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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catch up Thursday

Hey everyone! It's been over a week since I've posted anything, so I thought I better get on here and update you all on what's new at the Gelinas house. There really hasn't been anything exciting going on the past weekend to write about, but it's definitely starting to look a lot like Halloween around here! Scot's mom and dad sent Ryder a halloween card and Tigger that he was very excited about. He was so cute when we opened the package and he saw Tigger's bright orange fur!
He also got a cute little card from his aunt Sandi and uncle Tobey. We love cards so we put them on our bar beside the Halloween placemats. Scot and I have always loved Halloween, but this year is really special since it's Ryder's first!

We also bought these figures on sale at Garden Ridge for $6 each, so we couldn't resist. The hard part is keeping Ryder from tipping them over!

We didn't have to worry about that when we first set them out though. The look on his face was pure terror, but he soon warmed up to them and became curious if they were real or not. We will have a fun-filled weekend starting tomorrow night though, as we plan to take Ryder to a nearby town to go trick-or-treating, or for him, just to show him off in his cute costume that you will have to wait to find out what we chose! Then Saturday night, my parents are planning to keep him for the night so that our friends can come up and we can be kids again as we adventure to Scarowinds theme park. I went as a teenager, so I can't wait to go now to see how much has changed. I'm most excited to ride the roller coasters in the dark, but Scot is more about the haunted houses and mazes.

With Halloween approaching this weekend, it has been a good week so far. We have continued to eat and workout better and so far I have lost 17 lbs which seems crazy in 4 weeks, but I'm trying really hard so maybe it shows! Then on Monday my partial finally came back from the dental lab that I can wear in the meantime as my implants heal. This means that yes I can finally feel like the "old me" again! I'm still not used to wearing it, but it's better than not having anything in at all. My office attended a "Get Motivated" seminar today at the arena uptown Charlotte. There were so many amazing speakers, but I was only able to get this one of Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL player who was hilarious!

New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani was there too and spoke some amazing wisdom about how to prepare for the unexpected and how to handle stressful situations. I learned a lot about the stock market and investing and money management from a famous Financial advisor, and also got to hear Laura Bush speak about her life at the white house as the President's wife. It definitely motivated me to ask myself "Am I doing everything that I can" at work to get the most out of my job, and it also inspired me to try to save more for our future together.
I am anxious about our weekend ahead, and Friday can't get here soon enough! Have a Happy Halloween everyone and watch for Ryder's trick-or-treating pictures soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Birthday" Boys

We started our morning with another freezing day, and decided that we would sleep in and take it easy for the morning so we went for a little walk in the downtown area that we live in. There were so many cute Fall/Halloween decorated shops as we took our walk around the town. Every year the local shops let the kids come trick or treating during business hours. I thought these scarecrows were especially cute!
After awhile, once we had warmed up a bit, we let Ryder down to get some excercise. He loved being able to walk all over the place and let out a big squeal of excitement! So many new things for him to see and touch.
Tucker even came over for a lick!
But it wasn't long before the wind picked up again so we decided to hudle up and head back to our car. Ryder's puppy hat was a gift at one of my baby showers from a friend of my moms and I just love it because it's so cute! Last year it was so big on him, but it fits perfectly now!
Of course today was also a special day for Ryder because he turned 11 Months old!!
My sweet little bear cub is Eleven Months Old! Where has the time gone??
He is walking and talking and wearing 12-18 month clothes.
Sleeping through the night and eating table food with his 9 teeth!
He brings more JOY to our life than we ever dreamed and my love for him overflows.
Today was also a special day for my stepbrother Matt, who turned 22. We went to my mom's house to enjoy a birthday lunch, and a day of football too of course! Ryder especially loved getting in this tub of toys that my parents keep at their house. It's like Christmas all over again when he goes to visit because there are always different things to play with.
We also got to see my sweet little neice, Madelyn who is just a doll and is so mellow. I still can't get over how tiny she is compared to Ryder and it makes me miss him being that size! She peacefully slept in her travel swing while we talked and laughed and Ryder played.
But I think Ryder got jealous and remembered this swing and wanted a turn too! haha it was so funny to see him squeal when he got in it.
Nana with her sweet granddaughter
I swear Mady looks just like Matt here!
Happy Birthday Matt!
Proud PawPaw with his kids
We had a good time with everyone and celebrating more birthdays together. I can't wait for the day when Mady gets a little bigger so that she and Ryder can play hard together and will be so cute together!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday's Here!

Don't you just love the weekends? You wait all week, looking forward to the weekend ahead, and when Sunday rolls around, you're already anxious for the next weekend to get here. I am so glad it's finally Saturday! Lately I feel like we have been so busy with work and church and Life Groups and gym workouts that just fitting time in the week as a family can be tough. The past few weeks Scot and I sat down and tried to come up with a few things that we could do as a family that were within budget, and we have enjoyed all of the Fall-themed activities.

