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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Falling Leaves and Panther Games

Being the last Saturday of September makes me really ready for Fall! Not to mention all of the pretty colored leaves that we are beginning to see change. I only wish that the hot temperatures would change! We headed to the Lake Norman State Park to get some pictures by the water in an attempt to show that Fall was right around the corner! Ryder wasn't quite sure about the leaves but once he saw us make an area out of them to take his picture in, he was okay to sit in a pile of them while we quickly took his picture.
Scot took Ryder over by the lake to check things out and to look for fresh water clams, or as Ryder likes to refer to them as "cams".
Next I got in for a picture with my little goose and we made our way on the hike we usually take around the lake. It was such a beautiful day with a great breeze and there were plenty of fisherman out on the water too! It was so peaceful being outside but I am really ready for blue jeans and sweater season. And hot caramel apple cider, pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice lattes. Oh and how could I forget.. candy corn! When I think of Fall, these are the foods and candies that come to mind.
Spending the rest of the day at the park and then heading home to get ready for Nana's birthday dinner, we had a fun day outside. We tried once more before we left to try to get a good Fall picture. I really really want to hire a photographer to take some good fall family portraits of us but just haven't had the funds or the time. Maybe that will be something we can aim to do next year.
This was the mess that Ryder got into while we were in the living room Sunday afternoon. Scot said that it looked something from Blair witch the way Ryder stacked each bottle onto each plate. He was having fun and it was easy entertainment so I didn't mind! Sunday we took it easy and watched the Panthers do terrible. Lately it's so cute to hear him say football. He says "shupball" and it's so funny! Well some of us napped while the rest of us watched the game, but we still enjoyed hanging out on the couch snuggling. I think Ryder was starting to get a little cold so he was extra snuggly which I didn't mind because I rarely get to have him sleep on me anymore and I miss it! We are still trying to wean Ryder from his crib and have been using his toddler bed every night. He seems to nap okay in it but this week has been rough as far as getting him to stay in it. Having a touch of a cold hasn't helped, but no one ever said being a parent was going to be easy! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Nana's Birthday

Saturday night we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate mom's birthday. We were all looking forward to some good food and of course Ryder was looking forward to the cake!

After Nana blew out her candles, Ryder was begging for cake.

In Ryder's words: "Mmm..good"

After mom had opened presents and we had finished the cake we walked outside and I got this cute picture of Scot and Ryder with Uncle Eric. He is very fond of my brother, and always laughs out loud when he sees him! That makes me so happy and I love that he loves him so much.
My sweet mom and stepdad offered to take Ryder for the night, so we were happy to get a night to ourselves. Even though we were anxious to see how Ryder would do in his toddler bed at night, we never turn down the chance to sleep in!

Here he is trying to teach Ryder to slide down the rail as if he were on a skateboard..

And Aunt Tori poses for a picture with Ryder before we all said our goodbyes.

We Love You!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

He's Going Places..

Today has been a day of "Big Boy" firsts for Ryder! After many days of waking at 4:30am and doing everything we could think of to break his habit, Scot and I finally came to the conclusion that maybe since Ryder is getting older, he's just getting bored with sleep and isn't needing as long of a sleep period. We decided it was time to lower his mattress and turn his crib into a toddler bed. I didn't realize it would make me so sad as we started disassembling the springs for the crib, but when Scot brought up his memory of the day he first brought the pieces of the crib into the nursery and started putting it all together, it made me a little nostalgic of those precious days. It's bittersweet because I am happy Ryder is finally big enough to be transitioning into his toddler bed, and I am nervous of all the possibilities of him running loose upstairs while we sleep below, but it's also sad to be saying goodbye to the memories we have of him in his sweet crib sleeping on his stomach and snuggled like a cocoon in his sleep sacks during those early winter months right after Ryder was born.

After watching Daddy with all of his tools, Ryder wanted to "help" out too, so first I dragged out his own tool set but then he really wanted to play with Daddy's tools so I let him play with the ones that were harmless enough. I think a rubber tool set is in Ryder's future! This occupied him for awhile and he stayed out of the way for the most part while Scot and I tried to figure out how to piece the toddler bed together without damaging it!
All put together, Ryder climbs into his "new" toddler bed to try it out! He looks pretty comfy up there to me.

