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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not So Happy New Year's Eve

Okay. I'm not even gonna lie. I hurt like Hell. I woke up at 4:3o this morning, after already repeating these same steps again at 2:30 am, and took an 800mg Ibuprofen and 1/2 a Hydrocodone. Then replaced the ice packs in my face mask and tried to cling onto my bed so that I wouldn't wake Scot. I was almost in tears, and fought back grumbling as I grew more and more angry with God. Not that he did this to me, but he did create me with so many missing adult teeth after all, and I wanted to be mad at someone. I wanted to point a finger and blame SOMEONE.

A week ago today, I had my dental implant surgery, and I know you are all getting tired of reading my posts and all I do is gripe, but this is a big deal to me right now, so I'm venting.

I bit the bullet and had the second surgery done on Christmas Eve, because I just wanted to get this part of my life OVER with, so I thought "okay, the sooner the better". However, I do not understand how I was hurting so bad the day of surgery, and then was healed enough Christmas day not to even need any pain meds. I was even well enough, or MADE myself well enough, so that I could face patients this past week of work too. In fact, I don't understand how I was able to put all of my energy the past three days working, swollen, bruised, and stitched up like Hellraiser, but by Wednesday night, I fell apart. Why? I just want to know, why NOW? Now that I can finally rest and be with my family the next 4 days, NOW I get to hurt in agony? It doesn't make sense so I am just going to be mad right now and vent.

Thank God I go to the oral surgeon's office today to have my post-op check. I am so worried that something is wrong, and that's the reason I am in so much pain. The difference in the two surgeries is that back in September, I hurt from the start, the pain never ceased until about 3 weeks post-op. In fact, it hurt so bad then that I had to go home from work one day, and had to take a half a Hydrocodone to even get through the work day. I know that we are supposed to go to God and let him take all of our worries away, and maybe this is just Him testing me, but it'd hard for me not to worry. I also worry that this is a sign the grafing didn't work, and maybe something went wrong or there is infection. I will know in a few hours once I see Dr C, but in the meantime I just want to be mad because it this pain is ruining my New Years Eve.

I'm also mad at my mom and dad, or frustrated. I'm frustrated because my dad should have seeked dental treatment for his child rather than abandoning me. Who does that? If Ryder ever needed this kind of surgery, no matter what, I would be there to pay for it, even if it meant taking on a second or third JOB and hold his hand, not make him wait until an adult to have the surgery done for himself. There's no excuse. I know my parents did what they could, and they provided options other than dental implants at the time, but they knew that at some point I would have to have this surgery. Had I not waited until I was almost 27 years old to have the surgery, the bone would have been less dense and there would have been more bone to work with, and maybe the grafting wouldn't have even been neccesary. And Lord knows less painful. I know that I just said a lot of hurtful things, and I'm not mad at my mom, never will be, but I'm just frustrated. Frustrated that God even made me this way to begin with. I'm OVER the vanity, and to be quite honest, I don't even care if anyone sees me for who I am. No teeth and all. I am growing into an adult and I have much bigger worries than what I look like without teeth. Well.. while I'm in the process of getting these dental implants anyways.

How many 26 year old women out there have to get 10 dental implants placed everyday? NOT many.. most are worried about other things like "where to buy the newest Coach purse" , or "where their husband is taking them for dinner". Rational things like "when to get the oil changed in their car" and "Did I get everything off the grocery list?" NOT dealing with trying to afford new teeth. Now that it's New Year's Eve, I want to put all of my negativity into journaling. It's something that I used to do as a teenager, and it's something I want to continue to do. One day I asked Scot what he prayed about, or what he talked to God about everyday. He looked at me and said "It's personal". At that answer, I remember getting mad and embarrassed that my own husband wouldn't share his story with me, but then I realized that he's right. He has his own relationship with God and it IS personal. It made me realize too that I wanted to journal my thoughts and use it as a prayer journal to write down every thought, and everything that I am going through day to day, and look back to it as inspiration.

Scot and I have a tradition that we make a list of "New Year's resoltions" and each New Year Day, we reflect on the ones from the years before. Some we have achieved and maintained. Others we laugh at and say "Like that would have ever lasted". This year I want to do something different. I want to make realistic goals for myself and by journaling, every single day for the next year, and see in the end what I have accomplished. Scot may look at this as just another one of "Laura's projects" but it's something that I want to do, and I can take some of my sadness and frustration out on paper and God rather than using my husband as a sound board. I just need this as therapy, and I want to remember everything about 2010, the good and the bad.

