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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fabulous Changes

First things first, I was tagged by my sweet blogger friend Emily with this award! I am following her rules which are to:
1. List 5 current obsessions
2. Pass along to other bloggers
So here goes! This is my first award so I didn't have a speech prepared haha.. just kidding!
My Obsessions, in no given order would be:
1) The Twilight book series. I don't know what rock I have been living under for the past few years, but I just finished the fourth book and am anticipating the release of the second movie this November. I heart Edward Cullen!
2) Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee ice cream. Since I have been on a soft foods diet the past three weeks due to my dental implant surgery, I thought that I would be dieting, but it seems that all of the "ideal" foods have included mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and ice cream. Not the healthiest I admit! I discovered this tasty dessert and can't seem to get enough! My mom brought it to me along with a bunch of homeade soups and chicken and dumplins' one day and that's when the obsession began. Who can resist yummy custardy ice cream with little bits of caramelized sugar inside!
3) Drop Dead Diva. I know that I have mentioned this before, but you have to catch this new show on Lifetime, it's adorable!
4) Etsy. Again, I'm not sure what rock I have been under, but one day I discovered the world of etsy and I can't get enough! I have found so many cute things for Ryder, and if we ever have a girl, we are in BIG trouble because I can get all the monogrammed bloomers and smocked dressed I could ever need.
5) Red. I hesitated putting this category as my "obsession" because I haven't actually bought anything yet, but I am in LOVE with this season's trendy shade. I want a Dooney & Bourke patent leather red purse so bad I can hardly stand it. It's still fun to look though!
To share in this Blog award, I'd like to send this out to:
Sunday was a breakthrough for Scot and I, and it was our last service at the Movie theater. We finally get to move into our church home this coming Sunday! I will admit it will be a little sad to leave, even though it will be a wonderful change to have our own building to call Home, but there is still a little part that we will miss about having church at the movies. Maybe that was one of the reasons that we felt so at ease when we first discovered Journey church back in February of this year. The message this past Sunday on serving God really inspired us both, and we have decided that we want to reach out and serve every other Sunday, so I will be helping in the Toddler room, and Scot will be at one of the Welcome tables. This is way out of our comfort zone, Scot more so than me, but we both felt strongly that we wanted to minister to others in any way that we could. I think this is a Fabulous change for us both, and I am excited in so many ways!
We are even attending a special meeting this Thursday called The Hub where we get a sneak preview of the new church building. So many wonderful changes are continuing to happen around us, and we are excited to be a part of it all. I always dreamed of being at the core of a church, and finding a church family that I would be excited about, and that day has finally come!
I hope that you all are having a great week so far and thankyou again for giving me the blog award Emily! Have a great night everyon!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

It's Saturday morning and the past two mornings have been blissful, and I am thankful that my prayers were heard so that we can have a peaceful weekend. I'm glad that Scot and I were able to sit down and talk about everything that has been going on, and try to come up with a way that we can cover our finances. It will be a long process, but we will try to focus on it one month at a time. In the meantime, I will do my best to help as much as I can so that the burden isn't all on Scot. I'm sure the pressure is greater on him since he is the provider for our family, and that's where some of the anger and frustrations come from. I love him more than what fills my heart, and I have faith that everything will be okay. I woke up this morning, and didn't even have to take an Ibuprofen, so things are starting to look up!

September is a busy month for birthdays, including one of my co-workers, the dentist I work for, my mom, and her brother (born two years apart) all share the same birthday! We celebrated my mom's birthday last night by going to eat at Carrabba's Italian Grill.
Ryder was excited to see his Nana and PawPaw

Scot and I love Italian food, so we were excited to celebrate and eat great food! My mom and I even shared a Sangria- yummy! We splurged and ate fettucini alfredo too. You can't go out to eat at an Italian restaurant and not have one of the best staples there is!

