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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of February

With March fastly approaching, bringing her cold windy days with her, we have enjoyed this past weekend together and even had the chance to play outside yesterday. The sunny days and Carolina blue skies are finally here and seem to be staying! Before making it to a friend's baby shower yesterday, Scot and I loaded the Jeep and headed to a local marina to go on a walk with Ryder and Tucker. We anticipated the weather to be much warmer than it was based on the fact that the sun was shining so brightly, but by the time we made it down to the lake, the winds were too much to bare, so we headed back to the car and decided to go home. I didn't want Ryder to have matching windburned cheeks to go with his bruised goose egg. (which by the way looks much better than it did Friday), but I still didn't want him to be too cold outside. Once we got home away from the lake front winds, it was actually an enjoyable temperature so we were able to play in the front yard and went for a short walk in our neighborhood instead.

Later in the afternoon after we had played outside for awhile, I took Ryder with me to my friend's shower for her baby boy. We used to work together at a previous Dental office, and have remained friends even though we live almost an hr away from one another. Her shower was actually planned for a few weeks ago, the weekend we got our "blizzard", and was rescheduled for this past Saturday. Leslie ended up delivering baby Cooper 6 weeks early due to preclampsia, and so the date of her shower actually ended up being two days after he was released from the hospital. They have all been through a lot the past few weeks as he has been building enough strength to be able to leave, so I know it was a lot for her just to be away from him a few hours so that she could attend her shower. They are both doing great now, and I am so happy for she and her little family!

This picture was taken of Leslie and I shortly after we got there.

The hostess that was having the shower had a beautiful older home that she and her husband had remodeled, and I was in love with her decorating ideas. She probably thought I was a crazy woman because I was snapping away in each room, with all of her creative ideas to decorate. She told me that she had gotten most of her furniture at Goodwill and yard sales and then had her mother refurbish them with cute, updated fabrics. She had a lot of great ideas for framing pictures and monogramming too! This was the gift table with diapers spelling out B-A-B-Y

Leslie's shower theme colors were green and blue and I just LOVED this idea of hanging the umbrella from the chandelier! Complete with a monogrammed platter with baby Cooper's initials. Ryder especially loved the blue punch bowl and kept pointing at the rubber duckies and saying"duck duck". For some reason I didn't think to get his picture at the shower, but probably because I was too worried about him knocking something down and breaking it! I was worried how Ryder would behave, but was pleasantly surprised at how welll he did, even during the opening of her gifts. He was a good boy though, and played in the hostess' little girls room, and seemed to be very fascinated with all of her dolls and baby strollers. I told Scot I was sure it was because they were toys he wasn't used to playing with, not because of a gender thing haha.

This was the tired boy on the ride home. So tired that he didn't even complain when his paci fell right out of his mouth onto his lap! There aren't many Saturdays that Scot and I are apart, and we have gotten very accustomed to being together during our weekends, but it was nice to get out and see old friends too. I was very happy to come home and see him though, which we realize we are different in that way, because I have many co-workers and friends that love being away from their spouses, but he was missed while Ryder and I were away.

We spent the rest of the evening having dinner at Zaxby's and then retiring for the night watching two movies that I wouldn't recommend. We had rented Emperor's New Groove for Ryder, which he became very fussy and restless watching, and we ended up turning it off only 10 min into it. It might have been cute if we had watched it longer, but we weren't willing to see Ryder put up a fight any longer. Once he did finally go to bed, Scot and I tried watching The Box, with Cameron Diaz. Between her fake southern accent and the setting that took place in the '70's about a couple who tries to avoid temptation by pushing a button that would kill someone, we decided that this movie just wasn't for us. Maybe next week we will have better luck with our movie selections!