With all of this being said, I do hope that this turns out to be a HAPPY New Year's Eve.. and I already feel better after "Journaling" on this post!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a MERRY Christmas!

Christmas morning arrived, and we went into our living room to open stockings and gifts from Santa. Of course as a tradition in our home, we had to let Tucker open his stocking too! There were dog treats and bones, and two new plush "Babies" for Tucker to play with. Ryder loved helping him pull things from his stocking!

And yes, I am a BIT swollen.. I believe a woodchuck would most resemble me in this picture haha! I will say that despite all the swelling, I still enjoyed Christmas with my family.

Once our stockings were opened, we decided to let Ryder open his gifts from Scot's parents and his cousin. Thank you for such thoughtful gifts! Ryder will get LOTS of use out of his travel DVD player, and Scot and I have already tried out our new Wii!

As you all know by now that I refer to Ryder as my "Little Goose" I just HAD to get him a stuffed goose. As he sat in his little chair, he hugged it right away!

Of course by this point, Tucker thought this was his baby too, and it became the game between the two of them. Ryder would tease Tucker with it, and Scot and I would take turns taking the toy from Tucker.

We all showered and got dressed for the day, and then opened a few more gifts. Scot thought Ryder would love his own drum set since he played so much with his others, so this was definitely a hit!

By lunch time, my parents came over with Grannie and we ate our Christmas feast. My mom was sweet enough to think of me, and had made plenty of things that I could eat. Being on the "soft diet" that consisted of mostly pureed food is one way to lose weight!! Now I know what being a baby is like again haha. By this time, I think I started to get tired, so after we ate, I laid down and took a nap with Ryder. We had a very busy day, but it is one that I will always cherish! I am so happy that I was still able to enjoy Christmas this year, even though I had just had such extreme surgery. Thank you again to all of our families for such great gifts, as we remembered this day that Jesus was born!
Now that it's the day after Christmas, I am feeling a lot worse, and I'm just trying to take it easy the next few days before going back to work. I think I was so determined yesterday to make sure everyone had a good Christmas, that I should have taken it more easy. Lesson learned, and I am going to rest and make sure I wear my ice pack to help with the swelling. Again, I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband and family. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas too!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Festivities!

This has been a great week for the Gelinas family, as we prepared for our family Christmas together. I worked Mon-Wed of this week, and I was able to get everything I needed done before our BIG day.

On Tuesday night, my office had it's annual Christmas party at this VERY cool Italian restaurant in Midtown Charlotte named Vivace. Awesome views of the city at night, and delicious food and wine! I will definitely be keeping this place in mind for a special date night with Scot sometime. We all had a really great time together and it was nice to unwind after a long week of work ( I know, three days of working sounds like nothing, but in a dental office, you have no idea how LONG that is haha). This is Stacy, Emilie, and I as we first arrived to the Christmas party. As you can see, my cheeks became redder and redder by the end of the night!Dr G and his lovely wife M
And this was after my yummy dinner was served. After coffee's and dessert (which I sadly passed up because I had already consumed more calories than needed for the day) Dr G insisted that we take a group picture outside to get the city skyline as our background. However, due to the large size of the group, and the lighting, we were not successful. I still like this photo though, except for the fact that the guy who took the picture didn't do such a great job at getting everyone in the picture!It was a really fun night, until I left and realized I had a half day at work the next day. Wednesday was a busy day for me, because after work, I came home and we all got ready to go to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with my brother and sister-in-law. Since her family lives in South Carolina, we got together early before they left to spend time with all of her relatives. My brother and his wife Tori are so kind and really enjoyed making Christmas for everyone special this year, even getting Ryder his very own JUMBO coloring book, Thomas the Train see-and-say, and a Snoopy Christmas toy. I can't wait until they have children so our home will be filled with more sounds of kids playing together like my brother and I once did. My mom and Grannie made a delicious Christmas Ham with all the southern Fixin's you could dream of, and then we hung out awhile until Ryder was exhausted, and gave the cues that he was ready for bed.
The THREE generations of women: Myself, Grannie, and my mom "Nana"
Aunt Tori and Ryder
Nana and PawPaw playing hard with Ryder
Tori and Eric.. what sweet lovebirds!! haha-Thank you both again for a WONDERFUL Christmas together. We love you!!

