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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday Everyone!

Scot and I had to serve at church this morning, which was probably a good thing because it was the only thing motivating either of us to get there this morning due to many things. For one, I am still in a lot of pain from my surgery, mostly from the huge 8 ulcers I have on the entire right side of the inside of my mouth. I am hurting more today than I have since I had the sugery which I don't understand because I hurt each surgery before this one, and just thought this time would be different. I'm starting to get really frustrated with all of it and I just want to heal quickly so it will all be past me. I sound like a broken record when I say "it HURTS" but it really does and I am SO over it!

Secondly, Scot was a little tired and grumpy as well, probably from dealing with two babies over the weekend, so I don't blame him for it one bit. I prayed on the way to church that I would feel better, or at least to get through my serving duties of checking in all of the kids in kidstreet, and I also prayed that Ryder would behave during the service so that we wouldn't have to pick him up from the nursery. We had enough to deal with as it was, and didn't need the added stress of handling a fussy toddler. Once we got to church I started to relax and feel a little better, so my prayers must have worked. Kidstreet, which is the area all of the kids go to have sunday school, was decorated with hanging easter eggs and crosses in bright colors, so Ryder was very fascinated with all of them, and seemed to be in a really good mood. I was relieved and we went ahead and dropped him off at the nursery so that he could go ahead and get all of his cries out before the other babies came in. This must have worked because we both made it through serving, and got to enjoy listening to the Palm Sunday sermon.

It was a wonderful sermon, learning about Jesus, and why God sent his own son to die for all of our sins. We interpreted a few verses in Romans 3:21-26 of why God could send his own son to die for our sins. I can't fathom that God loved us so much that he would do that for us, but I am very grateful to Him and I strive to be a better christian because of this. I really take for granted most of the time what a gracious thing God did for me, and he knew that we would sin once again, so he sent Jesus to die for us to serve Justice for all of the sins in the world. I hope that one day Ryder truly honors what Easter means to him, and learns to love Jesus the way Scot and I do. We can only hope for this and will do everything we can to teach Ryder about the love God has for him.

Speaking of Easter, we have had a busy but relaxing weekend in preparation for our trip to Florida to see Scot's parents. Since I'm working every day this week before we leave Friday afternoon, there was a lot to organize and pack, and not much time to do so other than this weekend. We are all very excited about seeing "Grammy" and "Grampa" and I know that it will be a wonderful Easter as well. Ryder even has his own suitcase full of more clothes than he will probably even need, but you can never have too many clothes when it comes to a messy toddler!

Mommy's suitcase: Check!

Daddy's suitcase: Check!
Ryder's suitcase: Check!

Lots of sunscreen to keep us from burning in the Florida sun: Check!

And we can't forget Ryder's animal cracker snacks for the ride down: Check!

It has been another long week, and I think we are all ready for our vacation! Friday we had Italian night and Ryder really digged in! We try to offer him whatever it is that we are having for dinner but sometimes this is easier said than done. We just want to make sure that he gets all of the good things in that he needs too. Who would have thought my good little puree'd-pea-eating-baby would turn into such a picky toodler. At least it was whole wheat pasta he was eating, and he did devour his container of diced carrots, so I was happy for that!

I also wanted to show off Ryder's picaso art piece: The Cat in the Hat
We have a box we are keeping in the attic that we have been collecting all of Ryder's paintings and art work that he makes for us in daycare. I am very sentimental to all of it, and want to make a collage of it someday.

On a different note: When we got home from church, since the weather forecast was cold and rainy all day, we watched The Blindside today and it was wonderful! I would recommend it to everyone, and I'm not surprised that Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role in it. Ryder was so good and even watched most of it with us. However, we did have a slight setback during the movie when the rain turned to hail!

One minute it was pouring rain and had started to thunder and lightening, and the next minute we heard an eerie sound that made my heart stop. I was convinced that we were about to be caught in a tornado, so while Scot held Tucker, I grabbed Ryder, and I suggested we all hide in one of our closets downstairs. I had never witnessed a hail storm, so I wasn't quite prepared for what to do in such a situation. Scot remained calm, and we just watched the quarter-sized chunks fall from the sky, making sure that we didn't stand too close to any of the windows. My main concern, once I realized it was only a hailstorm and not a tornado, was to grab the camera for evidence later, in case we had any hail damage to our house or the Jeep. Once the hail had stopped, I ran outside to snap a few pictures. I also wanted to get a picture of my new front license plate that Scot had ordered for my birthday.
This was the front yard and if you look close you can see the hail
And here is a closer view of the hail. Of course when you are inside your house, listening to it clammer on top of the roof, and fall from the sky outside your window, it sounded much worse, as if it were basesballs bouncing around outside. It also didn't help when we watched from our living room window and saw our neighbor's roof covered in ice chunks from our back yard.
And this was our front door mat. I wish we had thought to grab the camera as the hail first started to fall, but we were more concerned with our safety than capturing the event on film.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and I will be posting more soon with our upcoming Easter preparations.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Birthday to Remember

