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Friday, July 30, 2010

To Have or Not to Have...

Apparantly that seems to be the question on everyones mind right now is when Ryder will get a sibling. I was on my way to work Thursday when Ryder's daycare owner sent this cute text and picture to me of Ryder lovin' on one of the itty bitties that morning. The answer to everyone's question is that yes, we definitely want to expand the Gelinas crew, we just want to wait until next year to start trying, unless God has a different plan for us. There are still things we want to see and do as a threesome before I get pregnant but I always told myself that I would be perfectly fine with two boys, and now I am noticing that I desperately want to have a mini-me of my own one day. As Scot says all the time, he has his buddy and now I need one for myself. I was even talking to my Grannie last night on the phone and she asked when Scot and I would want to have another baby. I guess it's getting to be that two-year mark when most people decide to have another baby so it must be the topic of conversation lately. I still think of Ryder as my little baby so I can't imagine what it would be like for him to be a big brother!

We are so glad that the weekend is finally here though. Scot has been a busy bee at work all week, and our vacation seems like a distant memory already. Ryder has been a Mama's boy all week since I have been the only one picking up and dropping him off since Scot has had meetings that lasted so late, and I have been loving every minute of it. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on when and if to have another child, and part of my delay is wanting to be with my baby more. It would kill me to have two babies in daycare all day. It's something that we will pray about though, and when the right time to add to our clan, we will know it.

Well, I hope all is well with all of you! We don't have big plans for the weekend and we like it like that! Hopefully we can get to the public pool this weekend or at least setup our baby pool in the backyard. Little Goose seems to be catching a cold, so I guess we will just play it by ear. I am happy to brag on my boy a little though, speaking of him. Last night as we were playing with his alphabet letter puzzle, I was shocked that he recognized the letter "S" and gave it to me, followed by the letter "B". Not only that, but he also knew the number "3" and was able to pick it up out of all the other numbers and put it in it's place. Ryder continues to amaze us at how much he picks up on and says these days. It's hard to believe that his 21st month-birthday is fastly approaching! The potty training has taken a leap backwards I'm afraid howerver. I should also mention that after our bath together, I took him to the livingroom to grab a diaper and it was then that he acted like he had to pee, so I showed him his potty and told him to sit on it. I guess he decided he would rather pee on the carpet instead, so I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning our carpet afterwards, and told him we would save the potty training for when Daddy got home. He did point to the carpet after he was done and started saying "Pee Pee!!" which I told him "yes Ryder good job, just do it in the potty next time." I'm not sure how much of it he understood, but I can tell you that we have a long road ahead of us haha!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is What Relaxation is All About...

As soon as we woke up the next morning from our fun night of checking out our new digs for the next few days at Virginia Beach, I knew that it was going to be a good day. After a quick trip to the continental breakfast the hotel offered, we were off to find a spot on the beach. Scot said that the beach reminded him a lot of Daytona Beach because of how big the area of sand was except without the mess from the cars being able to drive onto the beach. Since it was early the beach hadn't gotten crowded yet, but Scot knew it would only be a matter of time before the crowds came, and along with the crowds came the life guards. I wasn't used to having Life guards on duty at the beach, and didn't know there was a certain amount of time that they allowed the surfers in the ocean. This was all new to me, but I just had relaxing with a book and my beach chair in mind so I told Scot to surf until his heart was content and we would just wait until the lifeguards whistled him out of the ocean. There was a designated area just for surfers along the jetty, but Scot also explained that this was annoying because he had to fight all the other guys to catch a wave and that was no fun. I had no idea there were so many factors involved in a beach and surfing!

This was my hot husband surfing with the boat cruising along behind him. I was so proud that the guy surfing that everyone was commenting on was my husband! I don't get the chance to see Scot surf much because there just aren't many waves at Holden Beach the way the beach is laid out, and thats where we spend most of our beach vacations since it's a free beach house to stay at.
And this was the jetty designated for surfing..

