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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video Says it All

It's Sunday night and we just put Ryder to bed after a LONG weekend of snow-playing, chilli-eating, sled-going, snow cream-making, wintry kind of last few days. It has been a weekend to remember, and it looks like they finally got it right about the weather! We have played hard the last two days and we have the red cheeks to show for it! We weren't sure how long the snow would last, so we wanted to make sure that we got all of our snow-playing in! After seeing all of the footage I caught on camera and video, I wanted to show everyone the fun that we had been having. I will try to put my video-uploading skills to work, but bare with me, as I haven't been successful lately! I have recently discovered Youtube and Vimeo to aid in uploading videos, but as you can see from the recent changes in my blog, (i.e: new header, background, and I even tried adding custom font which failed, as well as adding a cool signature, but that didn't work either!) I had some extra free time while Scot was gone this past week, and got the wild hair to make some changes. I may have to take an html class or two to really understand how to do cool things to my blog, but for now this will do, and I will continue to try my skills at adding video. Let me know if anyone has suggestions!

Since it was my Sunday to serve this morning, I wasn't sure how the roads were going to be, and so I was relieved to get an email from our church last night that said all services were cancelled for today. We woke up to a much sunnier day, but the roads were still covered in snow and ice! After a long, lazy morning cuddling in bed together, we finally got dressed in our fleece and decided to check out the road conditions. We needed a few things at Target, so Scot put his New Hampshire-driving skills to use, and we loaded up the Jeep, and headed out. There were some areas that were okay to drive on, and others that hadn't even been driven on, so they were covered in packed snow, which made me a little nervous, and glad that I wasn't the one driving!

We made it to Target safely, and were able to get two new games for our Wii, which Scot and I were happy to have to help prevent our cabin fever! We got back home and went out to play in the snow again, savoring every last bit of our fun snow weekend. Since the snow had gotten softer from the sun, we took Ryder to a different area to try out his sled. Scot stayed at the bottom of the hill while I hiked it, pulling him behind in his sled.

Check out the video below! That was one happy little man sledding down the "mountain" Oh, and bare with Scot's narrating, as he does a bad job directing me what to do haha.. this wasn't as easy climbing without falling as it looks!


This one is of my dare-devil husband as he got brave yesterday and decided to try snowboarding in our backyard. I think he got this idea from an episode of MTV's "Jackass"


This video is more of Ryder in his awesome sled. Thanks again Nana & PawPaw! We heard there was a shortage of sleds, and we had checked EVERYWHERE for one, so we wouldn't have had nearly all the fun without it!


And this is one of me pushing Ryder along in the street


Well, I just got an email that we have postponed work an hr tomorrow, so looks like it's back to the real world tomorrow! The end of the cabin fever is near. Hope everyone had a great weekend and we love you guys! Enjoy our family videos

Saturday, January 30, 2010

WINTER Wonderland

Well, I got my WINTER wonderland I had wished for!!
I was at work when it started snowing around 3pm yesterday, so after the last patients left, we ended the day early, and by the time I made it home, there was already enough snow coming down for it to start to stick. It blew in the soft, powdery snow last night and we went outside to see it come down. We didn't last long on the back porch because it was so cold, but Ryder really enjoyed watching the snow fall down, and tried to catch it with his hands. We came back inside to warm up, and prayed that we would continue to get snow through the night and into Saturday like the weather man had predicted. We decided that it was so cold we would stay inside and watch it fall. I opened the blinds in the kitchen so that Ryder could run over to the window and see the snow. Our prayers must have worked, because we continued to get snow. LOTS of it!! Ryder loved being able to perch on the window ledge and see all the white stuff. We kept telling him "Look at the snow Ryder" and he finally realized what the white stuff was, and he too started pointing and saying "Sooo, sooo" After breakfast, we decided that the snow had lightened up enough to where we could go outside and play. My mom and stepdad had brought us this snowsuit and sled for Ryder to play in, during the last snow that we were supposed to get. We were very glad we had it this morning, since we ended up with so much snow!!
This picture could sell snow!!
Once we had gotten our fill of playing in all the snow, we headed back home where Scot decided that he wanted to try out his snowboard on the hill of our backyard. Clever idea at first, not so clever idea once he got up there and realized the snow wasn't packed like it is on a mountain. He made two attempts, just for fun, as we watched from inside. I caught it all on video too as he went zooming past! Ryder got a kick out of it, which makes me think we may have to take him skiing sometime next year!
Later, I decided it was time to make Snow Cream, using the recipe from this website to create this yummy "Old-Time Snow cream"
All you need are the following ingredients:
1 cup milk (we used Ryder's whole milk to get the right consistency)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
3 big bowls of snow
mix first 3 ingredients well
then slowly add snow to mixture until the consistency of ice cream