I wasn't thrilled about turning 27 years old yesterday, but by the time my birthday rolled around, I had barely given it a second thought. It probably had more to do with the fact that it fell on a Thursday and the fact that it had been a busy week full of "Life" goings-ons, that I just didn't have the time to sit and mope around about the fact that my birthday was coming. I have been doing much better after my dental surgery than I have in the past, but I am much more swollen and sore today than I have been this week. It probably had something to do with the fact that I just haven't taken, or had the time to rest like I needed to, but it's hard to do when you're a Full-time working mommy. I'm happy to be DONE with all of the surgery part of the treatment, but for future reference for me to look back on ... IT HURTS. I know that Scot is tired of hearing me whine about it since it is adding more stress to our marriage financially and emotionally and physically, but soon it will all be done and I will have a beautiful smile to show off, something that I have always wanted.

I was more than excited however when I arrived to work and was greeted by this:

My co-workers had surprised me with a yummy birthday brunch complete with french toast, breakfast casserole, sausage links, and even a homeade Red Velvet cake, my fave! This was a day to throw out calorie counting. Everyone was so sweet and thoughtful to make my birthday truly special. Thank you everyone!!
My birthday was going along great and I was actually starting to think that 27 wasn't so bad afterall. I wanted to have my birthday dinner at a Japaneese hibachi place nearby, so we made plans to meet everyone at Sushi @ the lake. Growing up, it always seemed that my family celebrated birthdays on our "actual" birthday no matter what day of the week it was, something that Scot wasn't as used to doing until he met me. He is set in his ways and likes to spend Holidays and Birthdays on the weekends when he doesn't work, so that he can enjoy them more. This is always a debate in our house, as we view it differently, but since I had just had my dental surgery, and we all had a busy work week so far, I probably should have listened to him and just done it on a different night. At the time, I was feeling fine and I was thinking it would have been better to do on Thurday since I wanted to do a good packing job for our upcoming trip to Florida on the weekend. Little did I know Ryder would behave like a typical hungry, fussy, teething, fever-having, little monster and wouldn't want to eat. This caused for extra stress and Scot was already exhasted from the long work week he had been having. The food and the company was still wonderful, and I was very happy that my family came out to celebrate with me.
Scot and Jeff hanging out. I am so blessed that they get along as well as they do. They both have a passion for sports and can spend all night talking!
While waiting for our dinner, I took Ryder to see the "wa wa" and the "feeesh" as he calls them. It seemed to calm him down for a short time at least!
Even "uncle doodad" (silly nickname we have for Eric) gave it a try at soothing Ryder. My brother and his wife Tori surprise me at how awesome they are with kids and they love Ryder so much I just know they will make wonderful parents one day!
Eric & I hanging out, and I'm not sure why I didn't get a picture of Tori too (sorry Tori, still love you though!!) I am fortunate to have them both in my life and I LOVE the beautiful earrings they gave me.
This was a good picture of Mom (you look very pretty!) but not lovin' it so much of me and my weird expression haha. Thank you guys for all that you have done and for making my birthday so special. I love you!
After dinner it was time to cut into my YUMMY Strawberry cake. I was still not counting calories at this point since I had already had Red Velvet cake earlier haha.
Happy 27 to me.. and I made sure to make the wish count!
I was greeted by beautiful flowers, birthday cards, and a gift from my "boys" when I walked in the door.
Once we got home I was sad when I realized I hadn't had anyone take a picture of Scot and I either, so we tried our best to take one together. Tired, full, and sore we were ready to call it a night. When we were grocery shopping the other day, I mentioned how much I loved these adirondack chairs in robins egg blue we had seen, and how pretty they would look on our back patio. He remembered this and to surprise me, he had our chairs setup in the living room to surprise me with, but Ryder ruined the surprise when he came bumping the walls as he entered the room with his own mini version! I think at this point Scot and I were so tired that it only took that to set him over the edge. I do love my birthday chairs and they will look great on our back patio and I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here so we can use them. I'm sorry that we ended up having an argument afterwards which put a damper on my birthday, but I know that the devil strikes at times like this to take away any happiness we may have in our lives. I never knew the stresses of being a wife and a mother and working long hours and having financial burdens and dental surgeries and gas bills and long weeks at work could cause such small things to turn into an argument, but that's LIFE! I was also very hurt and disappointed when my dad did not acknowledge my birthday, which made me sad and I started to cry. I felt like my birthday had been ruined, not to mention I was beginning to ache and show signs of swelling from my oral surgery. Scot and I went to bed mad at one another, but during the middle of the night we did talk (because we can never stay mad at each other that long) and we summed the night up to being exhausted from life in general. I did have a great birthday and it can only get better! Next year we won't have the dental surgeries and the "terrible toddler" and we will learn a lesson from all of this and hopefully celebrate birthdays on weekends from now on. Have a good night everyone!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Weekend...Another Surgery