Whenever a new month begins, it always takes me a few days to get used to the idea of writing it down on paper, and it never fails that I will make at least one mistake and write the previous month down. I look forward to all the upcoming plans that we have marked on our calender, and try to enjoy as much as we can before it's time to turn the page into the next month again. It felt like January was a long month, probably because I was still undergoing a lot of recovery from my dental work, but February seems to have flown by without a second glance! Looking back, we did have a good month and I did enjoy our Valentine's holiday with Ryder and Scot. We ended our month of love on a good note today at church as we discussed the 5 Love Languages, written by Gary Chapman. I found out that I use the #1 language: "Words of Affirmation" which just means that I show love by words, telling people that I love them, and in turn I like to be told that I am loved as a sign of affirmation. In turn, we discovered that Scot falls under the #5 category: "Acts of Service" meaning that he would rather me do a load of laundry without being asked, or to get down on all fours and give the shower and tile a good scrub down rather than telling him that I love him. We learned that there are many ways people show love and as a result there are many ways that people want to be shown love in return. Because of this, we need to make it a goal in our marriage to find out what language of love we speak, and try to make it a point to "speak" that language everyday. I am definitely ready for March now, as Scot and I both have upcoming birthdays!! We are 11 years apart, and 11 days apart. Isn't that funny? We also got married on the 21st, and Ryder's initial due date was on the 21st, which just means that we have a lot of "1's" in our dates. I think I was rambling just a second ago, but anyways, I hope that your weekend was great! From seeing in the news all the floods that the northeast is getting, and the earthquakes in Chile, it has been one crazy year for weather already! We continue to keep everyone in our prayers as we continue this year, and hope for a safe season. Maybe there's some truth to this El Nino afterall!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Goose gets a Goose Egg

When I was dressing Ryder this morning, I should have known better than to put him in his boots to wear to daycare. I almost changed his shoes but thought that since it was going to be a cold, windy day that he would be better off wearing his boots and fleece pants.. We dropped Ryder off at "school" and went to the gym, not thinking anything else of it. That was until I got a call from Ms Jenny, Ryder's teacher, once I had gotten to work, which when I see her name come up on my caller ID, it's never a good thing! She informed me that Ryder had taken a fall when he tripped on the carpet wearing the boots that I shouldn't have let him wear in the first place, and had a big GOOSE EGG! As I could hear screaming in the background, I asked her how he was doing, and she said that she would send me a picture of him to see if I wanted to pick him up, or if I was concerned. I told her that he had fallen down plenty of times before, and she assured me that it was a good sign that there was a goose egg rather than it going in, which could lead to a concussion. These were the pictures that I received while I was at work..

After I saw the second one and realized he seemed okay, I told her to keep an eye on him and to try to ice it as much as she could, and that I had talked to Scot and he said he would try to pick Ryder up early. It was kind of cool to get a picture from daycare, and just goes to show thats the world we live in today! Good ole' Technology. Ryder seems to be doing fine, now that I am back at home, and we just laid him down to bed for the night. It has been another long day, as I was worrying about him for most of the day, and I was glad to see that he is fine. I'm glad that God made us so durable, he must have known that we were going to be clumsy and fall down, so he added extra padding haha.
Speaking of my little goose and his goose egg, I also received a very special package in the mail from Scot's Aunt! Inside were a few more pages to add to my scrapbook, complete with even a goose page! I was so happy when I saw it and can't wait to start adding to my scrapbook. Thank you Aunt Sandi, it means the world to me and I can't wait to show Ryder all of the pages that I have done so far.
I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, and we are hoping that we will enjoy the weekend with no arguments! We attended our weekly church Life Group last night where we had a discussion on Communication. Funny that the one Sunday we actually needed to attend was the one that we missed while we were in the mountains, fighting because we hadn't communicated well. I am blessed to have the friends that we have made in our Life Group and look forward to seeing them each week, and reconnecting. Well, I hope that everyone else has had a good week so far and we'll talk to you soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quick Little Get-Away

Sunday morning, Scot and I woke up and decided to go for a quick get-away for the day, to the North Carolina mountains. One of the advantages of living where we do, is that we are only a short drive to both the mountains and the beaches, so we get the best of both worlds! We decided to skip church because we were still tired from the weekend, and we wanted to sleep in as long as we could, or as long as Ryder would allow. By 9am, we hit the roads and headed towards Blowing Rock with both the baby and the yorkie along for the ride.

