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Friday, December 24, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

On Thursday night we used our Christmas money Scots parents had given us and took Ryder to see the Christmas lights at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. It opened at 5 o'clock so we wanted to be there to get in and get good pictures before it got too crowded. It was something that we both wanted to do and was on our list of Christmas things to do before we got the devastating news that Scots cousin had passed. What a better way to try to get into the Christmas spirit!
Neither Scot or I had been before and I had heard of the gardens before as a beautiful place to get married, but had never seen the lights display and boy were we in for a treat! I loved this orchid Christmas tree as you first walked in. There must have been a hundred of them in every color. I'm sure a lot of time and work was put into making this Christmas tree as beautiful as it looked! Ryder kept wanting to grab the flowers and I had to keep them out of his reach! Santa was visiting but we decided to skip seeing him this time since we knew Ryder wasn't a fan after taking his picture while we were in Florida visiting my in-laws. A horse drawn carriage ride was also offered, but since it was so cold outside, we just wanted to see the lights, but then Ryder saw this..
Thats right! A choo choo train! The boy LOVES choo choo trains, and this was a very special Santa and reindeer train that was setup in honor of Christmas. I would love to get a collectable train to put around our Christmas tree one day, until then it was fun looking at this display. We had to come back to see it because once we left Ryder started calling out to see it again.

It is so hard getting Ryder to smile at the camera these days, but we still tried. It was a beautiful setting by the water and I wanted a picture to remember the moment. We took a few pictures as the lights started coming on, but I'm not that great of a photographer when it comes to taking pictures in the dark.

Now let me tell you.. this water shot out and none of us was expecting it! We walked over and were just looking at the fountain when all of a sudden we heard a gurgling noise and the water sprayed out. It scared Ryder almost to death and he came just a running over to me. I tried hard not to laugh! Then he was scared to walk over to the fountain to look the rest of the time and even walked to the furthest point of the sidewalk so he didn't have to come near it. "Scary water" he called it ha! This was me trying to hold him to get a picture.

It was a beautiful lights display and we did have fun, although Ryder had a few toddler moments that had Scot and I both wondering why he picked tonight to throw a tantrum. I think he was just getting tired, and decompressing from our long drive from New Hampshire. Seeing the lights definitely put us all in the holiday spirit and it was just what we needed! I would definitely come again and would love to ride the horse drawn carriage next time.

We couldn't walk past the smells of the cupcakes and hot chocolate as we came back inside and not try one! I let Ryder pick his out and we all shared a chocolate cupcake with a gingerbread man on top. They were all adorable it was hard to choose! They also offered Peppermint coffee, spiced hot apple cider, and their signature peppermint hot cocoa (which I chose) and Scot picked the coffee. They were both so good that we ended up sharing each.

Sampling the chocolate cupcake..

and of course Ryder got his first taste of hot chocolate too! He wasn't so sure of it, but licked most of the whipped cream off haha! It was such a good night with my sweet family and I was so glad that we ended up going so that we could spend time just the three of us and praise God for what he has blessed us with. We are sooo looking forward to seeing Ryder open his gifts in just a few days too!

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