This past week has been especially long and I was so happy to wake up this morning with no place to have to be. Sometimes life's hard because I want to be a good mommy, wife, employee, christian, daughter, home-maker, live a healthy lifestyle and the list goes on, making it hard to do it all. I do feel like I was being tested this week, because the minute I get closer with my faith, and try to do the right things, something will happen to knock me back down and make me get so frustrated that I can't be great at it all. I just have to remember not to get discouraged and that God is there for me no matter what.

This weekend we didn't make any plans other than to go for a hike since it's the first day in a few days that it hasn't rained. At least that was what the weather forcast had said, so we were surprised when we walked outside to head out for our hike that the pavement was wet and the air was freezing! It seriously couldn't have been more than 40 degrees out, so we decided to go shopping for some warmer clothes for Ryder first to let it get warmer before we went out on a hike. We ended up finding a bunch of things on sale that we couldn't resist, and even got him a coat at Old Navy! When we got back home the weather really hadn't changed much and the wind had even picked up, so we decided a hike might not be the best idea, so we went to one of our favorite places by the lake that we go to when we want to have a picnic.
Let me tell you! Once we got to the breezeway between the lake and the man made fountain, the wind kicked up and it was nearly freezing! We decided that we would make our walk brisk because we didn't want Ryder to get sick from being in the cold too long. How does it go from 70 one weekend to 40 the next. I haven't even had time to transition into my sweaters yet! Good thing I went ahead and started pulling out my Fall/Winter wardrobe this week or I would have been scrambling in our attic for all of my coats and sweaters.

You could tell that Ryder was cold, but poor Tucker has been so deprived of getting out of the house lately, so Scot decided he was due for a good run. It's something he has done with him since he was a puppy. He will say "Come on, let's go!" and the two of them take off as fast as his four little doggie legs can carry him. It's so funny to watch and you can tell how much he loves to get out and let the Terrier in him go free!

I guess all the fresh air wore us all out, so by the end of the afternoon, we all took a nap which Scot happened to catch on camera haha. Nothing gets better than this :)

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far, and if you're getting all the cold and rain that we are, I hope you're staying warm!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flu Shots and Secret Deoderant

Since having surgery, these past few weeks have consisted of barely being able to do anything more strenuous than lifting a 27 lb baby, due to the blood flow that would occur if I did. You can imagine how relieved I was to hit the gym this morning and spend 30 minutes on the treadmill in a fast paced walk! It was just the relief that I needed, all those weeks of taking it easy had put a strain on my self esteem and my jeans haha. Lets just say that I am on the slippery slope to gaining my baby weight back, so I am trying everything I can to not let that happen.

I went in for my last post-op check today at the Oral Surgeon's office, and he finally removed the titanium membrane that was sticking in the roof of my mouth ( I know, sounds awful!) ideally to serve the same purpose as keeping the space open to heal, so that I should be fully healed within the month and then we can start placing more implants where the bone grafting is. He gave me the go-ahead to start working out again, and if all goes well I should have some sort of dental appliance to wear while I continue to heal. Lets just say that when my ears heard this, I got an enormous self esteem boost that I will finally look like a normal human being again!

Afterwards I finished all of the grocery shopping, and tried to stay within budget, while purchasing more produce than would fit in the crisper of our refrigerator, and enough protein bars to last me a month. Scot and I have continued trying to eat better, and now that I am finally able to work out again, I am hoping to get back to where I started a month ago. Next I was in search of finding a place to get my flu shot. Last year since I was pregnant, I was one of the first to get one, but this year I was a procrastinator, and tried four places in two days before finding the magical Walgreens that only had 140 of the vaccinations left! Let's just say next year I won't wait so long to get it, and I can cut my driving in half, because let's face it, who wants to go to pharmacy after pharmacy in search of a shot!

Since Ryder has been walking, he is much more curious and mischievous, so I thought that I would let you into our little life that goes on, on a typical lazy Sunday afternoon. This is him attempting to get to Tucker's food and water dishes before I could stop him. Tucker doesn't like the fact that we continue to hide his bowls on the table where Ryder can't reach them, and usually we forget about it until the poor dog gives us longing looks like "Please feed me"!

Once he gets bored with Tucker's dishes, he will come over to his highchair and try to climb it..or get underneath it and push it around.

And just when he thinks no one is looking, Ryder makes an attempt to get into this locked cabinet that holds all of our household cleaning products. Not this time little man! Mommy caught you haha!!

Then it's off to our bedroom in search of the perfect toy... Daddy's back scratcher.

But not before grabbing the remote too!

Now what channel does "Little Einsteins" come on again??

Uh oh.. Looks like Mommy caught me again!

But not before making the getaway to the living room with his prize!

Then after awhile, when he thinks we are all consumed watching the Panthers lose, Ryder discovers these grocery bags..

And decides to give Mommy and Daddy a hand with them!

