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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Many Firsts

This past weekend was a great weekend, filled with many firsts for Ryder. My office was closed Friday, so I was able to get my hair done at a new salon in town. To save money the past year or so, I had been getting it done uptown Charlotte at the Aveda school. They did a good job, but each appointment was no less that 5 hours each time, and that my friend, is not worth saving a buck! That, and the comments Scot had been making lately about wishing my hair was "blonde-blonde" again, was enough for me to try someplace new. As you can see, I was very happy with the results, and I was done in less that 2 hours! My parents agreed to babysit that night, so Scot and I didn't have to think twice about having a date night. I even found a yellow dress at Target that was similar to one I wanted at Macy's, but for only $15! We had a wonderful night, and even took a walk around the apartments we used to live in, and remininsce about old times. Even though Ryder has brought so much Joy into our lives, I do miss those days where we could just talk and hang out, and not have to worry about being responsible parents. It was nice just to have a night of old times again, but wouldn't you know, we were both wide awake the next morning by 6:30 am as habit would have it! We couldn't sleep any longer and we both missed Ryder, so we decided to get ready and get breakfast. I had biscuits and gravy and Scot had pancakes, and I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, because neither one of us ate even half of our plates! Off we headed to my parents to get the baby boy.
Since it was such a nice day, we decided to take Ryder to the pool for his first swim! He was very serious the whole time, but he didn't cry once, and I think he finally got used to it. He loves bathtime, so I thought he would love the pool too. The water felt great and he was so cute, looking around at everything and just taking the whole experience in.
My mom was the only one who could get him to break from that serious face for just a second the whole time. I think he was wondering how we all fit into his bathtub with him ha!
Pawpaw hanging out
We left their pool and then headed home. Since we don't have a neighborhood pool at our house, we decided to get a baby pool for our backyard, in order to beat the 103 degree temps outside! Once everything was setup, we had lunch and then went out to enjoy our new pool. By this point, Ryder was definitely a pro at being in the water and he really had a good time. We stayed under the shade of the beach umbrella the whole time and it felt so good to cool off. I think Ryder will be swimming and putting his face under in no time!

Another first for Ryder over the weekend, is that he now has two lower front teeth! I kept trying to get a good picture of them, but now that they are sticking up, he constantly keeps his bottom lip tucked in and you can't see them. It's the cutest thing and I will keep trying to get some pictures of it to post. I hope that everyone had a good weekend, and we are all looking forward to more firsts, as Ryder gets in the ocean this coming weekend at the beach!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Fathers Day Means To Me

When I think about Father's Day, I think about how blessed I am to have so many different Fathers. I have my heavenly Father, who loves me unconditionally and gave his only son to die for my sins. He is the Father that I come to when I am in need of his power and mercy. I have my Daddy, who is gentle and kind and tells funny stories when we get together. We don't see each other that often, now that he lives in Texas, but when we do see each other, it reminds me of how much of my own personality I see in him. It's painful to talk about him sometimes, because of all the hurt he caused my mom and my brother and I after he left, but he is still my Daddy and I will always love him because of that.

I have a step-father who loves me as his own, and I love him as my own. He has taken me under his wing and supported me through all of life's changes as I grew into the woman that I am today and I love him for that. Times weren't always easy having parents who were divorced and having to cope with a step-family, but I saw how much he loved my mom and I wouldn't trade Jeff for anyone! Now I see how much he loves Ryder like his own and it melts my heart.

I have a Father-In-Law who is kind and generous and funny. I see many of his characteristics in Scot and for that I love him. I do wish that we lived closer so that we could see each other more often, but we make the most of our trips together when we can. Tom, I am very blessed to have you in my life to love me as your daughter. I remember the day that we took this picture the night before Scot and I got married, and I remembered thinking how lucky I was to be getting another "Mom" and "Dad".

Now that Scot is a new father, he has blown me away with what a wonderful Daddy he has become. He cares for Ryder in such a loving, gentle way and I know he will be there to support him in anything, no matter what. To celebrate his first Fathers Day, he opened his gifts from Ryder, Tucker and I that included a Norelco razor, a few nice dress shirts for work, and a UCF tshirt, to represent his college days. Of course Ryder wanted to get into the wrapping paper once he was done opening his presents. Afterwards, we went to church and then had lunch at my mom's house. She made him meatloaf since it's his favorite.
I had to snuggle with one of their yorkies while I was there, and take a picture of the new herd of yorkie pups that were just a few weeks old! We had a nice day and when we got home I once again thanked God for giving me such a wonderful husband like Scot who is such a great Father! I hope all of you dads had a good Fathers Day too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SEVEN Sweet Months!