I had a very BIG day of my own the next morning, as I was finishing the Dental surgery for implants on the other side of my mouth. I hadn't planned to have surgery on Christmas Eve, but under the circumstances, I realized it would be less days I would have to take off of work, and if I needed any help from family, they were all off too, to help with anything. As you all remember from THIS post back in September, I had a really rough few weeks and so I think coming into this surgery, I was worse off thinking about the "what ifs" since I had been through it once before and knew how bad it ended up being. I knew that I had a lot of friends and co-workers praying for me though, and I prayed daily before the big day, that God would heal me quickly so I could enjoy Christmas this year. Surgery went well and Dr C was able to place 6 implants, but unfortunately problems arose with the bone grafting that was done back in Sept, and he had to redo it. That news was heartbreaking once I awoke from the 8 hr surgery, but I realized that at least he was still able to place the 6 implants and not as much bone grafting was needed on my left side. After coming home and resting, later Christmas Eve night, we got Ryder dressed in his "Christmas PJ's" and laid out his cookies for Santa. We decided to give Santa a few of his cinnamon Gerber cookies, but he wanted to eat most of them. All I could think about as we tucked him to bed that night, was how blessed I was to have my sweet family and how I wanted to feel well the next day so that we could enjoy Christmas together.

All I can say, is that prayers certainly work, because oddly enough, the pain was manageable and we had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

Thursday night we heard on the weather that we would be getting snow showers all weekend. However, I was skeptical after the fact that we didn't get even a snowflake LAST weekend when they caused all the snow hysteria. So Friday I went to work as usual, and it was around 9:30 that morning that we started getting freezing rain that later lead to snow! As with most southerners, at the mention of snow we go to the grocery store for milk and bread, and then we stay in the house, not daring to drive on the roads! Since this was the case, we got to go home around 1, so I picked Ryder up early from daycare, and we headed back home to play in the snow that was beginning to accumulate. This was the picture Scot took of us about an hour after the snow started to fall. One of the advantages of marrying a "Northerner" is that he isn't afraid to drive in these conditions, so we headed to Wal-Mart for snow boots for Ryder.

We didn't have much success at Wal-Mart, as everything looked mostly picked over from the Christmas crowds, but we were able to snag a decent pair of mittens and decided we would make do with what we had and create our own version of a snow suit for Ryder. We layered him with as many warm clothes as we could, and then topped him off with a water repellant windsuit that we found at Wal-Mart too. This was what we woke up to on Saturday morning..

The snow was mostly covered with a thick layer of ice by the time we went out to play in it, so we weren't able to make a snowman, but at least Ryder was able to walk around in it. He got frustrated after awhile though, because he kept falling as his feet hit the ice, so instead we went for a walk around the neighborhood with his car.

This was Scot rounding everyone up to go on our walk. Needless to say, we were so consumed with dressing ourselves and Ryder, that we forgot Tucker's coat. He didn't seem to mind the cold at first though, he was just happy to go on a walk!

This was part of the lake that froze over. By this point we all started to get cold, so we headed back home and watched Elmo's Christmas Countdown, and a few other Christmas-themed movies. It was the first time in a LONG time that we got snow before Christmas. I love snow, but it really made me realize how much more I like the sun and the beach than I do the cold! Dressing for cold weather to play in the snow takes much longer to get ready for, and then you get overheated before you walk out the front door, so I won't miss it when it melts.
We had a fun weekend playing in the snow, and I can't believe that Christmas is in a few days! After 5 minutes of getting to sing praise and worship, Scot and I looked up at the screen and there was Ryder's number! Sure enough, he was crying the whole time in the nursery, so we ended up taking Ryder to church with us this morning and got to see the pre-school kids perform. It actually worked out well because he was excited hearing them sing, and was fascinated by the Christmas lights and setting up on the stage. I can't wait until he's big enough to participate up there, but it makes me realize it won't be long. I hope that everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS this week, and say a prayer for me that my next dental surgery that I'm having this Thursday goes well!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Baby