Last night, after emptying Tucker's toys out of his toy box...Ryder tries to sit down in it! Note: See all the drooling going on! Yes sir, we are definitely teething this week my friend!
And this morning, "Our Little Helper" came hurrying into our bedroom..
In search of the perfect Secret deoderant that had been discarded in the trashcan. What would we do without our little helper??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Serving Sunday

Today was the first Sunday that Scot and I served at our church. We both wanted to help in any way that we could since it was our second time in our new building and since things were hectic last week for the grand opening, we knew that our help was needed. I was excited to see how today would pan out and how many new people would be there. I couldn't believe that last week there were over 800 people that came to check out our church. I think it's really awesome the way God is working in our community! I just love how modern and new our church home is and the inside is so cool, it even has a coffee bar and the kids rooms are really neat too! It's very warm and inviting, without being stuffy and unapproachable. My mom even offered to babysit Ryder last night so that we could give our full attention to serving the early service and to see how things went. Thankyou Nana and Pawpaw, it gave Scot and I the much needed break last night!!
We were both excited about serving this morning. Scot decided that he wanted to help with the welcome table, which was right down his alley since he is so outgoing and is used to meeting a lot of new people since he is in sales. Again, this is so out of Scot's comfort zone to help serve but he said that he really enjoyed it and a few people even came up to him and seemed to have interest in joining our Life Group.
I on the other hand knew that I wanted to help with Kidstreet since I knew the need for help there was the greatest. It was weird not having Ryder there, since I helped in his age group, but we will see how the next time will be, if he gets jealous of the attention of the other babies or not. I'll be honest, the first ten minutes were tough! I was the first to get there, so I wasn't sure what to do since no babies had arrived yet, so one of the other volunteers in one of the older kids classrooms told me to wipe down all of the toys. Then, other help arrived just in time as all of the parents started filing in to drop off their babies. It was like a domino effect as one baby started crying as their parent left, so did the next one until it was a whole room of crying screaming babies. I will be forever grateful that we only have ONE baby right now, as I can't imagine how mothers of multiples do it haha! About 30 minutes in, things started to calm down and I was sweating less, and actually began to have fun. I did feel a little guilty that Ryder wasn't there with me, but I'm so glad that I helped in the small way that I did so that other mom and dads could enjoy the service and worship.

Ryder seemed happy to be back with us at home, and spent most of the afternoon while we watched Football, running around the living room and chasing Tucker. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday haha!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch Kid

Last night while making dinner, we finally caught Ryder on video saying "Nana". He has been saying it for awhile now, but anytime the video camera came out, he would clam up. I'm so happy we were able to capture this moment on film! Ryder wants his Nana to know he loves her very much.
Even with a rainy forecast ahead for the weekend, Scot and I had planned to take Ryder to the Carrigan Farms pumpkin patch. As a child, I remember going on fieldtrips there and trying to pick the biggest pumpkin my little hands could hold, so I thought it would be fun to take Ryder there this year too.

As we headed to the farm, it started to rain and I thought that we would be soaked by the time we got there, but the skies seemed to clear as we pulled down the dirt road just in time! We headed straight to the pumpkin display to take a few pictures before the downpour started again. Ryder as usual didn't know what to think of the new surroundings, so trying to get a good picture with him looking wasn't easy! It also didn't help that he hadn't had a morning nap yet, and was cranky from teething, so we weren't sure what our adventure would bring. The rain started again, so we ran for cover under the produce stand and all our worries were put to rest as soon as Ryder saw all of the gourds and cornstalks to play with. Mr Mischief loved these great BIG pumpkins and got a kick out of beating on them like drums! It kept him entertained while we waited for the rain to clear up a little though.He loved this barrell of Butternut squash too! I don't think he realized this is the same vegetable that he eats strained haha.The skies turned blue again, so we loaded up onto the bales of hay to take a wagon hayride to the pumpkin patch. We were lucky to have the few breaks in the rainstorm that we did, so that we could enjoy our day at the farm. Ryder loved the hayride, so I think we may have to plan a trip to the farm again sometime.Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch, all of the other families headed to the petting zoo, but we were determined to find one of the biggest and best looking of the bunch and wanted to scout the patch before everyone else got there. This would also be due to the competitive streak in my husband by the way.

I held Ryder while Scot scouted the whole area for the one he was looking forHe finally found this cute little one for Ryder

Speaking of "Little Pumpkins".. we laid Ryder down to take a candid shot in the pumpkin patch.

Once we had found three pumpkins to our liking, we headed off to the petting zoo that was part of the farm. We got to feed these baby pigs and there were goats and a baby calf there too! We didn't stay long before everyone was ready to load up the hayride wagon again. I'm so happy that we got to take Ryder to the farm and I will cherish this memory always!

Once we got back home, Scot put our pumpkins outside on our backyard table. I can't wait until it gets closer to Halloween so we can carve them and eat fresh toasted pumpkin seeds!! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!