In seven sweet months, you have filled your Daddy and I with so much Joy that we never could have imagined. You have brought happiness, laughter, amazement, love, and hope into our lives. I love you my sweet bear.
In seven sweet months, you have graduated from your size 2 diapers and are now relishing in size 3's and lovin all that roominess! You are eating cereal, sweet peas, carrots, and now pears like a pro, in your very own highchair.
In seven sweet months, you are now crawling and can get
from the living room to the kitchen as if it were nothing! Your
two front teeth are just poking through on the bottom and you
drool like a mad man. You have endured your first ear infection
and many a cough from daycare, but are building up your little
immune system. You now sleep through the night from 7:30pm
to 6:00am and have almost given up your long naps during the day.
In seven sweet months, you are learning to blow raspberries and
get a kick out of the sound that it makes. You grab everything in
sight and you are a my curious little monkey! I just want you to know
how much better our lives have changed since you came along these
past seven months and I would do it all over again. Happy 7 months!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Tidbits of A Weekend

It was Tucker's birthday on Friday, so we went to Target and bought him treats and a lobster toy, hoping that he would get the hint and stop taking Ryder's stuffed toys ha! You didn't think we would forget our first baby's birthday did you? He turned 4 years old! It seems like yesterday that he was a puppy and Scot would lay puppy pads all over his apartment floor when Tucker and I would visit, hoping he wouldn't make a mess.
Then Saturday, we bought frames for all of our new portraits of our family, and this little Ham of course. His room is now complete! I was waiting to put a frame above his dresser for awhile now, but just didn't know what I was looking for. That is, until we got this one back from Sears and I couldn't think of a better home for it! Afterwards, we went out for Mexican at Monterrey's where we learned that Ryder has now graduated to the highchair at restaurants! What a big boy he is getting to be, and after his own mama's heart-ready to dig in to chips and salsa. I'm so proud haha!
Of course there was a lot of this..
and this..Before getting home and doing this..
Then Sunday rolled around, and after the week I had, where nothing seemed to go right, it couldn't have been more fitting when we got to church and were beginning a new series on Elijah. We learned of all the struggles he endured while being isolated, and having to put his trust in God. Afterwards, I felt much better and learned that I would have to put my trust in Him, and hope for a much better week! Once we got home, it was time to do chores. First I had to find Tucker, of course hiding under the bed because he saw me grab the shampoo and towels. Such a smart little devil!!
Once he had been captured, it was time to do this! Oh and did I tell you, we are now the proud owners...
Of this..
So you better believe Scot was off and running, trying it out!

Afterwards, we got to settle in for the rest of the night and watch this. I DVR'd the whole 5th season so now we finally have summer tv. I made yummy onion topped mashed potatoes with turkey sausage, and balsamic green beans for dinner, which was a hit. And no, this time I made sure it was steady on the table before placing it down! haha. I hope you all had a good weekend too and a good start to a great week ahead.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm sure you all will remember the video game Frogger once you see this video of Ryder in action I took today. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Friday

Let me just say for the record that Finally Friday never sounded so good. Monday started off alright, and I was anxiously awaiting Tuesday to come around. Now that there are 2 Dentists at the dental office I work at, we are open 5 days a week, so my day off happens to be Tuesday to have off. So every week, I plan out what I am going to do on that Tuesday since it's "my day". It's usually filled with appointments, grocery shopping, and running errands, but on this particular Tuesday, I was all set to do my errands around the house after dropping Ryder off at daycare, and indulge in some time to myself. This would include doing a few more pages of my scrapbook, watching The Real Housewives: New Jersey, and other DVR'd shows I had anticipated getting a chance to watch, and reading a few pages out of the new book I couldn't seem to put down called High Maintenance. As Scot always likes to say, getting around to my many "projects". I figure we have to pay daycare for the full week regardless of if Ryder is there or not, so why not get the most of my day off.

So it was then, after I had dropped Ryder off that morning, and had just finished sewing on a button that had come loose from my pajama bottoms,(yes I can do small amounts of sewing, just not anything MAJOR..aren't ya'll impressed ha!) when my cell phone rang. Thinking it was either my mom or Scot, the two people who call me the most, I was surprised when I saw on caller ID it was the daycare calling. Apparantly Ryder had thrown up 4 times in the last 2 hrs and they were concerned so I picked him up and called the Pediatrician. I had noticed in days past that he had been spitting up more lately, but just thought it was due to the major teething he had been doing, or the ear infection he had the previous week, or the.. list goes on and on. Welcome to parenthood! ha- (sorry to bore those of you who don't care about all the ailments) so after talking with the nurse and giving every symptom he had been having, she suggested I monitor him and call back if it worsened.