A friend of mine told me to make sure and ask the waitress about the "Kid Dough". It's just a ball of pizza dough that they give to the kids to keep them entertained while mommy and daddy get to eat in peace. It seemed to do the trick! Ryder was very fascinated by it

and quickly learned how to stretch and pull the dough! I think we have a chef in training haha

Afterwards, we headed to our home for birthday cake. Ryder's favorite part was when we sang Happy Birthday! He laughed so much that we sang it again and again for him, and each time he laughed harder than the last. My mom even gave him a taste of the icing which he loved! I think he may have a sweet tooth already, just like his Daddy!

We had a great night of celebrating and I hope that mom had a Happy Birthday! We love you!

This week, Ryder has displayed many of his "Little Helper" skills. He went to Daddy's office closet and found some files that needed to be "organized".

"Here Daddy, I found this for you!"

He even helped Mommy sort through the laundry once it came out of the dryer

And what a great little duster he is! I am so lucky to have such a sweet little "Helper"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunny Side Up Thursday

As the title of this post suggests, today is the first day of sunshine that we have seen in over a week! It had been so overcast and rainy lately, and it was starting to take a toll on us, and we were starting to get depressed. We aren't known for our Carolina blue skies for nothin! I take it as a sign that the worst is over and things are about to get better for us.

Let me back up by saying that I had been having a lot of pain in two areas after my surgery, so I went to the Oral Surgeon yesterday for a post-op check, to find that the cause of the pain is due to exposed bone. I guess things were pretty bad once they got in there and realized I had NO bone to work with, but the implants looked great and are healing just fine, so that was good news to my ears!

Afterwards, I hurried home to meet Scot and Ryder, as we were attending our first Life Group meeting that we had been looking forward to all week. We met a lot of sweet couples there, and really enjoyed ourselves. I was so happy and excited about the progress Scot and I were making in our faith, and am so blessed at how everything fell into place for us to find such a great fit for our group. We have decided to meet every Wednesday night around 6:30 and I am so proud of Scot for the steps he has taken. This is not the same man I married who used to want to sit in the very back row at church so that no one would approach us haha! I am proud of myself too, and can see so many ways that I am becoming a stronger christian by living a better lifestyle and spending more time with God. I look forward each night to reading the chapters in the Bible and learning as much as I can.

With all this being said, there is only one person I can think of that would not be happy with all of our progress, and because of that, he intercepted and turned a wonderful night into a terrible one. His name would be Satan. On our drive back home, Scot became very moody and started discussing the financial situation that we are in and wanted a solution for it, and wanted to know why I'm not as assertive, which led into an argument that continued into the morning. We went to bed angry at one another and I woke up this morning feeling depressed and mad. Rather than talking to one another, I went to work and on my drive to work I prayed that God would open Scot's heart and make him realize that he needs to put more trust into Him that he will provide a way. I know it seems crazy right now to even think of how and where the finances will come from, but he always does. I even tossed around the idea of getting a second job, but I just can't see spending more of my time away from my sweet baby and family.

It has been a very trying day for us both, and we have come to an agreement that we will discuss everything tonight and try to get back on the same page. I think that the biggest strain on any marriage can be money, and I don't want to be a statistic, so I am putting my trust in God that He will get us through this difficult time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recession HAIR Color

Even though I'm a natural blonde, I do have to freshen my color up a little from month to month to keep my hair looking good. I have been spoiled for the past few months by paying to have my hair done professionally, but since Scot and I could support a small village after the money we will spend paying off our bills and purchasing a new set of teeth for myself, and rather than paying $150 at Modern Salon & Spa (which I was beginning to fall in love with) each month to stay a "true" blonde, I decided to learn to color my own hair.

Ya'll might remember that I was going downtown Charlotte to the Aveda school to have it done there at a fraction of the cost, but Scot just wasn't happy with the end result, and I just wasn't happy with spending an entire 5 hours getting my hair done. So I started thinking back to when I was a teen, when I first started highlighting my hair, my mom and I would sit around Saturday mornings taking turns on one another, pulling blonde strands through a plastic cap with beautiful blonde highlights in the end. However, as time went on I realized I could get the same results with no effort by paying a stylist to do it for me. Well, times have changed now, and I knew that I needed to find a way to get blonde hair again, at a cheaper price. After thinking about what to do, I remembered reading this post and thought that her hair looked great in the end, so why not give it a try myself!