I was able to get a few shots of Scot surfing and I'd never seen a grown man so happy as I did seeing him out there surfing! There was quite the commotion behind him, as Virginia Beach seemed to be crowded with not only people, but boats too. I was able to get a cool picture of him surfing with the boat cruising along behind him. Eventually Scot did get whistled out of the ocean surfing as the beach grew more crowded, and I was able to get this picture of us together. I loved it so much I ended up framing it in our souveneir frame!

After we had gotten enough sand, sun, and surf in for the morning, we got changed and headed out along the boardwalk to grab lunch. We had heard great things about Waterman's, so we decided to check it out. Not without a few pictures along the way first though! Scot and I ended up sharing a Guiness burger with grilled onions (delicious.. and probably the best burger I had ever eaten in my life!) and we split an order of sea scallops with an orange glaze. They were good.. but not nearly as yummy as the burger. I also discovered more of my new favorite drink, the orange crush here and Scot discovered a cold refreshing beer at a chilled 10 degrees below zero which he kept talking about how cold and good it was!

As the beach grew more and more crowded I couldn't resist taking a picture. It was like a scene from the movie Summer Rental! This was our view from our balcony, right next to the pier. We took a few more pictures by the board walk and went shopping for some novelty touristy gifts and then we headed back to the hotel to get showers and changed. We were having a great time and were excited at what the night had in store for us!

We got changed and decided to try Mahi Mah's, a very chic cool restaurant known on the beach for their crab cakes. What better place to get crab cakes than the borders of Maryland, so I was excited about my dinner! We got a few more pictures of us as we were getting ready to leave our hotel room, and then we walked down to the board walk along the beach to our destination which was really cool that it was just steps away from our hotel. This was another reason we loved Virginia Beach because once you were parked we never had to drive anywhere, it was all within walking distance! I loved all of the cute props to take pictures with along the beach too. Being a shutterbug, I couldn't resist all of them and thought of Ryder when we took this one beside the fish, as he loves Nemo!

This was the cool amphitheatre next to the Mahi Mah's restaurant and bar that we were headed to. We ended up listening to a cover band that was playing here after dinner and the night was perfect. The ocean breeze was insane and it was just a really fun night spent outside listening to music.

There was a 45 minute wait when we arrived at the restaurant, so I ordered a drink at the bar until our table was ready. I decided to try this pickletini and believe it or not it was actually REALLY good! Granted I craved pickles and green olives the entire time I was pregnant, so maybe I just have a salt tooth haha! Scot even tried it and couldn't believe how good it was.

A happy girl.. eating oysters and crab cakes. Let me stress that I used to HATE seafood.. but I have actually grown quite fond of it. It took me 26 years to even try it. I still don't care for shrimp or fish, but I love all the shellfish and it seems like the older I get the more my fondness for it grows. Scot ordered wings and the oysters, which I had tasted, and he was as happy as a clam. We really don't get to eat out much these days, and we were really enjoying ourselves! It was so nice to eat a meal without all the interruptions of a toddler, although we both agreed that we had started to miss the bug, and decided that we would love to make Virginia Beach a yearly trip and bring Ryder along next year. It was a fun, romantic evening though that I will always remember.

After dinner, Scot and I walked along the boardwalk and decided to go on the beach. I hadn't anticipated this since I was wearing a sundress and high heel shoes (yes.. high maintenance at times I know!) so after a quick walk in the sand, we headed back towards our hotel. We had taken a nice long beach the night before, and were amazed at how much action was still buzzing around even after 11 at night! Amazingly enough, once in the hotel room, you didn't hear a thing which meant we would both get a great nights rest for the next day at the beach.

Ready to get back out and surf and catch some sun, we ate breakfast again and then headed down to the beach. We knew from the day before that in order to get as much surfing in as possible before the lifeguards and the crowds started coming in, that we needed to get out on the beach early. This wasn't a problem for us, as we are used to our normal wake time to be 6 am with having a toddler. Sleeping in to 6:30 in the morning actually felt great! (That's so sad considering we both used to sleep until 9 or 10 am before we had any kids.) Anyways, we headed out to the beach and I setup our chairs while Scot anxiously jumped in the ocean. There was an even better ocean breeze so that made me very happy! The highs had been in the low 100's so any breeze was gladly accepted! Scot was able to get a few hours of surfing in this time, and I was able to get a tan so we were both happy and ready for taking a break from the sun and sand and decided to see what all the buzz for Planet Pizza, conveniently located right across the street from our hotel, was all about.