I couldn't believe Scot had never heard or tasted this before, and he agreed that it was very good! We had a fun time in the snow today, but our cheeks are still red from the wind, so I think we'll be hiding out inside for most of the day until the storm lets up. We still have movies, chilli, and popcorn for the afternoon, and we have been playing wii to our hearts content. I LOVE days like this, especially on the weekends!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Looks Like SNOW!!

THIS: was the weather map forecasted for the snow that we are supposed to get this weekend!! We are the purple area to the right which looks like 6-12" YAY!!
I went during lunch today and got Ryder a pair of Timberland look-alikes at Target so that he would have something to keep his feet dry just in case.
This makes me happy because I have all of the ingredients now to make snow cream, Chilli, and a chicken pit pie bake. We also have two DVD's for tonight, and popcorn of course. All we need now is the SNOW!!
Stay tuned to see if we get any!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hey everyone!

It's Thursday and I just watched the weather report and they say that we are most definitely looking at getting some snow this weekend!! If they're right, that makes me a happy mom, because we can pull out Ryder's snow suit and sled that my parents brought over the last time they called for snow. Of course they were wrong back then, but this time the forecast looks more promising.

When I dropped Ryder off at daycare this morning, he blew me a kiss and said "bye" so clearly, it was the cutest thing! It amazes me at what he learns everyday, and how quickly he picks up on things. Lately, we have been watching lots of Sesame Street and Elmo's world, but I found a new show on Nick Jr that he seems to love, called Yo Gabba Gabba!

It's the coolest show for kids, and it's mostly singing and dancing, two of Ryder's favorite things to do. Each episode has a theme like Happy or Careful, and they show different characters acting out the themes. It's fun to watch together because Ryder squeals and does his little dance when the songs come on. I think that we may have a smooth toddler on our hands, because even in the church nursery, the teachers tell us what a little dancer he is. Maybe he got that from me as much as I love dancing, and I always danced with him as a baby, even when I was pregnant.

It's a Happy Thursday today because there's only one more day until Friday! I'm looking forward to a good weekend with Scot, and if we do get snow, I promised that I would make "snow cream" because Scot claims that he has never heard of it before.

Have a Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired Tuesday

..or just plain worn out might be a better description for my post today. Scot left for his annual regional meeting yesterday morning and he won't return until Thursday afternoon. Every year I know to expect a day or two of his abscence, but this year his company decided to have the meeting in Asheville, NC rather than in Florida, where it has been held for years. They also decided to extend the trip to 3 nights and 4 days this year, which didn't seem bad at the time, when Scot mentioned it to me, but now I am not happy with their change of plan.

I can blame some of my burning, tired eyes on Ryder, for being in a mood the past two days while Scot's been away, and the other part would be the fact that Scot's away period. I never sleep as well as I do when he's sleeping beside me. I constantly hear noises as I'm lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering why on earth I'm awake at 2 am! Soft noises that normally wouldn't alert me, send me into orbit, and I get so jumpy that if Tucker even hints around that he hears something too, I'm pulling the covers over my head in a heartbeat. I didn't think I was always such a big baby when it came to staying alone, but as I've gotten older, and realized all of the dangers that exist, I have become more in tune with the "what ifs". I think I even checked 3 times to make sure that the doors were all locked, and the blinds all shut.

Last night, I stayed at my mom's house because it was my late night at work and I didn't want Ryder to be in daycare that long, so they lended a hand. Once I got off work I headed to their house, and as I pulled up to their house, I got nostalgic thinking about the last time I lived there. It was funny thinking back to those days, and sleeping in my old room, in my old bed, and snuggling under my old sheets from my childhood. Since those days, my room has changed from the way it looked when I lived at home, but the memories are still there.