As we neared our destination, we could see the snow on the tops of the mountains, and it was something neither Scot nor I had anticipated. Once we arrived in Blowing Rock, we headed over to the shopping area and thought that we would park and walk along the sidewalks. It was a good idea at first, but once we headed that way, we realized that the roads had all been cleared of the snow, but not all of the sidewalks. While looking for a place to park, we saw a few signs along the sidewalks that posted "no pets allowed past this point" which meant that this town wasn't "pet friendly". We also learned that the stores weren't open until noon, and we started to second guess our decision on skipping church, and wondered if we should have just stayed back at home and gone for a hike somewhere closer. We did checkout the Blue Ridge Parkway, to get the scenic tour while we were in the area, but there were a few sections that were blocked off due to the bad road conditions, so we decided to head back onto the heavier populated highway instead. Before heading back, we did pullover at one of the stops, and took a few quick pictures, and let Ryder and Tucker out of the car to explore. The weird thing was that it was actually warm out, the sun was beaming down on us, even though there was at least 10 inches of snow on the ground! Ryder had a ball walking in his regular shoes and not being all bundled up like before. He loved being able to crunch down on the slushy snow that had started to melt, and he could walk much better in the snow this way. Tucker was having a great time sniffing everything with that Terrier nose of his, and he had to mark his territory in every millimeter of a mile that he saw just in case he missed a spot!
After our detour, Scot decided that we should travel further north and check out a different town, grabbing lunch on the way. As soon as we passed this roadside BBQ place, we knew it was the kind of place we both had in mind. With Tucker safe in the car, we went in to check out the BBQ joint that our noses had lead us to. We both ordered the shredded pork plate with two sides and texas toast, and a kids lunch for Ryder. He started out in a great mood, being very flirty with our waitress, and talking to everyone that he saw. Ryder is turning out to be quite the entertainer, but as soon as our meal came out, he started getting really fussy, and we ended up getting most of our "much-too-big-of-a-portion-to-finish" to go. Turns out Ryder was teething, which explains why he was soo fussy. Poor guy was hungry but couldn't eat because his teeth hurt. I gave him a good dose of baby orajel and we headed out, on our mission to find a town called "Little Switzerland".

This was Ryder and I coloring a Mickey Mouse picture for Grammy & Grampa, as Ryder pointed to the boar on the wall and was saying "Dog Dog". I just love this little man of mine, and I think it's so funny right now when he does that! I always try to tell him what it is he is actually referring to, but nevertheless, at least he associates "dog" as an animal.

I will say for the record, from now on, I will make sure that we have a better plan when travelling with the dog and the baby, because after an hour of driving up and down winding country mountain roads, ears popping, baby crying, and Tucker getting restless in my lap, I was getting more nauseaus by the minute, and I'm sure the complaining I was doing wasn't helping the situation any. At this point, I didn't care WHERE we ended up, I just wanted to get there! Again, Scot if you are reading this, I am sorry that I was complaining so much and I do appreciate the fact that you wanted to take us on a short get-away for the day. We did finally reach Little Switzerland only to find that there was only one hotel in the town, and there were only three stores that didn't open until Good Friday. We did park at the post office and got out to take this picture of a Christmas tree Farm. It was cool to see so many baby Christmas trees growing, getting ready to make someone's Christmas special one day.

A lesson was learned from all of this, and that is that from now on we will check first before heading out on a day trip get-away, and we will check to make sure the town we are visiting allows dogs. I guess we are a bit spoiled being able to take Tucker to most of the places around our town that we want, but I do understand there are people out there who don't love animals like we do. I think that after seeing all this snow again for the 5th consecutive weekend, I can 100% tell you that .... I. Am. Over. Winter. Weather!!