Our large pepperoni and cheese pizza that we shared so that I could get my free tshirt! It was literally.. OUT of this WORLD!

I had a coupon for a large pizza, you got a free t-shirt, so I was happy to get another momento from our fabulous Virginia Beach vacation. Scot thought I was a goon for bringing my free visitor guide with coupons along, but it ended up proving to be a good thing because we also got 10% off of our meal the night before! I'm not normally a t-shirt kind of girl, but I love wearing them as night shirts to bed, so I was happy to have a free tshirt in the end that I will always remember our trip by. We have also joked that when we visit again next year, Scot will see if they still have the same offer and he wants to get one too!

And this was the very cool pool that we spent some of our time at while we were at the pool too. It was at the side of the hotel, but still right at the beach. Just when Scot and I had had enough of the sand and salt water, it was nice to go get cooled off in fresh water and then go back out on the beach again. We changed out of our clothes from lunch and then we headed back here before going back on the beach. By this point, we realized that the beach was even more crowded, being Saturday, than it was any of the other days, and we decided we were better off at the pool. It was so fun to relax together and after we had enjoyed the afternoon, decided to get changed for yet another night out on the town!

All dressed up and ready to have fun! Scot and I had done our research before we came, and had even gotten a few suggestions from friends as to good places to eat at Virginia Beach. We had heard that Catch 31 was a cool place located in the Hilton hotel, so after we got ready and had taken a few pictures, we called for a cab that would take us to the other end of the beach so we didn't have to walk all the way there.

We waited in our hotel lobby for what seemed like forever, waiting on the cab to arrive at our hotel. Scot and I started debating on whether or not we should go spend money at such a nice place, and it was about that time that the cab driver finally arrived, 30 minutes late!

We finally reached our destination, but with a 2 1/2 hour wait just to eat, we decided to skip the restaurant no matter how hip and chic it was. It did feel more like a club once we got inside and realized that if we wanted to get a drink here that it would be a better fit than spending money to eat in a loud, crowded place. We still took a picture before we left and decided to walk out on the boardwalk and head back towards our hotel for a different restaurant.

I couldn't resist taking a picture beside the massive Greek God, what I would imagine is King Neptune.
It reminded me of the picture we took at Atlantic Beach, NC in 2006 when we were there for one of Scot's business trips!

We walked and walked along the boardwalk, and thank goodness there were more of these props to take pictures next to so that it gave us something to do besides think about the 3 mile trek back to our hotel in high heeled shoes! Scot was a trooper though, and we were eventually laughing about the whole situation and happy that we got to at least see the other side of the beach and know that we liked our area better.

Eventually we did come across the chalk art that had been displayed among the sidewalk of the boardwalk and there were a few really cool ones! Some of our favorites were actually the ones that must have won, but I had to get this one of Scot next to one of his favorite musicians of all time.. Bob Marley.

There was also this one of a surfer so Scot once again posed for a picture. By this point we were having a better time and decided since we had walked this far to go ahead and endure the rest of the way, and would change and freshen up once we got to our hotel room. I am all about a good workout, but not when I am wearing full makeup, self tanner, a strapless bra, and sweating like a Banshi in the Sahara desert! We were both so sweaty by the time we reached our hotel that I was afraid when I reached the mirror to get a good look at myself that I would have orange/tan streaks down my face from sweating off my makeup and self tanner haha! Luckily we didn't look as bad as we felt, and in no time we were refreshened and ready to have dinner in our "neck of the woods".

We did manage to get a picture before dinner as the sun was setting.. and we decided to go to the Waterman for dinner because we had such a great meal there for lunch the day before. We were very happy with this decision and the wait was only 30 minutes, so we had time to relax and get back in vacation mode.

Shrimp and Crab legs for Scot...

And Crab cakes for me.. YES I am a crab cake-aholic and I need help! I couldn't resist and they were different than the ones I tried at the Mahi Mah's restaurant the night before. They were delicious and we were so happy we ended up here. The night was salvaged and we both left full, fat, and happy!

