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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day with Laura Alison

Well Scot ended up taking Ryder to the Pediatrician's office on Monday, but it turns out it was nothing. Not that we like paying a $30 copay for a Dr to tell us "nothing is wrong with your child", but I do like hearing that my baby is fine. I guess that he still has some teething issues going on underneath the gums even though it looks like all of his teeth have erupted. Either that or he may have been experiencing "Spring time allergies", but Dr J said that he would have been coughing and sneezing at night, which he hasn't been doing, so that leads us to believe it's those darn baby teeth again! Ahhh.. my Ryder and I and all the teeth problems.. anyways it's my day off and I am enjoying my Wednesday so far.
  • Woke up at 5:30 this morning (which seems to be Ryder's awake time these days and there is nothing we haven't tried in hopes of having him sleep in later.)
  • Watched Dinosaur Train with Ryder while we had our coffee (for me) and oatmeal (for him) breakfast, then got him ready for "school". It has been a lot cooler this week so he had to wear pants instead of shorts since Scot and I think we were the ones that may have contributed to the cold by not dressing him appropriately enough last week, even though Dr J still didn't think he was sick. We are notorious for not watching the weather. Bad parents. Bad!
  • Dropped off my car at the Goodyear tire to get it inspected. In NC you must get your vehicle inspected each year as well as your tags renewed. It's a fun process that takes time out of your day, and in my case yesterday during my lunch break, when I was told my Jeep wouldn't pass inspection because of my tint. Living in NC does have it's advantages, like it's season changes and the mountain to beach ratio, but having your car inspected is NOT one of them! It's so annoying, and we go through it every year with Scot's car too since he has tint, but I guess that it's a prevention on the state's part to keep drug use and illegal activities on the highway to a minimum. So I thought taking it to a different place and by having a man with me this time that it would help to get in inspected, and it did. (stupid sexist mechanics)

  • Drove to Gold's Gym for a morning workout with Scot after dropping Ryder off at daycare. I am feeling disgusting lately with all of the bad eating I have been doing (no help to Scot suggesting sweet snacks for after dinner) and this was the first day this week that I had done any form of excercise, so I was feeling very unmotivated and very crabby. Thank goodness I do have a very motivated man in my life that will get me to the gym hell or highwater haha.

  • Finished some laundry around the house

  • Planted the Gerber daisies that my mom had brought over on Monday, and made sure to use lots of planting soil this time. After attempting to plant the bushes and flowers last time by myself, and not doing quite as well, Scot did take over and showed me a thing or two. This time I had a much better idea of what I was doing, and I planted my pretty little Gerber's all by myself!

  • Gave Tucker a bath and then groomed him

  • Finished my photo albums and put them away

  • Ordered my Blog to Book from 2009 and am anxious for it's arrival in a few weeks!

  • Gave myself a shower and got cleaned up so that I would be spring fresh by the time that Scot came home from work. I plan to pick Ryder up and then go for a walk or grab a loaf of bread and a dessert for Life Group tonight. I had a wonderful time with the ladies night we had on Monday night, and am fortunate to have other friends with children to share stories and gain advice from. The men of our Life Group are planning on getting together soon too, but they have decided to have a more action pack activity planned, and are going to play Frisbee Golf. It's a sport similar to golf but they use a disc instead of a golfball.. anyways I think that Scot will have fun with the guys and I'm glad that we have found other couples that share their love for God and influence us to be better people.

  • Other than that, my day will be pretty much done other than looking through my cookbooks to find some healthy and low calorie meals for this week and then we are meeting for our Life Group tonight to discuss the sermon from last Sunday. Nana and PawPaw will get their Ryder fix babysitting tonight since he's still a bit fussy and we didn't want to chance having a grumpy baby tonight. I'm happy that it's the middle of the week, and am anxious for the Kentucky Derby this weekend! We decided not to go this year because tickets and hotel fare alone were out of our budget, but maybe one day my dreams of experiencing the derby live will come true, but until then we will just watch it on the big screen and it's still just as fun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Much in a Weekend

These were all of our sweet Anniversary cards that I had displayed last week, since ya'll know how much I love my cards. We did end up going to Chilli's for dinner on our anniversary, which was fine since it fell in the middle of the week on a Wednesday and we didn't mind since we didn't have the funds to go downtown Charlotte this year anyways. We actually even brought Ryder with us because we hadn't planned on even going anywhere until last minute, so it was more of an impulse decision since neither of us felt like cooking. I could say that Ryder was being an angel that night, but I would be completely lying. Next year we will have better plans of actually having my parents watch him so we can enjoy a romantic date out somewhere.. but it was a memory still all the same, and it didn't matter what we did because it's more about still being in love with one another than where or what we actually do on an anniversary.