It was a quick little get-away that wasn't quite what we had in mind, but there will be many more to make up for it one day. We did get back home safely last night, and after a long day at work today, we settled in to watch the Bachelor Tell All episode. I'm not sure if any of you have been following this season of the Bachelor, but we are fans of Tenley. Well.. I go back and forth between she and Vienna, but as of lately I am leaning towards Tenley. This was the first season of the Bachelor that I have watched in awhile, and just so happened to get Scot sucked into watching it with me. Now that's true love haha! I can't wait to find out who Jake chooses next week, but it does make me realize how lucky I am to have my prince charming, and that I'm not one of those lonely girls out there looking for love.

Happy Monday everyone and I hope that you're having a good week so far!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday to Celebrate

Hey everyone!!
Today is the first day in a very very long time that it feels like Spring is in the air, and that makes me very HAPPY! We got out this morning and went to Ryder's favorite store, Target, to find a few things and get groceries while we were there too. I am learning that Target is not my friend when it comes to running in for a "few things" because we always manage to spend more than we planned. They just make it so darned easy with everything you need in one easy location. We did manage to get in and out with less damage than we have in the past, and I even got a few of the Easter items on my list that I wanted to get for Ryder. Can you believe March is right around the corner already?? People always told me after you have children time flew by even faster, but I had no idea it would fly this fast!

Saturday's are my favorite day of the week no matter what season because I know that I get one more day to relax before going back to work. Our computers went down at work this past Tuesday afternoon and we weren't able to get them back up until late in the day on Wednesday. For a chartless dental office, you can imagine the frustrations this caused, and I am exhausted from it all still. I keep feeling like I have forgotten to post a transaction, or check something from a treatment plan. How did this society ever run without computers and technology?? It was all I could do not to want to run home screaming and call it a night, but we still ended up attending our Life Group on Wednesday night. At first Scot and I didn't think the message would relate much to us because it was about finding love for Singles, but once we got there, I was happy that we went because we learned that you must find happiness and love with God, and be certain in the relationship you have with him first, before you can fully be happy in another relationship. I look back at all of my relationships and I can honestly say this is so true. When I met Scot this was the case because he led me back to my faith and made me want to find the relationship with God that I once had as a youth. I am so happy that we have a church home and a group of other couples that we have started to lean on in our Life Group.

Since my stepdad's birthday was on Thursday, we decided to celebrate tonight since we were already attending my stepbrother's wedding reception. We are so proud of Matt and Jordan, for taking the next step and getting married, so that their family is now complete. If I could offer any advice I would tell them that marrige is a wonderful thing, but it does take work and dedication to make it flow. Even though Scot and I will only be celebrating our third anniversary this year, we have learned a lot in that time, and even though there are times we disagree, we always find a way to compromise in the end. It was good to see everyone and I think the babies had a good time visiting one another too!

Jeff, Matt, and my mom holding Mady

Ryder helps Matt and Jordan open their wedding gifts

If they could talk they'd say "Hey cuz'
When it comes to babies and children, my mom is always in the center of them because she loves them so much. This is probably why I love children so much, and always loved when we watched the babies in our church nursery growing up, or babysitting for neighbors kids. This was the case today too, as the babies rallied around the living room. Even though no one was really looking in this picture, I still like it because of all the babies playing.

Scot even took a turn and got down on the floor to play with his niece Madelyn

Mady is such a pretty girl and has grown so much since the last time we saw her! It makes me want another one (Not anytime this year..don't worry!) because I miss Ryder being so small. He's like a big bundle of toddler now, ready to destroy anything in his path haha.