I thought that I had posted something from this past weekend, but apparantly I forgot all about it! I will be turning 27 this week, and I think "old-age" is starting to set in already. Not that I think 27 is so old, it's just that in my mind this was the age that I would turn and life would go downhill from then on. Gone are the teen years for making mistakes. Gone are the early twenties of turning 21 and experiencing going to a bar and ordering a drink for the first time..enjoying the single life (Not that this is such a great thing either.. just saying it was a time in my life that I experienced) And now Gone are the days of my mid-twenties, strong-minded and ready to conquer anything attitude. In it's place I have welcomed wifelyhood and motherhood and traded in my party days of staying up until the wee hours of the night, for the wee hours of running upstairs to check in on Ryder when he gets up during the night. I don't mind the trade at all, and am quite happy at how my little life has turned out. As a child I always wanted to get married and have a baby and to be settled, and I just pictured myself doing these things by the time I turned 25. It did in fact happen this way, and I also pictured the age of 27 as the first year I could think of as being "old". We will see if I still feel this way on Thursday, but until then I did want to catch ya'll up on a few things going on around here.

We did get to enjoy a very nice weekend together this past Saturday, as my mom and stepdad offered to babysit Ryder so that we could have a Date Night. I live for those nights where Scot and I can actually sit and enjoy a meal together and have an adult conversation. I am very blessed to have this opportunity often, and I know there are a lot of moms out there that don't get this chance as much, so I feel very fortunate. Before we met my parents, we did get to take Ryder downtown Mooresville with us for a very special treat.

We wanted to get a sled for him from an old hardware store that is still open and running. Scot remembers being a little boy himself when his dad took him to one similar to this, and he remembered loving it, so he wanted to take Ryder too. It was cool to see some of the things that were still on the shelves, like old cans containing weird items, old bicycle parts, and screws that you weighed by the pound with an old-timey scale. They had a lot of Radio Flyer wagons and baby toys, but they were well over $75 and we just didnt't want to spend that on a wagon. The owner was there and we even got a tour of the backside where they had been storing the sleds. It was one of the only places in town that you could find a sled back when we got so much snow, so we wanted to see if they still had any. We were in luck! We ended up getting two since they were just $6 each, to have in case we got any snow this coming winter. I think Ryder enjoyed them in the house just as well, and didn't even seem to mind carrying them. I couldn't believe he could pick one up, but was shocked when I came in the livingroom and saw that he had both in his hands haha. Scot and I ended up going to On the Border and ordered their Fajitas which were to die for! I think Mexican is one of our favorite meals and we couldn't have asked for a better dinner. Afterwards we went to the mall to do a little birthday shopping for our upcoming Easter vacation to see Scot's mom and dad. We did find a lot of cute spring/summer clothes with our birthday money and can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can start wearing some of it! I can't believe that Easter will be here in just a week or so, and we are very anxious about our trip to Florida. "Grammy" & "Grampa" have so much planned for Ryder and are very excited to see him as well. It will be a great trip for all of us and we are counting down the days!

