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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pictureless Post

First off, I don't know where time goes anymore. One minute it's the weekend and the next, it's midway through the work week again. I swear I couldn't believe it had been a week since I had posted anything on here. Anyways, I guess I could blame it on the fact that this has been an extremely long week, partly due to the fact that Scot has been consumed with meetings and work functions all week which has caused him to work late and in turn, I have been pulling double parenting duties. Let me tell you, I have a new respect for the Full-time working single mom, because having Scot out of commission the past few days has been hard. Getting off work at 5:30, rushing in traffic to pick Ryder up from daycare at 6pm, getting him bathed, fed, changed, fed, dinner started with one hand while holding him with the other, changed again, and settled down in his crib by 8 has been exhausting. On top of it all, I never sleep as well when Scot's gone, so I am beginning to feel worn out! I know I know, poor me haha- women do it all the time with no help. I told Scot I have a new respect for him because he usually picks Ryder up everyday around 3pm and gets him bathed, fed, and settled while getting dinner started, so by the time I come home from work, I take on the rest of the duties and give him a break. We are a great time and I am so glad that tonight is the last of Scot's work meetings so we can work together as a team.

Secondly, I guess I could blame it on the fact that it just seems like the weekend gets here and it's gone before it even started. We seem to spend most of our time hanging out in our baby pool and trying to relax and veg out as much as possible, and the past weekend we really tried not to make any shopping or Target trips, as it seems that we always end up buying more than what we had on our list to begin with, and when you're buying diapers and formula for $23 a pop, it starts to add up. Not to mention all the computer problems we have been having at work trying to go chartless, I guess I just try to avoid the computer when I get home at all cost, which explains why I haven't posted lately.

Anyways, aside from my rant, I would like to say that I have fallen in love with a new TV show on Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva. It's my new favorite show while Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are on hiatus. I had taped the past few episodes on DVR and just had a chance to catch up watching them, so I am very excited to have a "new show" to watch. Now that Ryder is very active trying to pull himself up on everything in sight, Scot and I are lucky if we get an hr of tv in at night, as we spend most of our time saying "No! Danger!!" as he grabs things that he shouldn't grab, or stands up and somehow makes his way over to where we are sitting on the couch, demanding to be picked up, and then in the next minute, squirms to be put back down. Anyways, I promise I will post some pictures this week! Hope that you all are having a good week so far!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Gelinas Creation

While getting Ryder dressed for daycare this morning, I decided to put on his Gelinas Creation tshirt that was given to him by a family friend in New Hampshire. It reads: Gelinas Creation

Size Small

100% Joy

Made in Heaven

Care Instructions: Handle gently. Wash regularly, warm water. Towel dry. For best results, shower with love. Apply hugs and kisses as needed. With proper care, this wonderful child will give you a lifetime of love and enjoyment.

It was such hit at his daycare, that when we picked him up, his teachers told us how much they loved his shirt and thought it was so sweet.

Hope you all are having a Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating 8 months and More

We kicked off our weekend by celebrating Ryder's 8 month birthday. It was hard to get any smiles out of him, as I don't think he was in a very "photo-happy mood", but he still looked like a big boy sitting in his chair. As mentioned in my previous post, he is achieving so many milestones already and I look forward to each month to see what he will be up to next. I still smile everytime I hear him say "Mama", or crawl over towards me so he can plop down in my lap. It's the most rewarding feeling after a long day, and every day I find myself falling even more in love with my little man. After snuggling for most of the morning, we packed everything up to get ready for our day at the lake with our friends. We were invited to spend the night with our good friends Don and Lisa, who moved from FL recently to SC, so we love to get together as much as we can, and my parents were happy to babysit for the night. When I called to checkin, I discovered that Ryder had learned to now say Da-Da, and was in the background babbling "Da-"Da-Da" and I just wish I was with him to videotape!

We were out on Lake Heartwell for most of the afternoon, so once it got late, we were all ready for a good meal at the lake-front restaurant, Charlie-T's. Scot ordered wings of course, and I had chicken tenders, and decided to try their famous fried pickles. It was a great meal, and we were stuffed, so we decided to hang out for a little while before getting back on the lake.
It was nice to spend the day with our friends and have a good night while the sun was setting. They live in a city close to Clemson University, so it's a busy place to be on a Saturday night, but we were able to hang out for awhile before it got too crowded. I did start to miss Ryder by the end of the night, and once we got home the next day, after picking he and Tucker up at my parents house, we all four snuggled up together and all took a nap, and I think they were as happy to be back home with us as we were to see them again. Our life has definitely changed from when we first got married, and hanging out with our friends made me realize just how different our life is now, but having a family of my own is the best thing that I could have dreamed of, and I'm so blessed to have it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Look At What I Can Do!

It was nice to spend this past weekend at home, with no plans other than relaxing and hanging out in the backyard. When we got back home from the beach, we discovered that Ryder was fast at learning a few new things. Scot had laid Ryder down for a nap and after awhile, he heard rummaging around downstairs, and this is what he saw when he looked down below!
At a closer view, you can see that Ryder had pulled himself all the way up and was standing up in his pack and play! Later that night around 3am, I was awakened to his screams from upstairs, and taking two steps at a time, I went into his nursery to find him standing up in his crib. He had gotten himself up and then couldn't figure out how to get back down! Once I settled him back down, he was fast back to sleep. We have already lowered the crib as low as it will go, so that he doesn't try to climb out, like I did when I was a baby haha.