Once he realizes he's free, Ryder gets up and looks around in his "new" bed. Then he looks down..

and makes the run for it out of his toddler bed. Not long after he gets out, he's back up on the bed again and then realizes it's much more comfortable up on his bed than it is on the floor. After assembling the toddler bed, we took Ryder to the nearby church playground by our house and Ryder showed another first for being a Big Boy. He went up the steps to the slide all by himself and then went down the slide where Daddy was below to catch him. Once he realized he was safe to go up by himself, he did this a few times up the steps and down the slide all by himself. This was a huge milestone and it felt great outside so we let him play at the playground awhile before playing a game of chase in the soccer field. Days like these make me wonder about how a new baby would add to the mix since we are finally getting a break from his baby days.
When we got back home we fed Ryder lunch and then after awhile he looked at me and said "Paci, Nap" and had his Elmo stuffed toy and his "fluffy", a toy from his cousin Chad in each arm and then Scot and I looked at each other and laughed. He has never actually looked at us and asked for a nap before, but I obeyed his commands and took him upstairs where he hopped up in his toddler bed and took a nap for the very first time in his toddler bed!! He's napping as I'm writing this post, so we will see what comes of the wake time once he realizes he can roam free.

I also had to mention that this boy is going places! A few days ago while I was getting my desk cleaned in Scot's office, Ryder climbed up into his Daddy's office chair and started playing with the computer all by himself! I laughed at this picture because he looks like a mini Scot busy at work.. or maybe the next Trump!

We are SO proud of our little toddler! Happy Saturday

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday is for Catching up

It's already Friday and I should have already posted our Sunday events before now, but I haven't had a day off this week and I really like using my weekend time with my family to cuddle on the couch or color on walls (Ryder) instead of spending it on a computer milling over what pictures to use. Plus there just isn't time in the day during Ryder's naptime like there used to be when he took two naps, 3 hours each. That is my quality-DVR'd-tv-time to catch up on Real Housewives of Orange County or The Rachel Zoe Project. I do other things on my day off during the week, but usually during the naptime I like to catch a breather and just "veg".

Sunday morning we all woke up early (Scot and I could have slept much much later, but our Little Goose had us up well before the chickens get up!) We were up so early in fact, that it was actually cool outside and I had to wear long yoga pants and dressed Ryder in a hoodie. I love it! Off we went to Hope Park to play and let Ryder burn off some energy that had us all up so early. Scot had taken Ryder to Hope Park back in the spring, but it was my first time seeing the new park that opened in our area. It was donated by many of the local business owners and so many people contributed their materials and volunteered their time to help build the park. I couldn't get over how cute it was and was moved by how many people helped to get it off the ground. Since we happen to live in "Race City, USA" there was a race theme going with the park. It also had something to do with the fact that a lot of the business owners happened to also be affiliated with racing in some shape or form.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture or not, but Ryder is wearing the expression of a race car driver haha- he's such a mess!

Scot had as much fun playing on this rock climbing wall as Ryder did!

Playing "pee-pie"
As I walked around the park, I came across a board that had all of the business owners names and volunteers that had donated everything, including these benches. When I saw this one, in memory of someone's Nana, it made me think of my own mom who goes by "Nana" and I just had to get a picture of it! Ryder hearts his Nana, thats for sure.

Later that afternoon we all cuddled up on the couch to catch the Panther game and then the Patriots game. Scot was like a kid in a candy store, so excited about eating his beer-soaked brauts with peppers and onions and watching his teams play.

It has been a VERY busy week for me, celebrating co workers birthdays, planning more things for Ryder's November birthday, and trying to get things in order for this Halloween. I had ordered a few things last week and one of them came in a few days ago. I was SO happy with how the monogramm came out! I am a Monogramm-loving gal that's for sure! If Ryder doesn't know how to spell his name now, he sure will by the time he's 3 haha! I ordered his trick-or-treat bag from Pottery Barn kids. Last year, Scot and I were so excited about seeing Ryder dressed up for his first Halloween, that neither of us even thought to buy a bucket to hold all of the candy he would get trick-or-treating. Paw Paw came to the rescue when he bought one on the go! At least we will definitely be prepared for Halloween this year.

Our tickets to see Thomas the Train also came in the mail! We have tickets to meet him next weekend and one little boy will be very excited, he just doesn't know it yet. We can't wait to see his reaction next weekend when he meets "Nomas" and I will be sure to post lots of pictures and video.

I am so happy the weekend is finally here! I have today off since we worked a full work week and it couldn't get here soon enough. There has been lots of drama going on at work, and other aspects of my life, and I was just ready to relax and enjoy our weekend. Fall if officially here, and all of the tv premieres were this past week that I have to catch up on. When Scot gets home we are going to spend some time together before picking Ryder up from "school" and then our weekend can officially begin! My Grannie goes in for surgery today, so I am keeping her close in my prayers thinking of her and hoping that everything is minor with an easy recovery. Happy Friday Everyone!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Visit From Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve

My aunt and uncle came over for a visit on Saturday to celebrate my mom and uncles birthday a week early. Now that my aunt and uncle live in Asheville, NC we try to get together as much as we can. They had always lived on the west coast so it's nice having them back in NC again! Even though my mom and uncle are two years apart, they share the same birthday. It's funny that they have the same birthday but it's fun to always do a big birthday together. My aunt and uncle drove down a weekend eary because they were going to be out of town next week, so we decided to get lunch together at North Harbor Club before coming back to our house for birthday cake.
They also brought their dog Tulley, so Ryder was especially excited to see him again and loved playing in his portable dog carrier that they brought. I think Ryder thought it was a fort and he felt safe inside!