After the reception party, we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, On the Border, to celebrate Jeff's birthday. Ryder was content, surprisingly, as it was 7pm and I knew he would start to get fussy since his bedtime was approaching. He colored with Pawpaw for awhile and then chowed down on his cheeseburger, extra ketchup of course! He even ate beans and rice, delicious combo, but we just try to get what we can in him sometimes, so if it's rice and cheeseburgers, so be it! What's better than a mexican meal than to top it all off with a sundae?
Ryder even helped with the sundae.
Speaking of Ryder, he did turn 15 months old this past week!
I haven't done the best at keeping up each month, after he turned a year old, but I did want to mention that he is:
Wearing size 4 diapers still
words he says now:
Dog(and when we ask what the dog says he says "Woof Woof Woof") Duck, Mama, Dada, Banana, Truck (and he makes the vrmmm sound as he moves his little chuck trucks around) shoes, Goose, More, (sometimes it sounds like "I Want More") Up, No, Cheese, and Baby just to name a few. It is unreal at how much he has said in the past month, and he learns more each day. We love our little Goose so much and just wanted to remember his "month-birthday" too!
And I couldn't leave without posting a picture of Scot and I. Don't you love my "can't show my teeth, but I'll flash you a smile of my big lips anyway" cheesy pose? haha.. gotta love it!
Well I hope ya'll are having a great weekend too!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend- Part 2

We managed to pick Ryder up from my parents house on Saturday with no problems driving in the snow. I was afraid that the roads would be icy from all the snow, but we were lucky that it was a sunny day and melted most of it. Even though Scot and I enjoyed our romantic night together, I was very anxious to see my little man. They had a great time playing with him, and they took him in the snow Saturday morning before we got there, which made for a very happy boy! Once we got home and got settled, we spent the rest of the day just hanging out and spending time together, something I have learned to cherish, as the days are long but the years seem so short!
Sunday morning, we all woke up and I had a surprise or two up my sleeve. I had planned to make the Valentine's heart cookies that were in my last issue of Southern Living, but as I was getting the ingredients at the store a few weeks ago, I happened to see a heart shaped cake mold, and thought it would be a perfect idea to make Scot his favorite cake in too! I went into the kitchen while Scot and Ryder were watching cartoons, and I started whipping away! It wasn't long before they both came into the kitchen to see what I was doing, and Scot and his belly were both happy to see the surprise. Once I had the cookie dough rolled out, I had Ryder help me to make hearts with the cookie cutter. He seemed to love this part and knew to hold it down without much assistance. These cookies were definitely made with LOVE!!
These were the finished desserts.. YUM! The cake could have looked better, but I didn't realize at the time that I wasn't supposed to fill the cake mold as full as I did, but thank goodness I put a baking sheet under it so that it caught all of the excess without running into the bottom of the oven. That would have been a HUGE mess! I let them both cool down before icing them, and in the meantime, we went to the living room to let Ryder open all of his Valentine's Day goodies.
In his bag of goodies were a sesame street Elmo telephone that talked, a Love monkey, a few books, and a card. This boy LOVES his "Goosie" though, so I don't think the monkey will replace her just yet. He won't even put her down when he eats in his highchair, but I think it's sweet that he loves her so much, since he is my little goose afterall. (don't mind the pile of laundry that was in the background, as we were about to throw a load in before we went to eat lunch and it just happened to get in the picture haha)We headed to Cozumel for some yummy mexican lunch, and we were happy to have a buy one get one free deal which made it all the more yummier! Ryder definitely loves some Mexican food, and was already digging into the tortilla chips. If only he had some ketchup....
My very happy little Valentine. And yes, he did still have a chip in his hand from lunch. We have noticed this seems to be his routine lately. Eat lunch, bring leftovers to snack on for later. He just wants to hold it, but isn't so interested in eating it, and one in each hand is even better! After lunch we went to Blockbuster to rent Madagascar, and then headed home for the day.

Valentine's diapers from Nana & Pawpaw... check!
Madagascar to watch later... check!
Learning to surf like daddy...priceless!
It was such a pretty day out that we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I was fine with getting some excercise too after all the treats we had been having this weekend! Even though there was still snow on the ground, the sun was bright enough to keep us warm. This was definitely one of my best Valentine's Days that I can ever remember.