The sad thing was that it was only 9 o'clock when we left the mall, but we were both so exhausted that all we wanted to do was get home and go to bed. Yep.. looks like 27 is sounding older and older haha. I wanted to take advantage of sleep while we could, and since we were serving at church Sunday I didn't want to miss out on a full nights rest. It was nice to go to church Sunday and not have to worry about Ryder crying and having his name come up on the screen as it always does. We did miss him a lot though, and were very happy to see him when my mom met us around noon. He was mad at us though, and didn't want to come to either one of us when we tried to pry him from my mom's arms. This made her happy though I think, but made me sad that he didn't want anything to do with me at first.

Well, the week is going by fast which is a good thing, but I was NOT looking forward to today. I had the last of my dental implant surgery this afternoon and this was a picture of me after I got home and got my prescription filled. I'm not nearly as swollen and the surgery was the lesser of the three, but it was NO PICNIC, let me tell ya! Unfortunately I decided in an effort to save money that I would undergo this last surgery without being sedated. I am not a patient who is scared of the dentist and I don't have any anxieties when it comes to the dentist at all. However, what I just went through, I can't imagine what someone with a fear of it must think, because God was the only thing that got me through it! I could feel the tugging and the scraping of bone and it sounded like a jackhammer was smashing against my skull. NOT. A. PRETTY. SOUND! It was a 2 hour surgery which wasn't bad compared to the other surgeries, but the last hour of being stitched up and tugged and prodded on was awful. Thank goodness I brought my ipod to listed to or I don't know if I would have lasted so long! It wouldn't have been as bad but the anesthetic wore off the last 30 minutes of being sewn back together, and then I had to pee, so I was going nuts trying not to think about either one haha. Well, all I can say is that even though the surgeon had to place a light bone graft to hold the implants in, it's all finished now and I can finally look ahead at what the end result will be. I know it's crazy to think, but in my almost 27 years, this will be the first time that I can eat corn on the cob, or bite into an apple, or chew food and not have to take a retainer or a partial in and out, and I can enjoy eating like most humans do. Wow.. I really am sounding old now. Maybe it's time to get a warm pair of slippers, a tube of icy hot to rub down my old hips, and a glass of metamucil and call it a day haha.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ryder turns 16 MONTHS!


I'll be honest. When Ryder turned one year old, I decided I wasn't going to blog each month as he turned another month old, but then I realized that I missed seeing each new change that he was going through and each milestone he was achieving, and wanted to start it again. At least until he is two, so that one day I can look back on, or compare if we ever have another baby. Well, that and my mom had been asking for more month-birthday posts. I tried taking a few pictures tonight to get his actual birthdate of the month in, but after Ryder grabbed his humidifier and dragged it down onto the carpet, he was not in the best mood when I took it away, as he wanted to play in the water, so these were the best shots of him I could get. It probably didn't help that I was trying to take his picture late at night before bed. I decided to use a better one we took on St Patrick's Day that I hadn't used on my post yesterday. This picture was taken yesterday but I will start taking a picture on his actual "birthday month" from now on too since the other two didn't turn out so well haha.

Today Ryder turned 16 months old which is HUGE! I never dreamed that he would be doing so many of the things that he does, and am so proud of what a big boy he is becoming.

  • Ryder is still wearing a size 4 diaper but needs a night one because his 4's are starting to fill quickly while he's sleeping.

  • Clothes are in 18-24 mo but it's harder to find his size, so we have been starting to let him wear 2T. It's still big on him, but works.

  • Favorite foods: Macaroni & cheese, bread, Pepperidge Farm "fish", bread, BabyYo yogurts, cubed carrots that we can only find at Wal-Mart, grilled cheese, cheese quesadilla's, bread..are you seeing a trend yet? My child likes bread and cheese haha. We try to offer him fruit and vegetables at each meal but he is going through a very picky stage right now!

  • Words Ryder can say: dog, cat, duck, cow, he makes the woof sound when asked what the dog says, and we think he makes the moo sound when we ask what the cow says. Truck, ball, baby, bread, water, more, shakes his head no when asked if he wants more, mommy, daddy, banana, nana, pawpaw, milk, juice, we think he is starting to try to say Tucker, no, shoes and he knows to sit at the foot of the stairs each morning when we get him dressed and to put his shoes on. Ryder says drop if something falls or he drops something, and his favorite lately is choo choo.

  • Favorite shows: Sesame Street and LOVES all of the dvd's that Grammy & Grampa have bought him, Yo Gabba Gabba on Nickelodeon, Chuggington on Disney, and we watch parts of Ratatouille every night as part of his bedtime ritual and it's a guaranteed way to soothe him or calm him if he's all wound up or upset.