We ate dinner and watched The Bachelor together, and I got to briefly talk to Scot as he was heading in and out of meetings and then to his formal dinner. I knew that he couldn't talk long, but it made me grateful to him, and all the things that he does as my husband, even the small things like picking Ryder up from daycare early while I'm working late, or having dinner ready by the time I walk in the door. I was relieved to hear that he made it to Asheville safely, and he even had the chance to go snowboarding since there had been snow. He was happy to talk to me too, and was sad that he was away from Ryder and I.

Once Ryder fell asleep, I laid in my old room, thinking about the past, and to the times when Scot and I were first dating, how he would come to my house to pick me up on dates every now and then. I knew that he was "husband material" when he stood the test to pick me up on a date in today's world, and even braving the meeting of the parents. It made me laugh to think back to that time, even though it was just 5 years ago. I finally drifted off to sleep and was awakened around 3 am when I heard Ryder crying in the next room. I picked him up and carried him to my old room, snuggling him beside me and the wall of pillows. I think he was confused as to what was going on, and wondering why we weren't at home. I did feel much safer spending the night there, and once he was back to sleep, I was finally able to get some rest too.

I spent the rest of the day with Ryder, and finishing projects around the house that I wouldn't normally have the chance to do while Scot was around. I finished my scrapbook, except for two pages, and was able to get a lot of pictures organized. I watched Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and then took Ryder and Tucker for a walk around our neighborhood. We watched Sesame Street and played with his Legos and puzzles the rest of the afternoon, hardly missing a beat! It made me realize how hard it would be to be a single parent, relying on only myself to get laundry and cooking done, amongst the everyday tasks. I think Ryder was as tired as I am feeling right now, because he didn't even put up a fuss as I changed him for bed and laid him in his crib. I kissed his little forehead goodnight, and told him that Daddy and I loved him so much, and that he would be home to see him soon.

I plan to keep a night light on downstairs in case I hear anything tonight, and I will pray before bed that we both get a good nights sleep tonight. I'm definitely starting to miss Scot, and it's funny because so many women I know, get excited when their spouses are out of town, because it gives them "alone" time, but he is my best friend and companion, and I do miss him, and don't feel the need for my alone time. I just hope that the rest of the week goes by quickly and I will be very happy when Thursday night gets here!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Not So Lazy Trip to Lazy 5 Ranch

We ended up spending most of our Saturday morning at Babies-R-Us, trying to find a few items off of two different friends registries. Even after a year, Scot and I still get intimidated going into this store. I'm not sure if it's because of the size or just because it's all pertaining to baby items, but whatever the case, we were in the store much longer than we planned. I have two friends that are due with baby boys this March, within a week or so of one another, so each of their showers are coming up quickly. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to give them, since this is the first baby for both of them, and as a "seasoned" new mommy myself, I thought that I could find just what they would need. After glancing at their registries, I headed for the essentials aisle but got distracted by all of the cute baby clothes. I guess retailers have researched enough to know to place the items in strategic locations so that shoppers like myself, with a goal in mind, will stop to glance and end up buying more than intended.

Had I not had my dilligent husband on board that morning, reminding me to stick to the registry and the said dollar amount that we had agreed to, that would have been the case for me too! We finally left Babies-R-Us, only to visit her sister store, Toys-R-Us. Scot thought that it would be a good idea to take Ryder and let him browse the store just to look around. However, we both hadn't anticipated the mighty tantrum our 14-month old would throw as we rounded the legos section. We realized that our little boy was on the brink of a sleepy meltdown, no thanks to the cold he was catching. Whether due to the pink eye, teething, or verge of catching a cold, Ryder was off of his game, and was ready to fuss no matter what. Like any parent who is caught in a situation when their child pitches a fit, we hurried with our screaming child, to the nearest exit.

Once we were safely back to the car, we let Ryder scream as loud as he wanted until he finally passed out on the way home. As our frazzled nerves finally calmed down, we realized that we just needed to let him sleep whatever it was off, so that he would be back to his normally happy self.