I tried my hand at taking pictures before we left to go eat, but I still wasn't sure what height I needed to set the camera on since we didn't buy the tripod. I still need some practice with the self-timer, but I still liked these pictures of us, even though our heads were cut short haha.

Afterwards we came back home and enjoyed playing in our newly "renovated" backyard. I am really enjoying the new plants and flowers that we have planted, and I love watering them each day. I hope to one day be as much of a green thumb as my mom, but for now I am just trying to keep my three new plants alive! Ryder was behaving much better once we were back home, and he looked so cute that I couldn't pass up the chance at more photography with my new camera.

By Saturday we had figured out why Ryder was misbehaving so much on our anniversary. Turns out the little goose was on the verge of catching a cold, so he just wasn't feeling himself. We still got up on Saturday morning to take a walk around one of the neighborhoods in our area so that we could still get some sort of excercise while the weather was still nice out. It was hard getting both Ryder and Tucker to look at the same time though, but I still liked the flowers they were next to.

Other than that we really just hung out at the house and watched movies and had mexican night on Sunday while Ryder rested and tried to get better. We tried out some of our serving platters mom and Jeff bought us as our Easter gift and we used them to serve a variety of dips on Mexican night. As a mom it's always hard to see your baby sick. When he's teething I guess I just assume that he will feel better, but when he's actually got a cold, my heart breaks for him because you can just tell he doesn't feel good. Scot will be taking him to the Pediatrician today to see if he has an ear infection, but we are hoping the sick bugs will be gone soon! I am looking forward to attending a girls night with some of the women in our Life Group tonight, so I am hoping that he will be feeling better by then. Have a Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage TODAY!

April 21, 2007 I woke up that morning and was excited to be marrying Scot David Gelinas. I knew that being married to him would complete me and make me happier than I had ever been. Sitting here today, celebrating three years of marriage I can honestly say this was the best decision I ever made. This was the dream wedding that we had envisioned, and came true on April 21, 2007

This was the fairytale setting that we had dreamed of
And I was Cinderella, happy to be marrying my Prince

I will always cherish the memories I have of this day, as we celebrate our third year of marriage today. Sure we have had our ups and downs in the three years of marriage, as any couple does, but we have gotten through it all, and are living a life full of faith, love, and happiness. God has given us this life and knew that we were meant to be together, and I am so blessed to have Scot as my husband to share this life with.

Happy Three Blissful Years Together Baby! I love you!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gardening Tips From Little GOOSE and a Day to Celebrate 17 MONTHS

A week ago today, we were back from our Florida vacation and after a day of rest being back home, we were ready to plant our garden!

A few months ago, Ryder had a fundraiser at his daycare to fund the annual summer time carnival. To do this, his class sold plants and produce, which we bought strawberry and tomato seeds, and Nana and Pawpaw bought some flowers to help support. It came the week before we left for our trip, but we wanted to wait to plant everything so that we would be here to water each day. Once we started planting the seeds for the strawberries and tomatoes, we realized that our backyard needed some help. It had been awhile since we added or changed any of the flowers we had, and now that we had new patio furniture and a few seeds that we'd planted, I knew that I wanted to get a few things at Lowe's to really make the yard more enjoyable. As Ryder watched me pack the dirt and plant the seeds, he looked on curiously and it wasn't long before he was ready to do it all by himself.

Lifting watering cans..

and watering flowers..

..sure can wear a person out!

But our flowers sure are pretty! (and our allergies are in full BLOOM too!)

And at the end of the day it's all worth it!

It's been a week now since we have planted the first of our seedlings, and just as the seedlings turn to strawberries and tomatoes, so has my toddler turned from a baby to a little boy.

These are some of the pictures I was able to capture this weekend with my new camera. I am in LOVE with my camera. LOVE. But nothing compares to the love that I have for this little boy. HAPPY 17 MONTHS RYDER!!

At SEVENTEEN months, he is QUITE the little man, never stopping for more than a minute, and wanting to be involved in whatever it is that we're doing.

  • Ryder is still wearing a size 4 Diaper.. still wearing tried and true Pampers too! We still keep you in the night Pampers ultra dry at night to prevent any leaks, and it seems to be doing the trick.