Ryder has become such a good boy and starts to mimick everything that Scot and I do. He likes feeling like a big boy and will close doors to the bathroom or pantry because he has watched us so many times before. He also tries to close or push buttons on the dishwasher, and if he is nearby when loading laundry into the dryer, he is the first to run over and start holding his hands out for you to let him help throw the wet clothes in. Scot has a cleaner in training that's for sure!

He has his moments of toddler hood already where he pitches tantrums if he doesn't get his way. We have also witnessed the hair pulling and not wanting to share moods at different times when picking Ryder up from daycare. He is getting much easier to handle and sleeps through the night for the most part, although as of lately he has started waking up at odd times in the middle of the night and we end up letting him cry it out.

Ryder has only had 3 ear infections so far, and most were contributed to his teething. Right now he almost has all of his 2o teeth! He is finally starting to cut his lower canines and upper molars. We hear those are the worst, so we are hoping his teething is coming to an end. He weighs about 26 lbs right now and is in the 50th percentile for height so he's just an average babe which is fine with me, as long as he is healthy I don't care how short or tall he gets.

We love you Ryder David and can't wait to see all of the many other changes and milestones you will reach!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!

I hope that you all remembered to wear green today so that you don't get pinched! I don't know if it's the Irish in me or not, but I have always loved celebrating St. Patty's day for as long as I can remember. I got a special card in the mail today, from my dad's cousin Bonnie. It was a picture taken in Ireland of St. Bridget's Holy well, one of Ireland's only female saints. Seeing this made me start thinking about the Irish and how much I would love to visit one day! I have never been to Europe but have heard many stories from Scot and the time he backpacked for a month over there. He told me one of his favorite places was Ireland, and he even had the chance to surf at one of the beaches. It's a country that I would love to visit one day to learn about my heritage, see some of the prettiest countrysides, and eat some of the heartiest meals, maybe even try one of their famous beers.

I had to get a picture of Ryder this morning dressed in green, before heading to "school". He was having a St. Patrick's Day party at daycare and they wanted us to make sure he was wearing green. I think he fits the part for my little leprechaun well, don't you haha ???

After seeing Ryder's hair get so long we could hardly gel it up anymore, we realized it was time for another haircut! This was his second time having it done so he knew what to expect. When we took him in, it was like de ja vu again with the crying all the way there, snacks in both hands, except the crying didn't stop once we brought him inside this time, because he knew what to expect. He picked out his Taxi cab ride and I snapped this one before he started to make the big fuss. The hairdresser wasn't as good with kids as the one we had last time, so she wasn't as fast and as good at distracting him as last time, but I still think his hair turned out really cute. It will look good by Easter when he visits his Grammy & Grampa in Florida!

Afterwards we took Ryder to an outdoor shopping area near our house to take advantage of the warmer weather and blooming flowers. I had gotten Ryder a special St Patrick's Day shirt to wear but didn't want him to mess it up before he wore it, so I waited until after we picked him up from daycare to let him wear it. I thought he looked adorable in it with his new 'do! Scot forgot to wear green though, so he got plenty of pinches!

Hope you all had a Happy St Patty's Day too!

Funny to think that the real St Patrick wasn't really Irish, nor into the folklore that he is famous for today, but was actually a servant who was in Ireland and became a christian who spread God's word all over Ireland.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scot's Birthday Celebration Weekend

I can't believe that it's already Tuesday and I haven't finished my post about Scot's birthday yet! This just shows you how busy March has been for us so far! I'm also not used to working on Tuesdays, now that my day off during the week is on Wednesdays again for the time being until our associate Dentist comes back from maternity leave. With all this being said, I do think that Scot enjoyed his 38th birthday weekend!

Saturday we woke up to a sunny day with blue skies, so we wanted to take advantage of it while we could, so we went to Blythe Landing, one of Lake Norman's boating parks. There was a fishing tournament going on, so when we got there we were surprised at how many trucks were already there, since it was so early in the morning. Luckily all of the fishermen were already out on the lake, so it wasn't crowded along the lake shore where we wanted to go for a walk around. It was a perfect day to be out on the lake, but we didn't mind taking in the view from where we were either. Ryder loves the water and kept pointing to the lake and saying "wa wa" "wa wa".