By the afternoon, with everyone in much happier spirits, the clouds from the day lifted, and we got the idea that a ride to Lazy 5 Ranch would be fun. I had heard from many people about this place, and how cool it was to see so many animals come right up to your car as you drive along the 3 acres of land. I sat in the backseat with Ryder, while Scot drove, and once we paid the $8.50 admission per person, with a large bucket of feed in hand, we headed into the WILD... literally!
As as we entered the ranch, we realized that "animals coming right up to your car" was an understatement! Scot started to panic as the first pack of Emu headed our way.

I was excited, with both Ryder's and my window down, ready to feed the oversized birds. They looked tame, and kind of cute, but curious.

As the first one headed to my window, I fed it a few pellets of food, and was fine until the others caught wind and headed our way. It was as if the bird on my side got greedy, and then peeked his head inside the car and ducked his head right into the bucket of feed! Quickly a scene from Jurrastic Park crossed my mind and I got scared, not realizing how wild these animals really were! Neither of us knew what to do, should we wait and let the birds finish eating, honk at them to go away, or just try to roll the window up!

Finally I threw the feed up in the air in panic, and pellets went everywhere, while Scot and Ryder both screamed. It was enough to get the birds distracted and I was able to roll all of our windows up. We both started thinking "what have we gotten ourselves into". The birds finally grew bored with us and went along to the next car in line behind us, and I told Scot to calm down and just drive, and to leave his and Ryder's windows up so I would be the only one doing the feeding.

After the Emu incicent, as I realized we were safe, I started laughing at the experience we had just witnessed, and thought it was so funny the way Scot's "hunter-sense" kicked in. I told him he had been playing too much Wii's Big Game Hunter, with all of these wild animals around. It was then that we saw this herd coming our way. It was like a scene from Noah's Ark! Ryder saw all of these large water buffalo and kept saying "ouuh, DOG! DOG!" It was so funny to see the look on his face. We decided after the last event that we would keep all of the windows up and just watch the animals as they passed our car.

We got behind a horse-drawn wagon that seemed to attract more animals than we had planned on seeing, and it started to make Scot nervous again. He kept telling me it wasn't the animals he was afraid of, but the fact that he didn't like driving around the wild herds. I told him not to worry, just to be patient and the animals would pass, which they finally did. Ryder was loving it, which was the whole point of being at the ranch.

At first glance of these Longhorns, we knew not to bother them, they didn't look like they wanted to be messed with!

We saw Zebra

They even came RIGHT up to the windows! Such beautiful creatures, but we were told not to feed them, so we continued to keep the windows up and we just watched in awe as the zebra herd passed by. It was truly amazing to be so close to these animals, and Ryder was wide-eyed the whole time, taking it all in!

We saw Giraffe too! These small white animals were my favorite. They were so sweet and timid, so they didn't charge at the car windows like all of the more aggressive ones we had seen. I held out my hand for them to feed from and they gently took the food from my hand.

Scot was relieved the drove around the ranch was over, and we decided that if we came here again we would pay the extra $10 and ride on the wagon, so that his mind could be put to ease and he could relax without worrying about hitting one of the animals. They had a petting area afterwards where you could park and walk up to a few exhibits. There were peacocks and prarie dogs, quails and more!

Ryder and I spotted these camels

While Scot fed the Longhorn cattle

It was truly a WILD adventure for us all, and we laughed the whole ride home about the way we all panicked in the beginning before we knew what to do. We watched the video once we got home, and laughed some more at the way the animals darted towards us, and at the part where I threw the feed in the air. We will definitely have to make another trip to the ranch, but I think for now we will stick to playing the Big Game Hunter for Wii when we want to get adventurous and drive through the wild again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ramblings on a Tuesday Morning

**Update: I'm not sure why the video won't upload! I'm frustrated and I will keep trying to get the video to load. Sorry! Oh and the other update is that we are back from the Dr and Ryder did fine with his first series of MMR, thank goodness. We gave him a dose of Tylenol to be safe and are planning on hanging out the rest of the day, and we even took him to get a movie at Blockbuster. **

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday and since I had a few extra minutes, I thought that I would post a video of Ryder this past Sunday. It's been awhile since I've uploaded any video, so I thought ya'll would enjoy this one of Ryder showing off his athletic skills. You will notice that I have the tendency to ramble on, so just ignore me haha. We are so proud of him, and I can't believe he turned 14 months old yesterday!! I can already see how much he has changed in the few short weeks after turning one, and can't wait for more milestones ahead.