  • Favorite foods are still Macaroni and Cheese, "Breaaad" (which Ryder likes to say in a deep frog-like voice) Yo Baby yogurts, yogurt melts, any type of chips. Bananas, Cheeseburgers, Carrots, Cheese, Reduced sugar oatmeal (especially the Apples and Cinnamon flavor) and Milk, which we try to get him to drink 16 ounces or more a day of. We still try to get Ryder to eat at least one fruit and vegetable with every meal, but this has proven to be most difficult lately until last night when I discovered I could puree sweet potatoes and other vegetables into his yogurt and oatmeal. This must have been how the Yo Baby "3-in-1 Meals" were created!
  • Since our last Monthly update, we have seen another growth spurt with Ryder, even though he is only able to wear shirts in 2T but not pants or shorts yet. Apparantly he takes after his mommy and has a longer torso than legs. We have a much harder time finding things in the 18-24 month sizes, so we have just been letting him wear the pants and shorts he has in 2T, and adding a belt or adjusting the buttons for now. It won't be long before he is wearing the 2 T snugly.
  • Another thing we have noticed with Ryder is how well he has been able to adapt to new surroundings and he seems to mimic Scot and I much more. It only took him watching us for a few minutes to pick up the watering can himself and try to turn on the faucet to fill it up with water, then carry it over to the plants to try to water them. My little goose is getting to be so independent!

  • Ryder continues to talk more and more and lately seems to be adding "h" on the end of words like Hot and Duck. He still loves all animals, and can now count one, two, three. We are still working with him on using "Nice Hands", which he learned in daycare when he and another little boy in his class were hitting. Ryder is truly a little sponge and just watching him take everything in amazes me.

We love you Ryder and we always will!

No matter if you want to play football..
or basketball..
After a long day on his 17 Month Birthday, it started to get late and Ryder started giving us his universal sign that he was tired: The Hair Pull
It was a bubble bath with mommy..
Then snuggle time with Daddy as we got ready for bed and watched A Bee Movie. Since Ryder has a new passion for bees, and loves his new Bee book from Grammy & Grampa, we rented it this weekend and it has already become a hit! Ryder we are so proud of all of your accomplishments this month as always.

HAPPY 17 MONTHS RYDER !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day of Rest At Daytona Beach

Scot and I arrived at Daytona Beach, FL on Wednesday morning to enjoy a day or two of Ryder-free enjoyment. Not that we really needed it, and I was actually sad to be leaving him, but we had booked the hotel for our upcoming 3rd wedding anniversary to enjoy while we were in Florida. We had been having the best time visiting with his parents and seeing all there was to see at Disney the past few days, but we were looking forward to having some beach time as well. It had been awhile since I had been to Daytona Beach, FL so I was excited to see what was in store when we arrived. A long time ago I remember coming as a little girl and visiting when my Great Aunt managed a hotel, and I remembered thinking "what a cool job" at the time. Getting to live at the beach and work there too. I couldn't tell you what hotel it was that she worked at, but I just recalled it being a very large hotel. With only an hr drive from Scot's parents house, it was a convenient trip to get away just the two of us though. Before we arrived to our hotel, since it was so early, Scot wanted to drive over to Ponce Inlet to show me the light house. We didn't take the tour inside, but I did stop to take a quick picture of Scot standing below.

I actually borrowed the picture above from the internet somewhere, but just wanted to add it to this post. We were staying at The Shores in South Daytona, and had booked a standard room for two nights. When we arrived to checkin, the hotel attendant told us that they had been very busy the past week with the Easter holiday, and that our room was not ready yet. After a moment, she said that she would be giving us an upgrade, and that we would be very pleased when we arrived. Very pleased.

So with that being said, we anxiouslyparked the Jeep and headed to the hotel lobby with our entire suitcase entourage, curious to see what the surprise room would be. I think we brought everything with us from home except for the kitchen sink. Travelling is never done lightly with us, and I think it's gotten even worse with Ryder, even though the luggage to the beach only belonged to us. I don't know how we managed to carry it all, including a surfboard and lounge chair, but we did.

With our hotel key in hand, we got on the elevator and at that moment realized we were staying at the top of the hotel, on the tenth floor. Once we got off the elevator, we looked all around for a sign that read "1008", the room to our hotel, but we couldn't find it. A maid walked past so we asked her for help and she said "Oh, room 1008 is the Presidential Suite." You could have knocked us down with a feather at that point when we realized that not only were we being upgraded to an ocean front room, but to the Taj Mahal..aka "The Presidential Suite"

I have never seen a more beautiful hotel room.. fit for a queen!