Once we got back from our walk, it was time to decorate our cookies. It wasn't as easy as the pictures showed in the magazine, so I just tried to drizzle the icing on with a spoon. Maybe if I had had the proper icing utensils it would have been easier, but they were still good, all the same! Ryder definitely loved them, but after one, we decided he had had enough sugar! (and no, he doesn't usually eat like this, we were just letting him undulge for the day since it was Valentine's day.)

Another happy boy with his Valentine's cookies. It will be hard to beat this Valentine's Day next year, as I will always remember this year as one of the best ones that I had. It truly was a great weekend with my loved ones, complete with snow! I love you Scot :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend Fun- Part One

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we kick started the week with many Valentine's Day themed activities. Ryder had a party on Friday that we had to prepare for, so on Wednesday I laid out the cards and stickers for all of his classmates and "girlfriends", and let him help me decorate. I don't think he cared much about helping other than spreading the cards out all over the table and scattering them all over the place, watching them fall to the floor. It was still fun to participate in planning for his party, as it was one of the things I had always invisioned when I was pregnant with him. All the fun I would have as he got old enough to do these things with.

It's hard to believe how fast this past year has gone, and I looked back at this post a year ago to see our Valentine's day then. Now Ryder is such a big boy, helping to make valentine's day cards and what a difference a year makes! We have a lot more planned for the weekend with him, as we begin our holiday traditions as a family together.
Our plans to have Scot's aunt, uncle, and cousin for the weekend came to a halt when the weather turned from bad to worse. The entire eastern region has been hit pretty hard with winter weather, and it just wasn't a safe decision to drive in such conditions from New Hampshire to North Carolina. We were sad to get the news on Thursday that they wouldn't be able to come, but we know that we will plan for a better time soon! I couldn't believe it when I heard on the news Friday morning that even Alabama and Texas of all places were getting hit with snow and ice too! That's unheard of! This really is the storm of the century, and it looks like the Farmer's almanac predicted right when it said we would get at least 6 snow storms this winter!

Since plans changed, Scot made reservations for dinner Friday night at a Tapas-style restaurant, as my parents planned to keep Ryder for the night. I went to work as usual, but when I arrived at work, a co-worker asked me if I had seen the forecast that said we were expected to get snow. I laughed it off and said that was crazy, and that if it did snow, it probably wouldn't stick. Well.. I was later proven wrong when it started falling around 4pm. What IS it about the past 3 Fridays in a row and SNOW?? Weird.. anyways, by the time I had driven just 15 miles north to our home, it was night and day in the difference in the amount of snow that had fallen, so we decided that it would be safer to go out to eat somewhere in town instead. Luckily Scot had already dropped Ryder off with my parents earlier in the day, before the snow had started to fall. I couldn't imagine two years in a row of changed Valentine's Day plans, but it just meant that it didn't matter HOW I was spending my Valentine's Day, as long as it was with Scot.

This was what I came home to and saw on the kitchen table.. looks like I have a romantic husband afterall.. haha (oh and he threw in Ryder's valentines cards too)
A romantic night planned with the love of my life was just what I needed!
I had gotten the signature Hallmark cards for Scot, but added my own twist this year. I made a homeade heart card with 37 reasons why I fell in love with Scot. Cheesy I know, but that's who I am haha (and hopefully part of the reason he loves me!)
This was after we arrived to Jeffrey's to eat. (AKA BEST Filet Mignon EVER!!) It was just a mile or two away from home so we knew the drive wouldn't be bad. I thought the snow made the night even more romantic, and we had a private booth by the window where we could watch as the snow fell. We shared a crabcake with homeade remoulade sauce, and then we both got the Valentine's day special: "Chateaubriand with bernaise sauce" ahh.. heavenly! complete with two glasses of champagne. I can't think of a more romantic night with Scot that I've ever had, and I was so happy that we were able to have this time together, despite all of the change of plans. Once we got home, we ate a few pieces of chocolate and fell asleep watching Couples Retreat. I guess you can take a couple with a one year old out on a date, but you can't take the fact that we have a one year old out of the couple. I slept like a log and when I woke up this morning, this was what I saw in the backyard! I woke up feeling blessed to have a husband like Scot, and I loved our romantic night last night, and it all worked out in the end. Now I'm just wondering how we are going to be picking Ryder up in all this snow!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super weekend