Ryder's favorite part of any birthday, besides singing Happy Birthday, is the CAKE! He didn't have much of an appetite at lunch but as soon as we got home and brought the cake out, he was under foot trying to make sure he didn't get left out! Tucker was begging too of course haha.

Yup- to Ryder the cake is definitely the best part of having a birthday!

My aunt and uncle were happy to see Ryder again and get some snuggles in before they left. Ryder was shy at first but quickly warmed up to them and was sad when they left. The cutest thing was when I told Ryder to say their names, and he did I think they were both shocked but thought it was the sweetest thing.
Ryder gave a few hugs and then it was time for them to head back home. He is definitely smitten with my uncle Steve which is so cute to see! It was really great to see them and visit and I was really happy to hear how well my uncle was doing after his surgery.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Two Months to Turn Two YEARS!!

How did time fly by this fast already? It seems like just last week we were celebrating your 10 month birthday a YEAR AGO today and that was when I took this picture:

Here is what you have been up to the past weeks leading up to your 22-month-birthday!
Date-September 18, 2010

Age-22 Months
Clothes- size 2T shirts, size 24mo pants, shoes in 5 1/2 are getting tight but we are taking you shopping for new shoes and some Fall clothes in a few weeks.
Favorite Foods- Cheese, Quesadillas, carrots, applesauce, smoothies, chips, subway sandwiches, any type of "sweet snack" you always always have an appetite for a sweet snack just like Daddy!, spaghetti with red sauce, sometimes macaroni and cheese, cottage cheese, sliced apples, vinegar (yes you read that right!), tortilla chips with salsa, sour cream, salad with lots of dressing, cheeseburgers, pickles, olives, milk, bread, blueberry Nutrigrain waffles, watermelon, ice cream, pizza, and anything Italian! Trying to get you to eat what we eat and to eat healthy meals, not snacks, still proves to be a challenge. I have learned now that this too is just a stage and that you will eat when you are hungry. I still try to give you all organic milk, produce, and dairy and some organic snacks.

Words/Mannerisms-"muffnin" for muffin, "Aldader goes snap snap!!", "mooney" for smoothies, "I poop", "orangen", "lellow", "cucker" for Tucker, "boons" for balloons, "rocket" for Little Einsteins and loves singing the songs from the show and singing along as rocket takes off, at a Halloween store started seeing all the stuff in the store and started saying "it scaries" and when he saw Zombie Babies Scot and I got so tickled laughing that night because with a worried expression on his face he said "it scaries Zombiebabiez" over and over again. Maybe he wasn't ready to walk in a Halloween store yet!, "a meeps", an episode from Little Einstein, he says over and over even if we aren't watching it, so we have started calling Ryder our little meeps, after the visit to the aquarium in August Ryder LOVES watching sharks and everytime he sees a fish or anything swimming he says "shaaark" pronouncing it without the "R". Another cute thing Ryder has started doing is part of our routine we sit in our bed to watch Little Einstein and then read books together, and Ryder will pat Scot's side of the bed and say "sit Daddy" or on my side of the bed and say "Mommy sit". Also he had been very afraid of Tucker's rubber toy fish that squeaked, and just recently he would retrieve it from Tucker's dog toy box and throw it. We have been teaching manners so he says "thank you" and "more please" which comes out so cute!! Ryder repeats EVERYTHING we say now and is like our little parrot haha! We have to start being really careful what we say!

TV shows- Little Einsteins on Disney, Kenny the Shark on Discovery Kids, WordWorld on PBS, Sesame Street on PBS, and favorite movies have been Toy Story and Finding Nemo but lately he has only wanted to watch Little Einsteins and loves to hold his rocket when we watch it together and as it takes off he too pretends to take off with his.

Big Achievements- RYDER POOPED ON POTTY Sept 1st!! Then pee pee on potty the next day!! We are soooo proud of you! You haven't been very interested since then but will tell us once you've pooped so we try to reward you and get you to come sit on the potty. You only use your paci at night now and we have weaned you off of it during the day and have decided that it's ok to have at night time if it comforts you.

As with each month, we grow to love and bond with you even more than the last month and just when we think we couldn't possibly be more in love, you amaze us with just how much love a mother and father can share for their child. I can't even fathom what life would be without you in it and I enjoy every moment with you in it!