Master Bedroom with balcony #1. There was a second balcony in the Living room area, as well as a second bathroom. The balconies overlooked the pool and we were right on the beach. There was a kitchen, full bar, two plasma flat screen tv's, room service, jacuzzi and marble stand up shower too! We even had the option to wear cozy matching bathrobes if we wanted during our stay. And all for the same price as our Standard Room overlooking the parking lot with no view of any water that we had booked! God is Great!

After trying out our new digs, we decided to go out and get some lunch, and check out what Daytona Beach had to offer. We went shopping for a birthday gift for my brother Eric at a local surf shop, and then we grabbed lunch at a burger and ice cream place. After this, we both just wanted to relax and get suited up, so we headed back to the hotel and then got changed into our bathing suits. We didn't know what to see first, the pools or the beach, but finally decided on beach since it didn't look as crowded. We laid out our towels, grabbed our sunscreen, and spent the next hour or so relaxing on the beach, one of my very favorite things in the world. There wasn't any surf for Scot unfortunately, so he read one of my magazine instead until we were both ready to leave the beach and try out our pool area. Not one but TWO pools. Insane right? We found two chairs that were near a more quaint, quiet side of the pool, and just relaxed for awhile until it was getting later, and we started getting hungry for dinner.

Once we were dressed to enjoy a night on the town, we went outside on one of our balconies and grabbed a picture together. It was so nice outside that I wish I could have captured this moment forever. We drove to Ponce Inlet and ate at Harbour Inlet. It was very good but I ordered a steak, so I think I would have been better off to have gotten the crab cake I was craving instead, and it wouldn't have been as expensive either. We didn't know that the restaurant had two different seating areas when we first got there, so we sat in the more formal area. After we ate, we wanted to walk outside to the dock that was lit up on the water to get pictures. It was then that we realized there was another entire area that was more casual, and had a lighter menu, which was what I was more in the mood for anyways. We learned our lesson, but we still had a fun meal together celebrating our wedding anniversary. We even got someone to take our picture outside before heading back to the hotel for the night. It was really windy out, and I was glad that I had brought my sweater along, as I started to get so cold, which was odd for the Florida beach!

Thursday morning I woke up feeling refreshed, and excited to have coffee and muffins enjoying our balcony overlooking this view:

It was definitely a good morning to be out on the beach, so Scot and I got dressed and headed out to the pool to stake out a good area for laying out. We were there early enough before the crowds came and were able to get a table with an umbrella, and two lounge chairs. Perfect!

After a day of reading, sunning , and playing football on the beach, we were ready to go out for dinner. Since we had our fancy meal the night before, we wanted to just have something quick and easy, so we headed to the Ocean Deck for dinner later that night. Scot said that he remembered the Ocean Deck from years ago when he was younger and used to drive over and surf, then they would go here for dinner and drinks and listen to reggae. It had changed from what he remembered, but we still had fun. It was packed when we got inside, so we opted to sit by the bar that overlooked the ocean. We ordered appetizers and drinks and had a fun, easy going night, but to Scot's dismay they didn't play reggae, even though there were flyers hanging up that said they had regular reggae bands that would play there.

Back at the hotel, since it was starting to get much cooler as the sun was setting, we decided to stake out an area by the firepit. We had seen a package of marshmallows that said "S'mores by the Shores" which was basically just an overpriced way to get us to spend money to have s'mores. Well it worked, and we decided since it was our last night at the hotel, that we would splurge on the $10 and roast marshmallows in the firepit. It was one of our favorite things that we ended up doing on our stay at Daytona Beach, and it will always hold a special place when I look back at these pictures.

Friday morning before we headed back to Scot's parents, we wanted to enjoy our balcony view once more. It started to look more overcast, and by the time we packed our suitcases it had started to rain. I was glad that we got to enjoy the beautiful weather the past week without any rain, so we were happy that the rain had held off until it was time to leave.

We did manage to get one picture of us together by the pool before we left though.

Ryder was asleep when we arrived at Scot's parents house, but then we decided to try and take advantage of their pool before the day ended. Grampa even tried on Ryder's float to get him in. They said that he was in the pool back and forth the day before, but he just wasn't in the mood, maybe because it was too cold while we were there. Regardless we had an awesome time hanging out together and we were very happy to see everyone after our mini vacation to Daytona Beach. It was a wonderful trip altogether that I will always remember and cherish forever!