Once we had made our way around the lake trail, we headed back towards the front of the park where there was a jungle gym. Ryder got antsy while riding in his car, and decided he wanted to be a bigshot and push the car himself. I do believe his "Terrible Two's" are starting to begin! He got bored with this too, but didn't want to ride either, so he threw himself down onto the parking lot and began to have a tantrum. I think he was sad that we were leaving the "wa wa" and didn't know that we were actually taking him to a playground.

His cries turned into smiles once we arrived at the playground, and he saw the swings and slides. We let him play on the monkey bars and couldn't believe he was big enough to hold onto the bars by himself. Where has my little baby goose gone??

There was no stopping this boy when he realized he had so much to play with!

With teething and an ear infection still in full force, he stayed content by keeping his paci in. We are trying to wean him off of it, but when times call for desperate measures, I'm not opposed to letting him have it if that's what soothes him. He went down the slide a few times until he was done and ready to explore the rest of the jungle gym. With all the fresh air and energy he had burned, Ryder was ready for his nap by the time we came back home. We were celebrating Scot's birthday on Saturday with my family, so we came home and rested so that we would all be in good moods by the time they got there.

My brother Eric, "uncle doodad" as we jokingly refer to him, came over first and helped Scot put his soft racks on our car. The two of them were happy to see one another, as it had been a few months, and catch up on life. I am so glad that they get along as well as they do, and think of one another as "brothers". Ryder was very happy to see my brother as well, and was in a very silly mood which made me relieved that his teething and earaches were almost gone finally! Scot decided that he wanted to have dinner at Lancaster's BBQ, since he had been craving ribs and bbq after we watched a show on Food Network of the top 100 food places to eat. Since we couldn't get the Memphis bbq that we saw on tv, we thought this would do just as well!

Good food, good company, and great laughs! Scot and my stepdad Jeff had a good time together as usual and were cracking jokes back and forth. The joke is that people always come to Scot and think that he is Dale Earnhart Jr. (plus the fact that we live in Mooresville aka "Race City USA" doesn't help!) I don't see it, but I think it's funny that people often mistake him for Dale Jr.

My sweet mom & I

After dinner, we all came back to the house for yummy birthday cake! Ryder loves when it's someone's birthday because he thinks it's funny to hear the "Happy Birthday" song. This time when he saw the cake, he recognized what it was and started saying "more more" because he knew that he wanted a piece too.

The birthday boy blew out his candles and we all dug in. I have realized that it's a lot easier to get a cake from a bakery than trying to make one myself right now. Maybe one day when we don't have a toddler running around getting into everything, I can attempt at baking cakes, but until then, the bakery cakes are yummy too!
Happy Birthday Scot!!
I love you and look forward to spending many more birthdays together.

We slept in, even though it didn't feel like it because of the time change, but when we woke up it was sunny outside which was the first in a long long time! Sunday was Scot's actual birthday so we spent most of the day being lazy and stayed in our pajamas. We did end up getting out all of our spring/summer clothes bins from the attic and switched most of the fall/winter things now that the warmer weather is approaching. I am soooo ready for warmer weather, but didn't want to put everything because I'm sure this isn't the end of winter just yet. While Scot and I were in our bedroom trying to do this, we could hear Ryder in the other room playing with his cars. After awhile we decided we should go check on him, and this was what we found!
Ryder had managed to pull himself up onto the entertainment stand and was playing with all of the remotes and Wii controllers! In our house this is a sin but Scot and I couldn't hide our laughs when we looked at Ryder. He knew he was in trouble and scurried off the table as fast as he could get down. He is so cute, even when he's getting into something he shouldn't be!

Once we had finished sorting all of our clothes, we went for a walk at none other than a GOOSE pond, near the hospital where Ryder was born. It always brings back memories when we are near this area, or driving past the exit we always say "There's where you were born Ryder". It was a sunny day but the wind was fierce, so we only made one lap around the pond. There were turtles sunbathing on the rocks, and lots of geese and ducks. They were just as happy to see the sun out as we were!
Ryder pointing to the pond and seeing the geese, he kept saying "DUCK DUCK" Water and ducks are two of his favorite things, which made for a very happy boy!

Later we went out to celebrate Scot's birthday by having dinner at Brickhouse tavern. The food was really good, and we all shared a piece of Scot's chocolate heaven birthday cake. I don't think it was a good weekend for counting my calories, but it was well worth it! I love you Scot and I hope that you had a wonderful Birthday! I am so blessed to have you in my life and am so proud at the husband and daddy that you have become. Happy Birthday!!