Last year at Christmas, since Ryder was barely a month old, Scot and I were hesitant to take him to have his picture made with Santa, so this year I made it a priority to have it done. We decided that we would get up early and go before the mall crowds got there, so we were one of the first ones to arrive. The setup was great, and the Polar Bear Express was the theme this year. It was so cute, and there was even fake snow blowing down at one part as we waited to meet Santa. As Ryder has begun to show more signs of seperation anxiety and stranger anxiety, we just KNEW he too would be scared, as watched the other kids before him cry out and didn't want to sit on Santa's lap. At this point, I got nervous, but told Scot no matter what I wanted the picture to remember his first time meeting Santa by.
My worries were put to rest once I sat Ryder on Santa's knee. Just like the little Ham that he is, he smiled away for the camera! I was so proud of him for being such a BIG boy and not pitching a tantrum like some of the other babies there did! We scanned the original copy and for some reason it came out this size, so you may have to enlarge it (sorry!)
Last night we had our Elephant Gift exchange with our church Life Group. We all brought appetizers and the rule was you could only bring a $5 gift to the party. Once we arrived, Ryder and the host's little girl named Ella played together as we helped setup the food. They are so cute playing together and it has been a blessing to have their family as part of our group.

We all drew numbers, and Scot drew #1 so he had prime choice of all the gifts at the end. The funny thing was that the first gift he chose, everyone wanted, and kept stealing it away from him. It was so funny to watch as he would eventually steal it back!

I ended up with a candle, and this was me laughing my head off as J opened the gift from Scot: a Pez dispenser and a dinosaur egg that comes to life. I brought two nutcracker ornaments and Scot picked THAT out.. just goes to show you how different men are! We had a really fun time and it was good to laugh with everyone and enjoy our time together before the holidays.

This is L and her husband B, our hosts who have welcomed us from the first time we started attending Journey church. It's so ironic that we met and had babies the same age, and lived in the same town, and it just kind of happened that she started a Life Group a few months after we met, and invited us to join. I'm so happy to have made the friends at church, and we are hoping that we will continue a lifelong friendship.

Last Sunday, Ryder was in NO mood to be in the nursery, so since Scot and I were serving that morning before the sevice, we had to wait until church started to take him out. Then Scot and I tried taking him WITH us into the service but the music startled him and so we just decided to stay in the lobby and watch the service on the tv. This was fine for 30 minutes, and then Ryder got a wild hair and started running around, getting into EVERYTHING! At one point, he headed for the decorated Christmas trees and I just knew he was going to break something, so we decided to go home. I am hoping that this Sunday will be better, and I am chalking last week up to the fact that he was starting to get sick. Now that we are all feeling better, this should be a better weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

100th Post!

It's hard to believe that 100 posts ago, in February this year, I started here talking about going back to work as a new mommy. Flash to the present day and I am a pro. Just kidding, but I know a LOT more now about being one than I did back then! So many wonderful things have happened since then, and I am excited to see what the next 100 posts will be about!

Finding the time to post anything these days is the hard part now. Though I have gotten much better over the years, I still struggle with "time management" and if I could, I would spend most of my time surfing the internet, watching my shows, giving myself mani-pedi's, and blogging and facebooking until I'm content. However, there's more to my life these days than taking care of just ME, so I have found that I blog when I can. When I first came up with the idea to start a blog it was because I wanted a journal to look back on and showcase our life so that our families and friends could easily see what we were up to rather than having to email pictures to everyone which would again take so much of my time. It turned into so much more than I could have imagined and I have actually met a few blog friends too! I have learned mom advice, home decorating tips, Fashion, discussions about faith which helped me want to find a church, and it also helped give me inspiration to be a good mom by seeing other new moms like me struggling with the same things, and assure me that I am doing just fine.

And now that it's Thursday already, I'm ashamed that I haven't posted pictures or blogged yet for this past weekend and week, so let me catch up!