The Before

Careful not to spend over $50 in supplies, I went to Sally's beauty supplies and selected the same Clairol products that were shown in the DIY post. Since this was my first time, I had to buy everything, including the mixing bowl and brush, but if it turns out okay, I will only have to buy the $4 creme color next time. After putting on my ratty pajamas, and laying old towels down all over the bathroom to avoid unwanted bleach stains, I took note of what time it was when I got started because I didn't want to fry my hair!

I carefully measured 2 oz of the developer
and added equal parts creme color to the developer
Then I mixed everything together well
and laid it on thick, making sure to cover my long, coarse hair
I kept checking my roots every 15 min, and once the color had lifted to my liking, I rinsed everything out in the shower, and used this shampoo and conditioner to make my hair really shiny and blonde.
The After
(Now pretend that my face isn't swollen and puffy from my surgery, and pretend that I am wearing some shiny lip gloss too, to give you the full effect haha)

I must say, I am impressed that I was able to color my own hair, all by myself! I'm hoping that I won't have to do this forever, but right now every bit helps! I hope that you enjoyed my recession hair tutorial!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Shoes Sunday

Hey, guess what! MaMa and DaDa bought me new SHOES!

I'm still trying to figure out how to put them on. They taste pretty good though!
I like the way they feel when I pull on them. We bought these today after church!
Here's my video walking in my new shoes. My MaMa thinks I'm pretty cute in them!


Friday, September 18, 2009


Ryder David Gelinas,

I can not believe that you are TEN months old today! Where oh where has my little baby gone? At TEN months, you have blossomed into a sweet, smiling boy that loves to explore! Some of your favorite things to get into are:
the dishwasher, the powder room toilet, your nightlight that's in your bedroom, opening any drawers that you can reach, pulling clothes off of their hangers, spilling Tucker's water and dumping his food all over the kitchen floor, and touching the buttons on the DVD/cd/speakers that you can reach. All of these things you have heard MaMa and DaDa say "NO!" to, but you think it's fun, so you laugh and continue what you're doing, which makes Mommy and Daddy laugh too.
I couldn't wait for the day that you would start walking, and now I'm not so sure haha, but I LOVE that you love to explore, and see how things work. You love it when Mommy says "I'm gonna GET you" or when Daddy does his "Angry Elephant".

Gone are the days where we could sit you down in this same chair to take your picture with the dated index card beside you, because now it's the first thing that you see and want to grab! You crawl and walk so fast now that it takes you half the time to get something within your reach as it used to. You love reading books together, singing, and making all kinds of sounds. You mostly say "DaDa" now, but every now and then when you want me or want to get my attention, you will say "Umm-ma", and are working on "Nana" too. Every morning when we get up, I tell you "Hey! Good Morning!" so now you always say "Hey".You still like to eat 24 oz of milk a day, but your eating habits have become more diverse, and you like to sample some of the foods that Mommy and Daddy eat. Some of your favorites are: Teddy grahams, any kind of biscuit or bread, fruit, chicken, pasta and turkey. We still can't decide who you look more like, but we are leaning towards Daddy, and everyone wants to know if your hair is more red or blonde, even though it appears more red in pictures. You do have my eyes, as the older you get, the bigger and bluer they get, and I'm fine with that.

We are already looking forward to your first birthday party and can't wait to watch you eat birthday cake for the first time! The video below is of you with your big boy sippy cup, walking all over the place. I am so blessed to have such a healthy, happy, handsome, sweet, cuddly baby boy, and I love you with all of my heart. HAPPY TEN MONTHS RYDER!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a Slight Setback..

Well, I admit that when I woke up at 3:30 this morning because the pain meds had worn off, that I was off to a bad start. I scrambled to the kitchen in search of a new ice pack and a few advil in an attempt to get back to sleep and ward off the pain. I was determined to go back to work today because I just hate missing work, and I need to work as much as I can to pay off this dental work. I hate to put people out, and I just didn't want to have to put any stress on my co-workers by being absent. Not to mention a co-worker of mine was also having her baby shower today, and I also wanted to catch a glimpse of another co-worker that just had her baby last month. With all that being said, I did end up falling back to sleep around 4am, but got up to get ready for work around 6:30 as I heard the cries from Ryder's nursery upstairs.