This pretty much sums up why I married Scot.. :) Not because he likes to play with his food, but he is always there to make a joke!

Back at the hotel, I managed to grab my two souveneir cups to remember my Orange crush's by! We were tired from being in the sun, and knew that we wanted to get a good nights rest for our drive back home. Long gone are the days that we would stay up late every night and close the clubs down. In place of those days are family nights in our bedroom watching reruns of Ryder's shows and all of his Disney movies. We just can't hang like we used to and that's ok! I love my life and wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Virginia Beach greeted me early Sunday morning with this beautiful sunrise. Sad to be leaving such a fun place, but lots of memories had here, we both decided that we would return here soon along with Ryder. We wanted him to have a part of a place that we found so special.

Scot loaded the Jeep and we headed out back to North Carolina!

We waved to our hotel one last time before leaving, and promised to come back again someday.

Along the way home, we did drive through this tunnel which I thought was sooo cool! Just the idea that we were underwater was amazing. We couldn't get home fast enough to see our Little Goose, and we prayed for a safe trip back home. Both of our boys were beyond happy to see us when we got home, and we thanked my mom and Jeff for being so nice to watch them the last few days while we were off having the vacation of a lifetime! We said our goodbyes and spent the rest of the day taking in all of the family time together again that we could before we had to return to the real work world the next day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times @ Virginia Beach

Three bathroom stops, a gas refill, and a 5 and 1/2 hour drive, we made it back safely to our home sweet home in North Carolina. Some of my favorite memories will be from the fun times that Scot and I shared together at Virginia Beach, and we have both decided that we want to come back again next summer and bring Ryder along with us! We had so much fun and we can't say enough great things about our vacation here. We arrived Thursday night around 9 that night, and after parking at the very top floor (that was all that was left for parking because the hotel was so full!) we got unpacked and checked in. We were both anxious to see our room and check out all that the beach night life had to offer, especially after the drive it took to get there! We did make good timing, but we were ready to shower and change and start our vacation.

We were very happy with our room and one of the first things we did was to look out of our sliding glass door to see the balcony and the ocean view. Quite a change from the quaint family beach I grew up on at Holden Beach, so it did take a few minutes to realize we weren't in Kansas anymore Toto! The board walk was the coolest part about Virginia Beach and we couldn't get over how clean everything was. Families were bustling down below, headed to dinner, or back from getting ice cream, couples were walking hand in hand down the board walk on their way to get cocktails, and kids were busy taking turns peddaling their bike cruisers and other rentals right on the huge bike/cart path. Although it was hot, there was a great ocean breeze that hit us as soon as we walked onto our balcony, so after seeing all the excitement below, we couldn't wait to head down and check things out.

Scot had heard good reviews about the Rudees Inlet and some of the cool local spots, so we walked out of our hotel and headed down to the end of the board walk that would lead us there. Along the way we stopped to take a few silly pictures and we were both excited to have arrived at such a cool beach. The atmosphere was a mix of young and old, families and singles, and a mix in between. Since neither Scot or I had ever been before it was nice to experience it for the first time together.

We arrived at Big Sam's and decided that since it was so late that we would just split an appetizer and grab a drink to shake off the long drive and start relaxing so we could get in vacation mode. We chose the crab dip with pita wedges and of course Tortilla Mark came out for a visit.. I love my silly husband! We finished our meal and then walked out on the inlet and headed to our next place on the inlet, Hooks. For being a Thursday night, most people were already done with dinner and must have headed back to their hotels because there were only a people left when we got there. This was fine with us, and at the bar I discovered a new favorite cocktail that was invented around this area called the Orange Crush. Let me tell you.. this is the definition of refreshing! They had all flavors but the orange was the best. It was basically fresh sqeezed orange juice and a mix of other liquors with the small crunchy ice that made it so good! We walked by the water, laughed, talked and laughed some more, realizing that we were finally on our vacation and excited about the next few days we would be spending here.

We headed beack to our hotel and took a few more silly pictures along the walk to rember our fun night by. I was already looking forward to the next day in Virginia Beach!