are doing baby dedication next Sunday in honor of Mother's Day, but we will be vacationing in the Caribbean. When we booked the cruise we weren't thinking clearly that it fell on that week. You can tell we were new parents that weren't used to celebrating that holiday yet.

Not only were we excited about our new church, but we also attended the "Newcomers Lunch" afterwards and met some really cool young couples like ourselves. As mentioned before, I was ready to dive into this whole experience and see where God lead me, but Scot was still hesitant. After talking, he too realized that he wanted to go deeper and get connected, so we went to this luncheon open minded, ready to sign up for a Life Group. I am so proud of him, because his nature is not to let people in as easily as I do, and he truly seemed excited too, about meeting other couples today. I even ran into a couple that are patients at my office, and I thought "well, maybe this is a sign". I think that we will be trying one of the Life Groups next week when we get back from our cruise, so I will let you all know how that goes. I am just ready to jump in and let God use me and grow stronger in my faith.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Cozumel, Oh Well!

After hearing about the spread of the Swine Flu this past week, Scot and I knew that it wouldn't take long for the cruise ship industry to take wind of things and proceed with cancelling their ports of call to Mexico. After checking for updates on the Royal Caribbean website all week as well, it looks like we will have 2 extra hours in Grand Cayman, and then we will be at sea for the last 2 days of our cruise. Not that we would ever want to chance catching this pandemic, but we were not happy that we paid for port charges and high gas fees to not even go to a different port of call. Oh well, thats life!
I am getting excited about the other ports of call that we WILL be getting a chance to see that include Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Labadee, Haiti though! Scot and I sat down and made a list or two, of things we still needed to get done before we leave next Saturday morning. One which included an instruction manual for Ryder haha! As if my parents have never watched a baby before. Anyways, this trip would not be possible without the help of my parents chipping in and offering to babysit while we're gone. Can I just say THANKYOU!! :)

As for other news, I am happy to report that our allergies are much better, thanks to the rain we have been getting lately. Thankyou Lord! With today being a cloudy rainy Saturday, we decided to spend it inside watching the Kentucky Derby. I will be rooting for "Chocolate Candy"
And "Mr Hot Stuff" to win. I picked them just based on their names, can you tell? haha I will post updates tomorrow to let you know how my picks did, but as far as the rest of our Saturday goes, we might hit up TJ Maxx and Target to see if they're having any sales but other than that, we will just be hanging out relaxing and playing with the baby boy. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend!