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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Last Friday night, Scot's company Christmas party was held at the Ballantyne Resort and Spa in the greater Charlotte area. Neither of us had been before but when we arrived at the hotel we truly felt like we were in a whole other city away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Charlotte city life. Because Scot's team had done well in a 3M contest, they were awarded a dinner with drinks, as well as a nights stay at the hotel and money towards either the spa or the golf course.
I had left my "big camera" (as Scot has lovingly named my camera) behind so that I wouldn't have to worry about lugging anything around, but once we were in the hotel I really wished I had brought it. I made due with using Scot and my camera phones. This was in our hotel room after getting all cleaned up. The stress of the week melted away as we sat on the fluffy cushiony bed and we both said it really felt like a weekend getaway even though we were 40 minutes from home. Ryder was safe with his Nana and Pawpaw, playing until his heart content for the night.

This was a picture of the lobby inside and we met a coworker of Scots for a drink before we headed to dinner with everyone. It was nice to meet the people that Scot works closely with and in all of the years of being with Scot I can only remember one other time that the spouses were invited to any event. I think it's important to have families included in office Christmas parties, but unfortunately in this day and age that just isn't the case anymore because of costs.

Dinner was delicious and you could literally cut the filet with a butter knife! We rarely get to have nice dinners anymore except for special occasions, so it was a really nice treat for us both. I had taken this picture of Scot shortly after check in and he is demonstrating just how pillowy and comfy the beds were! I would love a duvet but we had one on our own bed at one point and it just wasn't very comfortable because it would get lumpy and feel like knots. I would love to know the secret to a good duvet!

This was our view from our hotel room. Again, the clarity of these pictures just didn't do it justice because they were taken with our camera phones, but it was such a nice home away from home hotel! It was so peaceful looking out onto the water and I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a nice hotel to get away to in the Charlotte area.

One of the best parts of the hotel was having my own bathrobe to wear as I got ready. I am such a bath person as opposed to taking showers, and I may just have to hint to Santa that I would love a nice waffle hotel bathrobe one day. What woman doesn't love feeling pampered? They had another bath robe hanging for Scot but he laughed when I suggested he put one on so I could take his picture too. (He thinks I'm weird for loving baths so much, but little does he know just how relaxing they are!) There were special bath salts and gels to use in the bath that came from the hotel spa. I was like a kid in a candy store!
Saturday morning I had booked an appointment for a massage, and it had been since our honeymoon in 2007 since I had one. Let me tell you. If I could save just a dollar a day so that
I could indulge in a massage every now and then. Oh. My. Word! I wish I had gotten them while I was pregnant because the stress it relieved? Priceless!! I was a new woman when I walked out of that spa! Scot skipped the spa treatment and opted to sleep in. He let me have his money to go towards shampoo and conditioner from the spa and salon at the hotel instead. When I came back to the hotel room I thanked him over and over again for what a good husband and provider he was for our family and how proud of him I was for doing well in his company to allow for perks like this. It was just the little getaway that we needed and just one night was all we needed! We were both missing our boys and were ready to see what mischief they had gotten into while staying with Nana and Pawpaw.

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