We finished our Saturday afternoon by spending it at Imaginon, a free library uptown Charlotte that features plays, puppet shows, music, and more. I had heard about it online from other parents, and thought that it would be a good day to try it out. Our only concern was parking, but we were happy to find free parking on the lower deck. Scot and I realized how much we missed the uptown Charlotte area and how much bigger it seemed to be getting, with so much more to do! I really love living in our Lake Norman bubble, but it's great to venture out to the city every once in awhile too. That's one of the great things about not living far from a big city. Ryder was snuggling his "Goosie" and was ready for an adventure too!
Scot and Ryder outside the center, once we arrived

When we walked inside, we couldn't believe how big it was, at least 4 stories high with so much to look at! Since it was our first time, we weren't sure where to go, but there were many booths and sections for every child's age. There was even a huge hanging piece of art with eclectic things like bicycle wheels and macaroni noodles hooked together with a sorceror's hat, to challenge the imagination, that was hanging in the middle of the lobby. Ryder was very fascinated with this, and we spent a few minutes standing under it so that he could look up at the display. We eventually found the baby and toddler area where they had so many cute books designated to their age. We found this play area too, where Ryder was very happy and met a few friends. I would love to take him again as he gets older because there was so much to do, and it was all FREE! They even had movies playing on big screens for the kids, and the best part of the whole library was that it was all for children!

Afterwards we headed home and made the first of the meals on my menu: Steak and au gratin potatoes with a Fall salad mix with pears and pecans. Oh, and a glass of red wine to top off the meal too! Yummy!! It was so good and it was fun to make dinner together too. I also displayed my new bowl that Ryder helped make back in October. You may remember when I went to the paint studio a few months ago to make a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. Well, at the time I also started making a bowl for myself, but just never got around to going back and finishing it. Three months later, I decided it was finally time to finish it, so I went back a few weeks ago and this is the finished bowl. I LOVE IT!! The inside is cherry red and it gives color to our kitchen. Did I mention that I LOVE it!

SuperBowl Sunday rolled around and since Ryder and I weren't feeling very well, I just knew we wouldn't make it through a service at church today without Ryder's number popping up on the screen. (If your child is screaming and they can't calm them down, your child's number appears on the screen to go get.. just wanted to clarify that in case ya'll were wondering what I was talking about.) We finally got dressed in our black and gold colors to represent 'Nawlins Saints. Scot wanted to pull for them because he is such a big New England Patriots fan, and the colts are their big rival. We also pulled for New Orleans because we thought it was cool that it was their first time at the SuperBowl, and they were the underdogs. We got wings and chicken tenders from Sports Page, and then we spent the rest of the day hanging out watching the game.

Ryder didn't care for the chicken tenders, but he was all over the chips! We have recently discovered his LOVE for ketchup. Ketchup is a staple in the Gelinas household, as we love to dip everything in it. Ranch would be a close second for me, but apparantly Ryder has found our Ketchup passion, and has started dipping EVERYTHING into it! He was trying to dip his chips into it here, silly boy!

Scot was loving his wings too! I got sleepy after putting Ryder to bed, so by halftime I was done for the night. I know, it's pretty sad the way we get so tired around here anymore. Where did the days of staying up until 3 am go?? Anyways, we were happy to wake up and find out that the Saints won. We had a great weekend, even though we were sick, and we are recovering from our colds today. I'm looking forward to our busy week ahead which include Life Group, Ryder's Valentine's party at daycare, making Valentine's cookies, Valentine's Day, and a visit from Scot's aunt, uncle, and cousin. We hope everyone had a SUPER weekend too!