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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sadness at Christmas

It's a sad day for us today as we make the drive to New Hampshire to attend the funeral of Scot's dear cousin Chad. I'm writing en route as we make our way through Conneticut and into Rhode Island. We left at 1:45 this morning because neither Scot or I could sleep any longer, and decided we could make better timing as Ryder slept and stayed on his "normal" routine better. Or as normal as one could stay on track while making the 14+ hour drive to New Hampshire.

It was Wednesday afternoon when I got a phonecall at work from Scot to tell me the sad news that his dear cousin had passed the night before. Since neither Scot or his cousin had any siblings, they were the same in age and were more like brothers, talking at least once a week to catch up on life. He was never married and didn't have any kids which makes it that much more tragic, but right now my heart goes out to his mom and dad who I consider another mom and dad and they are very important to Scot who they think of as a son too. We've almost reached New Hampshire and I just want to lift them up in prayer and let them know we are there for them. You really think about things and put things in perspective when something so sudden and tragic happens like this. I don't know if Chad knew God when he died, but know he once went to church as a child and I just pray that he is with God now. It makes me realize just how quickly life can turn and I should take the time to slow down and enjoy each moment I'm granted. We love you Chad and you will always be remembered in our hearts for your sweet spirit. We pray for safe travels to and from as we make our way there, and so far the snow has only been in Virginia. Good night and well wishes.
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Emily said...

Hey Laura, I am really really sorry this has happened during this time of year. I hope the family has peace over Christmas day.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

Merry Christmas!

p.s. Sorry I don't comment much, but since your blog is private now, it doesn't show up in my blog list and I always forget to look.