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Friday, December 24, 2010

Being with Family on Christmas Eve

Friday night we went over to my brother and sister in laws house to celebrate our Christmas with them since her family all live in South Carolina they would be traveling to see them for Christmas. Once we got to their house, Ryder was very happy to see their dogs and it made his night when Tori asked if he wanted to feed Jasmine. It was a special treat for him and she and my brother both are so good with Ryder it makes my heart smile! I can't wait for the day when my brother and Tori have babies of their own that I can love on!
My sweet sister in law and I having cups of hot apple cider. I am so lucky to have such a nice sister in law and love the fact that we live close to one another to be able to see each other often. Our dream is to both live at the beach one day, so maybe once they move we will one day follow to the coast too!

As it was time to open gifts, Ryder got so excited that he wanted to help everyone, including Grannie open their gifts! He was so funny and didn't understand that other people besides him was getting presents ha! Having his birthday a month from Christmas really prepared him on how to open a wrapped gift, so he got lots of practice then, and it was all he looked forward to once he saw all of the packages under our tree!

My sweet family: Scot, my mom, stepdad, Grannie, and Ryder

And the happy newlyweds: my brother and sister in law

Yes!! Cool jewely, this girl lucked out and got a cool chunky necklace, earrings and a bracelet. Thank you for all of our gifts Eric and Tori!

My mom got a really pretty scarf too!

And Ryder "helped" everyone open more of their gifts and he didn't miss a beat when it was someone elses turn to open one, he was right there to help!

A tradition at Christmas is that my Grannie always made "doodads" for my brother which are chex mix, pretzels, peanuts, and whatever else you wanted to mix up and then she wraps them. For me she always gave a tin of Danish Butter cookies YUM! Well as a joke, we referred to my brother as "Uncle Doodad" last year because he is so silly sometimes and it was funny to hear Ryder try to say it this year. Ryder was very fond of the doodads this year so Grannie said she will have to make a batch of them for him too next year ha!
Scot and I got a picture too, then we all got in the car and headed to a Chinese restaurant rather than having to cook a big meal since we would be having our big Christmas feast on Christmas day. We ate dinner and then we got to attend my brother and sister in laws church for their Christmas Eve candlelight service. It was such a cute church with a coffee house concept and we watched as the children put on their performance of Luke 2 and Ryder sat on his Aunt Tori's lap and was in awe of them. He was excited and we kept telling him he would get to see baby Jesus. We have been reminding Ryder of what Christmas is and why the reason we get to open presents on Christmas. He really just understands the part where we say baby Jesus, so that has all he's been saying lately. It's so cute and I would love to get a better nativity scene for him next year that he can actually play with. The one we have now is all ceramic as a whole and not individual pieces. I wanted to come home and read from the bible, but during the service at church Ryder started having a meltdown and was ready to get home, and actually fell asleep on the drive home. We changed him in his pajamas before setting cookies out for santa, and then we brought Ryder up to his room and we all prayed together. It was such a fun night with my family and it makes me realize how much they mean to me. Scot and I watched It's a Wonderful Life (or part of it) and then we both setup Ryders' chair with all of his gifts and stocking from Santa. I went to bed that night with a full heart and thanked God for the little boy that was sleeping soundly upstairs. These moments are the ones I looked forward to so much when we first found out we were pregnant with Ryder and I can only imagine to the coming years during each holiday.

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Tori Marshall said...

I am sooo late reading this but I love you sooo much! :)