Not only has he figured out how to stand by himself, but Tucker has been busy teaching Ryder all the tricks to the trade at washing dishes! Look how sweet they are...Mama's helpers!
Saturday, we grilled steaks, asparagus, and Mimi's grilled corn on the cob. We spent most of the afternoon in our baby pool, and I was very impressed at what a little fish Ryder has become! He loved being in his baby float so that he could be in control of where he went. So far, the baby pool has been the best $13 investment we ever made-ha!
Not only has Ryder accomplished so much in the past week, but he melted my heart when he uttered his first words. I'm so glad I was able to capture it on video because he normally clams up as soon as I hit record! I'm sorry to bombard you with so many Ryder photos and video, but it was a low-key weekend for us, (which are usually the best kind) and there wasn't much else going on. Today Scot and I just started our "workout program" because the past few weeks we have been eating junkfood and it's just-got-to-STOP haha! Anyways, I hope that everyone had a nice weekend too and that you're enjoying your summers!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It Feels SO Good to Be Back Home!

Well, I'm a little belated on posting about our 4th of July weekend at the beach, but since it's my day off, it was the first chance I had since we got back on Sunday. Let me start off by saying that as we left Thursday, I had high hopes that it would be a blissful ride down, now that Ryder is older, but boy was I ever wrong! He cried the entire time, all except for the 30 min nap he took. He just did not want to be confined in his carseat any longer, and at one point I had to climb in the backseat beside him to try and calm him. It was the longest 4 hrs we have ever attempted at travelling! I tried everything from checking to make sure that none of his straps on his carseat were pinching him, and then I would try to feed him, but he just wasn't having any of it. In the end, I stayed in the backseat with him, offering him his pacifier when he would spit it out and start wailing again, since it was the only thing that would work temporarily.

We finally made it to our destination and were exhausted by the time we climbed the steps to our family beach house! After unpacking, we visited with my Grannie and then headed to bed to rest up for the days ahead. We decided to hit the beach early, since it was so crowded, and we knew that the sun would get stronger as the day passed. Ryder was very calm and interested in what was going on around him, checking out the waves that were crashing behind him, and looking at his surroundings.

I decided to let him have a try at what the wet sand felt like between his toes, and hoping to crush any fears of sand that he may develop, since Scot is such a big baby when it comes to any interaction with the stuff. (And to think he surfs!?) I was very proud of Scot
as he swallowed his fear and sat down in the mushy, salty surf and played along in the tide with Ryder. That's true love! It was the funniest thing to watch Ryder pick up gobs of it at a time and decide if he wanted to try and taste it, or rub it all over himself first. The whole time, Scot grimaced, and prayed that Ryder wouldn't attempt to throw any at him!
We headed back to the house and hung out with my brother Eric and his wife, Tori. We had bought a baby pool to keep at the beach for Ryder, so if it got too hot, we could dip him in the pool to cool off. After being at the beach, we thought it would be a good idea to setup downstairs and let Ryder have a play area. After awhile, Tori brought some yummy watermelon slices down and Ryder tried his first taste of it, and loved it! He was trying to figure out how to eat it, but then got the hang of it, and ate 2 pieces!
Saturday, we headed back to the beach, but brought my parents along this time, so we could have help watching Ryder in the ocean. We had a baby float for him, and once we got past the breakers, were able to float around in the calm seas. Ryder loved being in the ocean, and was really calm and at peace the whole time. He held on tight to his float as we took turns holding onto him, and even enjoyed being sprinkled every now and then. The water felt great, and was the perfect temperature, but after awhile, I got a little skittish about all the creatures that live in the ocean, and began thinking "what if" something happened to Ryder, and decided I was ready to head back to shore! He played in the sand for awhile, and we found the perfect tide pool for him to play in. It wasn't long before a little girl came running towards him when she saw Ryder, and asked if she could hold him. It was the cutest thing, and Ryder was extremely fascinated with her because he had never seen a little girl her age before. It was getting close to lunch time by then, so we headed back for the day to get out of the hot sun.
Once we were back home and had eaten turkey sandwiches for lunch, we took Ryder back on the porch with his blanket full of toys, and watched as he squealed with delight. Before long, he realized that he could pull himself up and hold on to the chair. He did this for about 30 min and then he was ready for a nap after all the action he had that day! Once he woke up, we dressed him in his 4th of July outfit and hung out on the porch, as we always do, to people watch and talk about old times, and hear my Grannie tell her funny stories, and sing old war songs. She really enjoyed having Ryder there to hold and cuddle. We watched fireworks that were being set off around us, and Ryder hung out for about 15 min, before his little eyes got heavy and he couldn't hold them open any longer. You know you're tired when you sleep during fireworks! We had a great time, but I was very happy to return home and sleep in my own bed. I hope that you all had a happy 4th of July too!
Nana and Ryder getting ready for the fireworks!

Scot and I down by the dock, watching the sun set, and enjoying our day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let The Festivities Begin

Well it was an emotional day this week, as Ryder outgrew his baby carrier carseat and Scot had to put it away in the attic. When I was pregnant, I had staked out the color and style of the Graco stroller/carseat and I remember the day it arrived on our doorstep. I was so anxious to put it together and I had imagined what our little bundle would look like, buckled up in it. Fast forward 7 months, and now we are the proud new owners of his very grown up Britax carseat. He will be riding in style for the next 45 pounds or so in this beauty-ha!

This just goes to show how fast babies really do growup! Well, we are all packed up and ready to attempt a roadtrip to Holden Beach for the weekend. I am so excited because I think Ryder is at the age now where he will really enjoy the water and sand and there will be a lot of good photos to come! I think my brother and sister-in-law will even join us to celebrate the 4th of July together. Scot is going to drop me off at work and then we are going to be on our way! I hope that you all have a blessed Holiday weekend, and I am looking forward to catching some sun and Scot is looking forward to catching some surf. HAPPY 4TH of JULY!!!