We had a good weekend, even though we didn't have any big plans. Sometimes those weekends are just nice to enjoy and not have to worry about being anywhere, or doing anything though. Since it was rainy and cold, we just hung out Friday night, playing the new wii game that Scot bought, called "The Big Game Hunter". I'm not gonna lie, when he called me on Friday to tell me he was at Best Buy picking it up, my first thought was that I didn't want any part playing a gruesome game of killing animals. However, once I came home and he started playing, I realized it wasn't violent, and it was really fun. It reminded me of the old computer game I used to play, Oregon Trail. We played together all night and Ryder was fascinated by the animals too!

Since Nana and PawPaw (my parents) were having Ryder withdrawls, I invited them over Saturday night to eat with us and watch football. We had a fun night and I enjoyed hanging out with them, realizing that I am blessed to have a mom I can talk to about anything. She's so down to earth and never judges, and is always there to give encouragement. I hope that as Ryder grows older that he will feel comfortable enough with to talk to me about anything too! I never felt like that with my real dad, and at times we never really talked at all, so I'm happy to see that Scot is so good with Ryder, and I don't have to worry about that with him.

This picture was taken on our way to church. We listened to a great message, and I was overcome by the generosity of our chuch that they donated half of our offerings to the Samaratin's Purse for the people in Haiti. I can't imagine what those families are going through right now, and my problems are minute compared to what they have faced. It's crazy to think that just last May, Scot and I were on a cruise that stopped at Labadee, Haiti, one of the Royal Caribbean private islands. It's on the other side of Port-au-prince, where the earthquake was, but it is still humbling to look back at these pictures from our trip. After the sermon at church, Scot was asked to help with with sign-up tables for serving. I was so proud of him! It's funny to think that almost a year ago we attended our first service at our church, not imagining that we would one day be involved enough to serve. Now we are learning to help others instead of ourselves, and to hopefully lead other people to God. I have also noticed a change in our relationship the past few weeks, and I can thank our relationship with our faith for that. As we all have struggles in life, it's important to remember to turn to Him for help rather than thinking we can do it all on our own. I am happier now that I have been in weeks, and I am excited at what the rest of this year will hold.

We have a fun family trip planned to visit Scot's parents in April, and we have been anxiously planning for another round at Disney. When Scot and I made the decision to cancel our trip to Jamaica for our anniversary, we realized that it was a selfish trip right now, and we would rather use the vacation time to see his mom and dad and let them spend more time with Ryder. I am so happy at the way that our relationship has been going, and I am blessed to have them as my mother and father-in-law.

Well, enough of my ramblings for today. It's 10 o'clock and I still need to finish laundry and I wanted to finish a few pages of Ryder's scrapbook. I enjoy my time on Tuesdays being off work, but it's funny how quickly that time passes, and there is so much to do! Wish us luck today as we take Ryder in for his next series of shots. This is never a fun time for either of us, but it's part of the responsibilities as a parent, and keeping him safe. I hope that everyone has a great week ahead!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Even though I'm tired from a restless night of sleep, due to the fact that he woke up no less than 4 different times, I'm thankful for this little BUG!