As Murphy's Law would have it, the throwing up was better once I picked him up, but he wanted to be held all day and I could hardly put him down! Since Scot had been away in meetings all day, I thought I would be sweet and surprise him with his favorite-Meatloaf. I had just set the table when he walked in and saw the food, and then announced that he wasn't really hungry. He saw my expression and then decided he better sit down after the long day I had tending to such a fussy baby, and note the fact that I had done such a nice thing for him. The minute we all sat down to eat, the pan of meatloaf that was sitting on the hot pot holder, began to tilt and before my very eyes, fell to the ground! It was all that I could take, so I yelled "Thats it!!" haha. I handed the baby off to Scot and headed for the bathroom to take a bath. I was back 10 min later, feeling refreshed like new. Amazing what the powers a little peace and quiet and a little steam can do! Scot ended up taking Ryder to the Pediatrician the next morning and come to find out he just has acid reflux so we have to give him an antacid to help. Go figure huh?

Coming back to work, I think we had a whole days worth of every grumpy patient known to man. I told my co-workers I think I needed to take anger management classes because we supress so much frustration at work when patients are so grouchy, and you just have to smile back and take their comments, and it can take it's tole after awhile. All in all, it has been such a long week and Finally Friday can't come soon enough! Sorry that I didn't include any pictures but I will make up with more later. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Til Death or Another Way Out"

I guess this week went by too fast, or I was too busy to post, so it looks like another week has passed by! Saturday was pretty much a lay-around-and-watch-movies kind of day because Scot wasn't feeling well and we all know how men can be when that happens. (Big Babies!!) It was nice to not have many plans but we did end up going to church Sunday to finish up the series on Vows. Ryder had been a fuss-butt all weekend due to teething, and I just prayed that we could actually finish the service up this time without having to pick him up from the nursery.

Since this Sunday was called "Til Death or Another Way Out", it really spoke to me as a child of divorce. From the past weeks, Scot and I have learned that a marriage is a covenant, NOT a contract. From this, we have discovered that the key to staying married, is by keeping God number one in your life and realizing that you have made the covenant to love your spouse no matter what, since God has done the same for you. At the end of the service, the pastor asked all the married couples to stand up and face one another and repeat after him as he said our vows to one another. It was very touching, and I can attest that I probably teared up more then, than I did on my own wedding day (or at least standing at the alter, trying my hardest not to ruin my mascara that day ha! And those of you who were there, saw Scot crying more than I did) and after having the stresses of a baby and the everyday life that goes along with a marriage, it was nice to focus on our vows once again and reinstate how much we love one another and to be in this until the end. I have told Scot before, that as a child of divorce, I will do whatever it takes to stay together, even though I am learning just how tough marriage can be. After church, everyone was invited to meet by the lake for lunch, followed by Baptisms.
Since we went to the early service, we headed home to pack our lunches and grab all the baby gear we could find to occupy Ryder. We ended up being one of the first ones there, so we staked out a good spot under the shade. Ryder was very interested in all the boats that kept going by, and seemed to be taking in all the nature that surrounded us. He would hardly look at the camera even, when we tried to take his picture ha! It wasn't long before everyone started arriving, and we gathered around to watch the people who were being baptized today. It was very touching, and reminded me of the day that my dad and I got baptized together in our church when I was a pre-teen. I have a much better understanding of it all as I enter my mid-twenties, but it still brought back happy emotions of that day.

We headed to the historic downtown area in the town we live in afterwards, since we knew Tucker was dying to get out of the house by this point, as we had been gone most of the day. I would have captured him on camera too but he was too busy getting wrapped up in his leash and trying to mark his territory on every patch of grass that we passed, so I gave up trying to get his attention. It seemed to be the trend with he and Ryder! Afterwards, we went out for ice cream, since we were splurging and decided that we had one more day to live on the wild side before Monday rolled around and the gym would be calling our names. I picked maple walnut, since I am a huge fan of Butter Pecan, and Scot got Raspberry swirl. We got back home to enjoy the rest of the day before having to call it a night and finished up our afternoon by watching "Fireproof", as suggested by many people and even mentioned in church last week by our pastor. I would recommend it to anyone! It was a great movie and coincidentally, tied in to our series at church.