I sat down at my vanity and attempted to put makeup on over my very swollen face. I have to admit that I looked a little bit like Donatella Versace, and the sight of that was enough to make me cry. Again I said a prayer that I would get through today and hope that the swelling would be enough to cover up my missing teeth. I have been an emotional mess the past few days, and feel like I look like a monster, but I have looked forward to this day for as long as I can remember, and I was determined not to let a little swelling set me back.

I headed to work but there was a downpour, so you can imagine the traffic on I-77! Just another hurdle this morning, but I still trudged on to work. Once I got there, everyone was so sweet and reassured me that everything was fine and that if I needed to take the day off, not to worry. I decided that another day of rest would be great, so I took their advice, and headed back home. Again, I am so blessed to not only have such a good job in this economy, but to also have such good co-workers and Dentists that I work for. I just hope that God will somehow use me in all of this to be more compassionate for patients that are going through similar situations.

Now that I am back home, I am going to take advantage of the day off and rest, and finish the book of Job that I am reading. Thank goodness the weekend is near!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New & Improved

As you all know, today was the BIG day for me to get two dental implants on my LR side and bone grafting on my UR side, to prepare my jaw bone for implants in a few months. Let me just say that we tell patients all the time "It really is painless, no big deal" when we discuss the pain of a root canal or a crown, but this really was a BIG deal to me. This was a picture of me outside of the oral surgeon's office, nerves to the tenth degree! Of course I kept praying and telling myself to stop being such a big baby. I think the worse part is always the unknown, but once you have experienced it, it's not nearly as bad as the first time. This is the after, with me looking like I was hit by a dump truck haha. (Aunt Sandi you were in my thoughts, as I snuggled up with my Tucker blanket). Scot had just woken me up to give me a new ice pack for the swelling, and continued to take care of me throughout the day, even calling my work since I could barely speak due to all the swelling and pain. Even though the bone grafting and implants were placed successfully, the surgery was more serious than Dr C had anticipated, so I will be more sore and swollen than he originally thought. Apparantly the bone was so thin, Dr C had to go very deep when placing the bone graft. Not to mention, I am not allowed to wear my retainer, similar to a partial, so the tissue can heal, so I am a real hot mess haha let me tell you! This made me sad because now I will have to miss a day of work and not be able to attend our second Life Group meeting with our church tomorrow. I know that I just need to take things easy and heal for now, but I just wanted to give you all an update before heading to bed, but everything's ok and I am just going to get as much rest as I can. Thankyou for all your sweet thoughts!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Panthers Sunday

The weekend was finally here after another long work week! To go along with my Fall theme, I knew I wanted some Fall decorations for our townhome. Saturday morning, we headed to Garden Ridge and I was happy to find this Fall foilage wreath to hang on our front door. I want to add a scarecrow or pumpkins to the flower bed, but for now, the wreath will do. We even found a cute easter themed one with decorative easter eggs that was on sale 75% off! I just love a good sale, so we left happy with our finds.
Afterwards we headed to Concord Mills mall to find Ryder a pair of Nike shoes. Now that he is a big boy, walking all over the place, we wanted to get him a good pair of shoes that he would get a lot of use out of. We found a cute pair for $15, so we snatched them up, and they slip on so we won't have to deal with fighting him everyday to put them on. Fighting him to put a diaper or onesie on each day is enough! Since we had endured a long week of working out and eating healthy, it was time to splurge, so we went to a local pizza place on our way home. Everything was going along fine until Ryder sneezed while sitting in this highchair, and just happened to hit his lip on the table in the act. The poor little guy ended up with a busted lip, but even after the fact, was in a good mood the rest of the night.
Panthers Sunday was finally here! We donned our Panthers jersey for the first game of the season and got ready for a fun day. We invited my parents over since they love football almost as much as Scot, and we ate shrimp cocktails, crablegs, and burgers. So much for a healthy weekend haha. Even though the Panthers lost, we still had a great time. My mom even surprised me with a very cute Leopard print Kathy purse since I'm having a few of my dental implants placed tomorrow. I'm still nervous about my appointment, but I'm trying to be strong, and I know that they will look great once the process is all done!