Whenever I get sad, or stressed, worried, or mad, I turn to Ryder and realize how blessed I really am. Lately it does seem like there has been more stress in our life than normal, but I am slowly recovering from my surgery, and we are finding ways each month to still pay the bills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle the best that we can.
I am continuing to write in my journal each day, and it was nice to see that a few prayers were answered this week. I went for my 3-week post op appt at the Oral surgeon's office yesterday and while I thought that only stitches were being removed, the bone grafting site had healed so well that the Dr was even able to remove the titanium membrane! (I know, yuck, but it feels SOO much better now that it's out!!) The only way I can describe it, is less constricting, because as the tissue heals around it, it gets tighter and tighter, and more uncomfortable.
Luckily I do work for a dentist so he is able to do the restorative work for me in the end, and I am excited that we will start on the LR side today if all goes well! Scot will just be happy with the final product, and asks me each week "How much longer??" He continues to be my solid support through all of this, and just Sunday night he pushed me to do something I never would have dreamed of. I actually confronted my father on the phone regarding my dental implant surgery and asked why he never sat money aside to have this work done before now. Of course as I always do, I broke down in tears, but was still able to ask the questions I always wanted to know. When he and my mom divorced, I was 16, so really I wasn't old enough, and my jaw was not mature enough to handle any type of dental implant. However, I was frustrated with him, knowing that I would one day have to have the surgery, and no plan was made for the future. All my dad could say was that he was sorry and that I would get through it. I think he was sad for me, but didn't really have an answer as to what to say. I do feel better about it though, at least I asked, and now I feel as though I am an adult and I will learn from this experience with my own children. Parents will make mistakes, and I'm sure that Scot and I will have many a mistake to make, if we haven't already. I just have to trust in God that he will continue to get us through this difficult time, and so far he has provided.
Yesterday, it dawned on me, as a patient who is 8 or 9 years old and only has 6 of his adult teeth, came into our office, that he is going through exactly what I had. It made me see things from a different perspective, and made me realize that maybe at the time 24 years ago, when we started this dental process that maybe my dad hadn't forseen what I would be looking at financially, or emotionally at this point because they didn't know as much about the dental implants back then, and who would have known that I would have to replace that many teeth. With all that being said, as I saw the patient's mother yesterday, and came over to say hi to me, I didn't have to say anything, because we could sympathize with one another about what we were going through. That's when I realized that this whole process has made me more sympathetic to patients, and more down to earth. Beauty is only skin deep, and you're worth more for what's inside than what you may appear on the outside.
So today, I am THANKFUL. I am thankful for what I DO have, and I am thankful for what I WILL have.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Update

Well, the weather man had it all wrong, thats for sure!! We woke up Friday morning and looked outside, but it only looked like it had rained. I think we had a few snow flurries but not enough to stick.My parents had even driven over Thursday night to bring the baby sled they had for Ryder, just in case we got any snow. At least we are prepared for the next "HUGE" snow storm in our forecast this coming week, but we take it with a grain of salt as they tend to make a big deal out of nothing.

Ryder was in a good mood though, and we have been attempting to let him feed himself each morning with a spoon. As messy as he gets, he seems to LOVE being such a big boy, so I don't mind if he gets a little messy. It only gets really bad when he eats oatmeal like he had Friday morning. This was Ryder as he was trying to feed himself, then later got bored and starts shovelling the food in with his hands.

On a WONDERFUL note, as I mentioned from my post yesterday, little Vance is making his way home to NC finally!! We are so excited for this family, as they have waited a very long time to be blessed with a baby, not knowing that barely a year later they would be getting TWO babies!! And are half siblings! God is GREAT! We're sad we won't see them today at church, as Scot and I will be representing our life group for them during the early service, since they are talking about what a life group is and how much it means to have one. This is definitely a challenge for Scot, as he doesn't like talking with large crowds, and for me because I am self conscience of my teeth right now and prefer not to have to smile much, and I don't want to come across as being unkind. As with anything else in life, this is just God's test I'm sure.. and we will be fine!

Scot and I have had a really fun weekend, especially after the 2 weeks or more of my dental surgery complaints, we were both ready to enjoy our weekend together. There truly is a reason for our wedding vows consisted of "For Better or Worse" because I'm not sure a love that wasn't true could stand the test of time through sickness like he had for 3 weeks, followed by the extensive dental treatment I am undergoing.

We decided to get out of the house awhile, so we had plans to go shopping yesterday. This was Ryder finding all of the toilet tissue in his bathroom as I tried to get him dressed. On that note, we thought we would also head to Babies R Us to find a few more safety devices to keep him out of the toilet and cabinets, as he continues to get more curious of things he doesn't need to be in!
We ended up taking Ryder to Concord Mills yesterday to see the aquarium in Bass Pro, and then to get a few long sleeved shirts that he was in need of. This was our little family in front of the cool aquarium. I think Ryder was a little scared of the fish, and would cling on really tightly when we tried to point to each fish that went by.