Saturday morning we had plans to take Ryder for his 12mo/Christmas Family portraits at Sears. At the time when I had made the appt, I was not aware of the fact that my son would end up contracting Pink Eye from one of the older children that were in the babies room earlier in the week. All I could think about when Scot called me at work Friday to break the news to me, was that we had all these plans for the weekend and I was mad that a parent would let their child with such a contagious disease be allowed to come to daycare still. However, after a visit to the pediatrician's office, we were reassured that with lots of handwashing and giving eye drops that we would be fine. And Ryder's eye wasn't really even that bad, it just sounded bad and I felt like a bad mom for letting my son catch it. Scot and I both swore that we had never had it before, but after calling my mom to see if she would still want to keep Ryder later that night, she assured me that I too had contracted it in my childhood, so I guess it really wasn't as bad as I thought.
So.. we kept our appt at Sears and ended up with a BUNCH of great Christmas and family portraits. I can only share this one of his Birthday-12mo portraits though, because I am using the others in Christmas cards that you should be receiving soon! After all the smiling with the Christmas and Family pictures, I think Ryder started getting tired and decided he was done, so this was one of the better ones in his birthday outfit. I was fine with it, since we had taken plenty from his birthday, but I have made the vow that next year we won't be doing portraits at Sears around Christmas because it was a zoo and I felt like we were only given 20 minutes to take pictures because there were so many other families there too.
Saturday night, my parents gladly watched Ryder for the night so that Scot and I could have a date night and get some Christmas shopping done. I was happy that they didn't mind watching him, even with pink eye! Now that's true love haha. We went to dinner at Hickory Tavern for good food and drinks, and to watch the college football games. Afterwards we got a few more things for our families and had a wonderful time together. I always cherish our dates together now that our alone time is so rare!
Another reason my parents babysat the night before, was because Scot and I had tickets to see the Panthers play! Sunday morning we woke up to a COLD day outside. As this was my first time seeing an NFL team play in person, I didn't know what to expect. As a woman, my main concerns were to have matching eyeshadow as my jersey, and a good hair day. However, when I saw that the high was 40, I knew this wouldn't be good! We dressed in under armour and jeans, and we both had at least three layers of shirts under our jerseys, so I thought we would be ok. I told Scot that I wanted to bring my coat, but he told me that I would look like a dork and that it would cover our team, so I listened... and this is me on the way to the game pouting, and realizing that I made a mistake of listening to a MAN! haha
This is us once we arrived uptown Charlotte and paid to park. Scot had brought his hooded sweatshirt along, and being the sweet husband that he is, (or maybe feeling guilty for telling me not to bring my coat) offered to let me wear it under my jersey to stay warm. (This is also how he got sick by Monday morning..)
We started our hike to the stadium, and checked out all the tailgaters.
It was very cool to be at the game and feel like a part of history. Scot was so proud of me and saw that I took a lot more interest in the sport than when we're at home watching it on tv. Like I tell him, I try to like it because I know how much he loves it.
Oh and speaking of him, this is Mr. Gelinas eating his $8 hotdog. Same price as a beer there!
The Panthers ended up winning, even though we left by half time since it was so cold, but it was a fun adventure together that I will always remember. We did have a great weekend together and even though we are both fighting colds this week due to sitting in 40 degree weather with no coat, it was all worth it! As the weeks get closer to Christmas, we still have a few things to do like wrap all the presents, and attend a few Christmas parties at work and church, but it's all part of the season. It's one of my favorite times of the year! Sadly, I have also made an appt on Christmas Eve to have the dental implants placed on the other side of my mouth. I have a calm about it this time, and have prayed that I will be okay to enjoy the holidays. I know what to expect this time, and I am excited to be finishing it all!
I hope that you are all having a good week so far and I can't wait to look back one day at the next 100 posts of my blog!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Four Days Of Christmas

Since this past week was the first week of December, I thought that it would be fitting to recap the days we spent decorating with a song you all may know.

On the First Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

A Lovely Christmas Tree.. we went to the Tree Lot on Tuesday to pick out the perfect tree!

Once we brought it home and found the best place in the room to set it up, I had to pose beside my Lovely Tree. Next we started hanging the lights and adding the garland and gold beads.
Ryder even had fun putting it all together..but keeping him away from it will be a challenge!

On the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Two Doorknob Hangers..
After Life Group Wednesday night, we hung these up
And a Lovely Lit up Christmas Tree..
On the Third Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Three Sets of Towels..

Powder Room and Kitchen

And a Lovely Decorated House..

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Four Favorite Ornaments..

..and a Lovely Decorated Tree

We finished the week and had eggnog by the fireplace and are really enjoying this season with Ryder now that he is older. It's fun to see him take it all in again, since he was barely a month old last Christmas. We fought the crowds today to find a few more things for the house, and took Ryder to Sears again for our family portrait and his one year portrait. You all will be receiving your Christmas cards soon, as I placed the order on Shutterfly today. Have a great weekend!