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Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm attempting to post this from my blackberry so this is a test more than anything, but wanted to update on how things are going this week.

I've felt very lonely while Scot was away on business trip and to make matters worse, Ryder woke this morning before 4 am! My motherly instinct told me to go upstairs to check on him rather than letting him cry it out. As soon as I opened his bedroom door I could smell that he had gotten sick and had thrown up. Looks like the stomach bug of 2010 has reared its ugly head! I had to call out today so I could stay home to take care of him. Poor baby! Nothing worse than trying to comfort a sick baby and nothing you can do to help. After another bout of nausea, I did three loads of laundry and got us both cleaned up. He seemed to feel a little better by late morning and had gotten some of his appetite back. This has definitely been a test of Motherhood! I prayed that Ryder would feel better and that I wouldn't get sick. Ryder kept crying for Milk so I gave in and later wished I hadn't! Turns out milk is the worst thing to give stomach bugs!

I'm sitting here watching Twilight Eclipse and thinking of all the things I feel inadequate about. Ryder finally fell asleep but the poor thing kept pointing to his belly and saying "hurts" and would hardly eat anything. I feel like a bad mom since I couldn't do much to help, and as I sent our Christmas cards out late this year, started beating myself up about that. I feel unmotivated lately and haven't worked out in weeks and just feel like Christmas is coming and I hardly feel prepared! I know I'm rambling more than anything but I can't help feeling this way sometimes. What happened to the organized person who got Christmas cards out the first week?
I have spent the last few days talking to God and thanking him for all of the things I've been blessed with as well as asking him to bless Scot and use him to do great things while in CA. I am so proud of my husband for the provider of our family that he is and I know he has great things to come in 2011! I am ashamed of the lack of motivation to go to church lately too. I judt don't know what's going on but I am hoping to get motivated in every way soon.

As Ryder sleeps upstairs I pray for him to get better so we can have a good weekend. If this post worls from my phone I will be very happy. Just bear with me as I rambled but I already feel better!
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