This was one of the cool albino fish, or my fellow "Blonde"

And this was by far the BIGGEST Large mouth bass I have ever seen. Ryder was not sure what to do when this one would mosey on past him

Afterwards we went to the park thats close to our house, and let Ryder enjoy going down the slides a few times until the wind picked up and the cold was too much to bear! Even though we didn't get snow, the wind chill was plenty, and it wasn't long before we were all ready to come home and get warm.

This weekend made me realize that I don't need to let things get me down like work and bills and things that are all part of life. What matters is that I have a wonderful family that I can turn to and when times get tough, or I start to get depressed about what I'm going through, that things could definitely be worse, and I am blessed with what I do have. I love my husband and son more than life itself, and I would do anything for them both! I just needed this dose of family time this past weekend to realize how lucky I really am.

On a side note: I want to wish my Father-in-law, Tom a VERY Happy Birthday today and we love you!! We wish we were there to celebrate with you today, but we are thinking of you :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prayers for Vance

When I started my blog last year, I had no idea the impact that it would have in my life to "meet" so many people that care so deeply. Right now I ask that those of you that read my blog will lift one of my sweet friends from church, named Leslie up in prayers. She has started her own blog (which you can click on the highlighted words to visit), to journal her life and journey as she and her husband adopt their new baby boy. I ask that you please pray for she and her family, as they are going through the adoption process in Florida. Please go to her blog here and read, and pray over them as they make their way back home.

I hope that you are all having a great week so far! We have had a few challenges this week, but as the week nears closer to the end, I know that we don't have much longer until the weekend. The weather man seems to think we may even get snow tonight, so we'll see.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Haircut

We took Ryder to get his very first haircut today, after the mop he had been wearing for the past few weeks. I realized it was finally time to do the deed. We had driven past a children's hair salon near our home and thought that we would give it a try. I'm not gonna lie. Ryder was in a bad mood before we even got there because when Scot and I picked him up from daycare, he was in the middle of his nap, so he was a bit of a grouch on the ride there. (Do they have the "Terrible Ones" ??) I sat in the backseat beside him and tried feeding him a Gerber granola bar and juice to help ease his mood, but he just wanted to hold the granola bar, a piece in each hand, rather than eat, so I let him since it seemed to keep him content. As we made our way there, his bad mood seemed to vanish the minute we walked into the salon. We met a nice hairdresser, named D and she made us feel welcome right away, as she was used to parents getting their child's first hair cut all the time, she didn't mind me snapping away with my camera and video.
After browsing our options for the "vehicle" that we wanted to have Ryder sit in to get his haircut, we finally chose this shiny red airplane located near the t.v that was playing a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Ryder was all smiles as he hopped right into his chair, granola bar still glued to his fist as he didn't want to give it up. We laughed as he looked like a little man in his lounger, watching tv, and eating away.
It didn't take long before he was bibbed up and ready to go! It did make me a little sad to see his baby fine locks fall to the floor, but once the first few fell, I was watching as his eyes grew big and he started to smile. He seemed to be having a great time, and hardly even noticed what was going on! As it turns out, Ryder has not one, but TWO cowlicks in the back of his head, so it looks like Ryder will have many faux-hawks in his near future. Otherwise, D told us with the cowlicks that he has we will either have to keep his hair really short, or let it grow long, so we think we will stick with the faux-hawk.
Ryder was so good, and only got antsy once or twice, but then nibbled on his granola bar again, hair that fell onto it and all. It continued to put his little mind at ease, so I didn't dare try to take it away!
Meet Mr Handsome, as he debuts his new 'do! After seeing how cute he looked, I'm not sure why I wanted to wait so long. I'm so happy at how it turned out, and it looks like Ryder will be getting lots of new haircuts here!
After he was all done, he got brushed with the lint roller, and wanted to hold it himself.
After Ryder's big day, we went to get lunch and then headed home for the rest of the day. Days like today make me so happy to be a mom and experience all the many FIRSTS in his life!