My parents brought a bat costume that they found for Ryder and wanted to see what he would look like in it. As you can see, he did not think this was as funny as we did, but I'm hoping that he will have a better reaction to the skunk or koala bear costume that we found. Well, after a whole day of football, I think I'm done for the night. Hope that you all had a great weekend!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Wrapup

With any holiday, comes a time for our families to get together and eat. This was the case on Saturday, for to kickoff our Labor Day weekend, when my aunt and uncle came down from Asheville, NC with my Grannie, so that we could all have lunch together. It was so good to see everyone, and Grannie seemed in good spirits for everything that she has been through the past few weeks. The first thing she wanted to do as soon as we saw her was to give Ryder a great big hug. Of course as she tried to pick him up, she couldn't believe how heavy he was! My aunt really enjoyed spending time with him too and couldn't get over how big he had gotten since she saw him in April.
Once Sunday rolled around, we headed to Hillsville, VA for my dad's annual family reunion. It was just a 2 hr drive from our house, so Ryder slept most of the way and was in a great mood by the time we got there. It had been at least 11 years or so since I had been, but I wanted to go so that I could show Ryder off to everyone, and visit with all of my relatives. I thought it was really neat to be able to bring Ryder and show him some of his family history, and one day explain how his ancestors came here years ago. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution and I will be proud to one day pass on my heritage if I ever have a daughter, but it was really special for me to be able to share this day with Scot and Ryder.
There's something about the mountain air that gives off a sense of calm. It was so pretty as we drove to VA to see the mountains off in the distance. Being from NC, I am always impressed by the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the furthest west I have been was to see the Washington State mountain range, but I hope to one day visit Colorado, as I have heard that the mountains there are spectacular!
Once we got settled, we all headed for the food tables to start on our feast. This was Scot and my brother Eric grabbing a bite to eat. Of course I was splurging on fried chicken, cornbread, and butter pound cake since I knew it was my last cheat day before my workout starts.
Eric and Tori brought Ryder this turtle and he loved it so much he didn't want to put it down! Ryder is so lucky to have such a fun aunt and uncle who love him so much!My cousins Bonnie and Carol and I
Scot and I with my sister-in-law Tori, Ryder and my brother Eric
This is Ryder's 4th cousin Teagan, who thought Ryder was a babydoll, because she kept trying to pick him up. She is only a few months older than him but they weren't quite sure what to think of one another!Taking a walk with your horse is nothing unusual when you live out in the country. Ryder is at the age where he loves animals and was so excited as they passed! We can't wait to take him to the fair this fall so that he can actually pet all the animals.
Afterwards, we headed down the road to the Old Homeplace, where my dad's father's family lived, and was built over 100 years ago. It was really fun coming here as a kid, and being able to play in the acres of farmland. You can imagine all the many things my brother and I used to find to get into! He once convinced me to jump over the fence with the cows, only to be in the path of a bull! It didn't take me long to jump back to the other side of the fence where I was safe. I loved hearing of all the stories my Daddy would tell about coming here as a kid himself and all the fun he too used to have.
This is one of the views from the backyard that overlooks all of their farmland
Carol showed us around and Scot was fascinated by the cellar where they keep all the canned vegetables. It was really cool to see everything again since it had been so long since I came as a young girl, and to see it again in my adult eyes was really special. I'm sure that my Grandmama and Grandad (my dad's parent's) were smiling down at us, wishing that they could share the day with us and to meet Ryder too!

We had such a fun weekend filled with family and loved ones and I am so fortunate to be able to pass this love on to Ryder. We spent the rest of our weekend relaxing at home today and not doing anything "Laborous". I made meatball subs for dinner and plan on getting up for the gym in the morning to start my "Fall Plan" so I wanted to be rested so that I wouldn't give any excuses for not going! I hope that you all had a great Labor Day Weekend too!