I hope that you all had a good weekend too! If anyone has any ideas of how to relieve a teething baby, let us know :) I just laid him down and he seems to be conked out for the moment, but you better watch out when he wakes up because I have a feeling this teething saga will continue on into this week haha!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fly-By Sunday

Sunday morning, we all got ready for church and I just had to put Ryder's monogrammed shirt on him. (he got soo many compliments-Thankyou Faith!) I insisted that we take a picture outside by my hydrangea bushes since they were blooming and I didn't know how much longer I would have until the heatwave we would get this week would fry them! We had a great service at church and Ryder met his first girlfriend-ha! There are soo many babies around his age, which was one of the reasons we liked the church so much, because of all the families there. While we were getting coffee, one of the moms we knew were talking and she was holding her baby girl, who reached out when she saw Ryder and they were gazing at each other like two little lovebirds- it was adorable and I wish I had my camera to capture it all!
Once we got back home, we decided since Tucker was long overdue for an adventure, that we would take our herd to the Lake Norman State Park. We couldn't pass up a beautiful day since it had rained non stop the past week and we wanted to try out the off road stroller my parents got us, now that Ryder was feeling better. This is my over-zealous yorkie with hopeful eyes on the window, ready to jump out and go on a hike, but he's not spoiled, right?
When Scot and I first began dating, he shared his love for hiking with me and we used to go to different parks in search of the perfect view once we reached our destination, with Tucker in tow of course. You'd be surprised at the mountains that little dog has climbed-ha! Once we moved to our house, we realized we weren't far from this State Park, which has numerous trails with lake views and even a swimming and picnic area. We have frequented this park many times, including the time we went when I was weeks away from my due date, but now that it was warmer, we thought we would give it a go. We had attempted a few times before, once Ryder was born, but it was too cold to go very far so we ended up having to head back home.
Once we found the perfect spot to picnic, I started setting everything up. What would a southern girl eat for lunch you might ask? None other than homeade chicken salad, fresh watermelon, Funyuns, and diet Sundrop of course-ha! Scot had never tried Sundrop before, and most certainly never diet Sundrop, since he's not originally from North Carolina, so he tasted mine and thought it was the worst thing he ever had. I guess it's one of those things you just had to have grown up on, but if you ever want to quinch your thirst with a lemony sugar rush, be sure to run to your nearest grocer and look for a Sundrop. Oh, and note the begging yorkie below, would you haha!Oh, and did I mention the sleeping baby that didn't wake up, even once we took him out of the car? This was a first, as he usually startles once the engine stops, and then Scot and I have to take turns craming our food down. We actually got to peacefully eat lunch while he slept, which worked out perfect! There really isn't anything sweeter than a sleeping baby.
With full bellies, we trudged on along to the Alder Trail that we usually take. It's a shorter hike that we do sometimes twice, rather than the more crowded bike trail or the longer 6mile trails. Signs were posted to watch out for the various snake varieties, and just reading about them was enough to make my skin crawl. Luckily, in all the times we have hiked, we have never come face to face with any! If I ever do, you better believe I will be running back to the car faster than you can say snake.
We loved the off-road stroller, and I think Ryder especially loved it! He kept swinging his feet along to the motion and smiled the whole time. Fresh air does him good, because he tires himself out and sleeps "like a baby" when he goes to bed that night. We didn't hike as long as we normally do, because halfway through, Scot noticed a tick that had launched itself onto Tucker's long locks of fur and was hanging on for the ride. I must tell you that a year ago, he got infested with ticks on a similar hike we had taken in the woods, but in the fall. I was pulling at least 20 ticks off of him that day before we even got back to our car and I can assure you, that after that tragedy, seeing this lonesome tick brought back those yucky memories too quickly, and we decided to turn back before the tick made friends.
Later that day, Uncle Eric and Aunt Tori came by, bringing gifts for Ryder. They gave him this adorable hand engraved silver train bank and a cute little surfer outfit. Ryder has it made if he ever decides he wants to try the sport, since he has a daddy and uncle who both adore surfing. We grilled steaks and Tori steamed some yummy broccoli and we shared laughs and watched the dvd from our cruise. I'm truly lucky to have a brother and sister-in-law that I am so close to. I think they will make great parents one day, and I loved watching Ryder light up around them."Unkie E" seems a lot more comfortable around Ryder now that he isn't a fragile newborn anymore. I think he was afraid he would break haha. Note the Patriots onesie Ryder has on. I swear, he's gonna grow up to be a mini-me of Scot. Once they left, we put Ryder to bed and he slept soundly until 6am. Why is it that the work weeks seem to drag by, but the weekends just fly-by? I guess thats just how it goes, but all in all we did have a wonderful weekend and I hope you all did too.