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Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

I realize that Thanksgiving was a week ago and I am just posting about it, but what a busy week it's been! It always takes a few days to recouperate and get back into the groove of things and going back to work is never easy! We flew to Florida to see my in-laws for Thanksgiving and it was the first time on the airplane for Ryder. I was a little nervous about flying with a toddler, but he did great!
The only time he fussed was on the plane ride back home and it was after the plane landed and we were waiting to get off the plane, I think he was just disoriented after waking from his nap and not understanding why we couldn't get off the plane. Ryder was greeted by his Grammy and Grampa with toys from the Disney store in each hand. They were both very happy to see their "Little Faces". We got back to my inlaws house and it looked so pretty decorated in Thanksgiving wreaths and ceramics.
My mother in law has a great knack for decorating and had her house all done for our visit and I just loved how it looked! I hope to one day have a dream home that I can decorate and have my children and grandchildren come to visit one day too! I was happy to see that she had Ryder's platter he had made last year on display.

Ryder is very taken with his Grampa and loved all of the attention he received while he was at his Grammy and Grampa's house. I loved his Tom the Turkey shirt I found on etsy and will probably be using the seller again to make one next year! I am a sucker for all things monogrammed.

As usual, Ryder was being a little ham biscuit, making us all laugh and even had put on his Grampa's shoes and was walking around the house in them. He is such a silly goose!

Since we don't get to see my inlaws much living out of state, we decided to bring their Christmas gifts with us and while the turkey was cooking, we exchanged gifts. They enjoy getting to see Ryder open their gifts and seeing the look on his face which is fun because it's like one big holiday! He even helped his Grammy and Grampa open their gifts. I think he is a pro at this opening-gifts-thing!
My father in law is a very good cook and this turkey was awesome! I have a lot to learn when it comes to preparing a meal for a large crowd, but I took notes while I was there. Thank goodness my mom is a good cook so I can get advice from her too! My father in law was proud to show off his finished turkey.

After we ate, we wanted to get out and get some fresh air to help walk off some of the pounds we just gained. Well that, and we were all about to fall asleep after eating so much! Scot suggested a walk around Lake Eola where he used to walk around when he lived and worked outside of downtown Orlando. It was a really nice day and there were lots of other families out so it was good to get out and see a part of Scot's past.

There were lots of geese and ducks and swans in the lake and I was very fascinated with the black geese. I had never seen them up close before and they were really unusual looking! Ryder loved getting to see all of the birds too.
It was a really great way to end our day and I hope that you and your families had a great Thanksgiving too!

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