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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy 25 Months!!!

Date: (not when the picture was taken, but Ryder's "Month Birthday" date) December 18, 2010
Age: 25 Months
Height: 29 lbs
Weight: not sure but will get measured at his Dr appt next week!
Clothes: Wearing a size 4 diaper STILL and hasn't been interested in potty training again but will be moving to the 2 year old room in January so we will start trying soon. 2T pants are fitting really well for the length finally and he is wearing mostly 2T shirts, and some 3T's even fit!
Dr Appt: We will be going for 2 year old shots next week since Scot took him last month and they had scheduled Ryder for only his flu shot. As a parent this is never easy to take your baby in to get shots but we know it has to be done in order to keep him healthy.
Favorite Foods: Ryder is extremely picky and he had the stomach bug last week when Scot was out of town (yay we survived though!!) but he literally ONLY ate pancakes. I was so worried he wouldn't eat, but he seems to want to eat more now thank goodness. Ryder has a soft side for all sweets and has lately been asking for "chockate" (not sure where he picked that bad habit haha) but the child LOVES milk and will drink two sippee cups full at each meal if we'd let him. We have switched to 2% milk to be healthier but I am thinking of switching back to whole milk if he continues this picky eating because I want to make sure he is getting enough calories throughout the day. Thank goodness Ryder will eat fruit though, and does eat strawberries and bananas or a smoothie with green peas and berries mixed with yogurt.
Sleep Habits: We did let Ryder come to bed with us while we were in New Hampshire and he did really good but he has still been waking at 5 or 5:30 in the morning and goes down for an hour or two during naptime (around 12). We have just learned that Ryder is an early riser like we are and we have gotten used to this schedule. If he were to sleep late in the morning, we realize that would be hard getting him to school and us to work, so we try to look at it like a good thing. I know ONE day he will like to sleep, and hopefully in a year or so he can come down the stairs by himself and make breakfast!
Words/Mannerisms: Speaking in third person lately, like "Ryder ikes truck", "Ryder go downstairs", "Ryder no want Mac an cheese". We were very proud to hear from many family members when we took Ryder to New Hampshire that his vocabulary was wonderful. I am a proud mommy and have noticed a huge change the past month in all the words and the sentences Ryder says now! He says what he wants and doesn't want and if he isn't sure what the exact word is for something, he will say something similar so you know what he is talking about. He didn't know a certain color so he said white, or he will call a cream cheese pastry a cake, etc. I may be partial but I think we have one smart boy! Our family was also very impressed with how sweet Ryder was and while visiting, there was a 4 year old boy visiting at Aunt Sandi's too and Ryder shared MUCH better with him than the 4 year old wanted to with Ryder. We were so proud and pleased of our sweet boy and Scot and I later said that maybe we weren't doing such a bad job of parenting afterall. HE definitely picks up on so many things and says so many things, some we don't want him hearing or acting out, but we are so happy at the achievements this month! I do have to add that we have seen lots of tantrums this month too though, and sadly we can't go to Target much these days if he is with us because he begs for candy and toys and makes a scene. I literally carried him out kicking and screaming last year and was mortified as I left the buggy we were shopping in behind. I know this phase shall pass too, but we are getting Time Out Turtle a lot! We are working on better attitudes and learning that it's not nice to hit or throw our things when we don't get our way.
Big Achievements: Riding in an airplane for the first time to see Grammy and Grampa for Thanksgiving, and also driving in the car to New Hampshire for over 16 hours and he did GREAT both times!
Ryder is also talking sooo much more and has been walking up and down the stairs! Ryder will sit down and play by himself now too which is wonderful and we waited months for this joy!
Playtime: Lately Ryder's favorite toys have been his new Thomas Train sets that his Nana and Pawpaw, and Grammy and Grampa bought for his birthday. He is especially taken with his "Big Trucks" that he also got on his birthday last month. Playgrounds with slides are another favorite of Ryders and anytime we drive past a playground Ryder will immediately look for the slide and say "Ryder ikes side, Ryder ikes". It's soo cute!
TV Shows: I don't know what we would have done without Toy Story 1, 2, and 3!! Lately "Buzz" is all Ryder wants to watch, and it made both the flight to Orlando to see Scot's parents, and the drive to New Hampshire this week MUCH more bearable. "Rocket" (Little Einsteins) is still a close second, and he still loves Thomas but Toy Story has definitely taken the lead this month. I love that because it is and was a favorite of mine growing up too so it's fun to watch it with Ryder. We have also been watching lots of cute kid-friendly Christmas movies and shows this year too. The Grinch is one of Ryder's favorite, and he didn't care much for Charlie Browns Christmas, or Frosty or Rudolph. Maybe better luck next year! A new show that we saw last year that he loved is Prep & Landing, a cute show about santa's elves that he just adores! We will watch it again probably on Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning to get in the Christmas spirit. We couldn't be happier to have our sweet Ryder, tantrums and all, and to experience the Joys of Christmas through his eyes this year! We love you so much Ryder Bug and are so prod of you!! Happy 25 Months!!

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